3 Stages of Scorpio: The Scorpion, The Eagle and The Phoenix

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto and is the 8th sign in the zodiac. Scorpio is represented by multiple symbols, the most potent symbols that stand out are The Scorpion, The Eagle, and The Phoenix. These three symbols or totems represent the stages of transformation Scorpio undergoes during the spiritual journey. Through peace of mind, we reach spiritual enlightenment. However, to induce the calm it takes to reach higher levels of awareness, Scorpio must have command of their emotions.

The First Stage: The Scorpion

The Scorpion, the first stage of transformation, represents our baser emotions, the darker emotions that we embrace. Low vibrational impulses seduce Scorpio as they continually react without understanding, empathy, or thought. The Scorpion easily expresses jealousy and anger, the primary source of Scorpio's reactive behavior. If these traits are easily recognizable in a Scorpio, then be aware that their perception is limited by the control their emotions have on them, and they weighed down my insecurities. Another source of frustration stem from hidden motives that they are either struggling to achieve or struggling to get started with. The Scorpion represents Scorpio at it's rawest form; this is Scorpio at their most destructive and intimidating. The Scorpion isn't going around, starting trouble. Still, because it's highly protective of itself, ego and pride will retaliate with such a vengeance, it will seem as if Scorpio was the aggressor. Scorpio, at this stage, learns from personal experience and pain of loss & betrayal. Scorpio will take other's advice with a grain of salt while forging their own path with deliberation, determination, and a dab of stubbornness. This is also the stage where Scorpio is more prone to indulging in substances or activities that ease the mind, also making them susceptible to unhealthy habits in an attempt to reduce the anxiety and emotional impulses in the brain. The Scorpion eventually realizes that the best way to bring peace to mind, body, and spirit is through spiritual enlightenment, personal awareness, and growth. This newfound awareness eventually leads to the next transformational stage...The Eagle.

The Second Stage: The Eagle

The Eagle is the second stage of transformation and is considered a symbol of courage and power. The Eagle flies freely, aware of its surroundings and influence. The Scorpion has reached a state of maturity and is at a state where they rely heavily on intuition and wisdom to solve personal problems and assist the ails of others. Where The Scorpion dealt mostly with the physical aspect of life, The Eagle is concerned with perception, philosophy, and wisdom. Their keen sense of observation infused with their powerful intuition allows them to discern an individual rather quickly and positively or negatively influence them with their persona. However, The Eagle still struggles with balancing the power of insight. Does The Eagle choose to influence the self or the whole?

The Third Stage: The Phoenix

The Phoenix represents the final stage of transformation for Scorpio. As we progress through Scorpios' various stages of power, we see Scorpios struggle with balance. Will the composed Scorpio manipulate things to be as he wishes? The extreme-natured Scorpio is tempered, Reborn from the ashes, renewed, and rejuvenated as The Phoenix representing the capacity for empathetic observation without judgment, thus an expansion of compassion and disillusionment of self. The Phoenix strongly associated with rebirth, resurrection, and transformation is a symbol that represents Scorpio breaking the chains of attachment, having learned the lesson of letting go.

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Being a Scorpio Female, an INTJ & an Earth Dog (Chinese Zodiac). Scorps are a fixed sign, but we very fluidly move from the Scorpio to the eagle & sometimes make the Pheonix, We fluidly move from one stage/totem to another! I can say that I was stuck in the immature Scorpio fo a long time, but I’ve progressed nearly reaching the Pheonix, but when things get tough & if an Eagle Scorps fluidly reverte back to their base Scorpio we go back into the dark, cold place from whence we came only to have exfoliated baggage to be better & with more sensitivity/emotion & controll of the SCORPIO BEAST!

Godbody Melo

Hello. Just wanted to share my experience as I feel myself going through the eagle to the Phoenix. The processes they explained are true. As the eagle I went on this quest for knowledge that lead me down this never ending rabbit hole… As an eagle I can say i relied on ours more than I had realize than getting through it myself.. all my problems I feel as if I could talk to my bestfriend and get away from them. Only to realize I never really faced them.. while I have had allot of reflection of myself and shadow work… I NOW FEEL THE NEED TO CONQUER THEM!! it just sucks to know I have to do it alone. I have to count on and believe in NO ONE but myself. ITS TIME FOR ME! To conquer. So now all the people I have this attachment/co-dependency to, that I love to I have to let them go to find a new me… a me that’s not scared of the unknown, I have to be uncomfortable. As a creator that relies on self to make whatever I want happen! ALONEEEE… AS I SHEDD! BUT I FEEL AS I WILL COME BACK WITH EVERYTHING I NEED! NO FEAR


Doberiazs, I finally made it to Phoenix stage, worried that I might get bored once I had undergone my transformation, only to find that it’s a woderfully continuous stage! I will feel and welcome transformation in one aspect of my life, which then causes the beginning of an avalanche in another. I am delighting in the fluidity of it, and welcoming a return of the yummy chaos of possibilities that I had so much fun with as a child.


Eagle! The moment I started to read about Scorpio Eagle, I recognize myself! Still growing, still changing, still learning how to let go! Ahhh, if someone takes the time to find the kindness inside us, the care, the fight we are ready to go in to protect those who trust us… It is a journey, everlasting and exciting. Life is never boring with us! We go deep down and investigate every layer of human personality to find someone, something we could freely share ourselves with. Thank you for sharing!


Reading the Scorpion stage, and viewing the ending of the paragraph, I’ve just realized one of my best friends at School has already reached his Eagle stage. He digs deeper into spiritual enlightenment (he takes classes), he has personal awareness and can easily accept when he can’t do something, and he is somewhat growing, I can’t really notice it though since he doesn’t tell what’s going inside of him, just the activities he participates in and how he deals with sudden depression, anxiety, or a disconsolated phase. But, he’s not really phased by much things that fly towards him, whether it be a ball, humiliation, or horrible grades (which he doesn’t have, and he uses a decent set of vocabulary, I think he has all A’s). I’m gladly going to inform him about these Scorpio transformational stages, and I’m sure it’s going to be a big change in his ego and personality (everytime I tell him something good, he laughs and is like, “Let’s go! I’m a big boy!”). Oh and for anyone wondering on here if Scorpio’s really do look like the way people online describe them, it’s true. My friend, he’s tall, pale, has grey-ish eye’s and he has some “disturbing” pimples on his face. Besides that, I can’t wait to tell bud about this.

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