Pluto: Ruler of Scorpio

Pluto sign and the planet Pluto in the dark
  • Ruling Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Ruling Planet: Pluto
  • Mythological Figure Associated with Planet: Hades(Greek)/Pluto (Roman)
  • Esoteric Ruler: Pisces

Positive Keywords:
  • Knowledgeable
  • Dramatic
  • Passionate
  • Responsible
  • Mysterious
  • Intuitive
  • Confident
Negative Keywords:
  • Tense
  • Manipulative
  • Secretive
  • Pessimistic
  • Intense
  • Tense
  • Manipulative


Below the surface of our conscious minds, there are subtle impulses that dictate how we act and feel. Pluto represents these subconscious forces that make up the subconscious mind. Unlike the personal planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) representing our more conscious mind, Pluto represents the realm of transpersonal forces.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. The main goal of the process of transformation is to cause the individual to rise above his circumstances. Pluto can indicate when we are going through a significant individual or collective transformation. Pluto's spiritual inclination helps us realize that we have more power over our lives than we may realize. Pluto will urge us to use whatever resources available to create a positive transformation.

By nature, those with strong Pluto energy respond quickly in times of crisis or upheaval. They don't want to waste time standing by and doing nothing while things fall apart. People who have Pluto prominent in their birth charts strike fast when the moment is right.

Pluto represents the underworld and rules mass psychology. It gives an extreme power of attraction over others through sexuality and personal magnetism.

The glyph for Pluto incorporates the circle (spirit) over the crescent (receptivity) and the cross (matter). This suggests spiritual receptivity to a form of higher consciousness and acknowledgment of the material world below.

The Pluto and the Shadow

The positive traits of this archetype are a force for evolution and growth, which is true even when Pluto's influence is challenging. The power struggle that occurs within us can bring up our darkness and reflect humanity's collective shadow. This can be a good thing as it serves as a catalyst that forces us to face the darkness we have buried deep within our psyches. 

We all have a dark side, and when it's repressed, it can surface in very destructive ways. If we can deal with these dark forces, they become transformative energy that can help us grow into more enlightened beings. A difficult situation can be a catalyst for change.

How do society and social groups affect us as individuals?

A social circle brings a lot of pressure to perform and act in a certain way because everyone is watching or judging you. Pluto, in regards to status quos and peer pressure, can be either very manipulative or influential. Pluto represents mass psychology and society's problems at large.

Thus the collective and social pressures of Pluto can be challenging to handle. Pluto wants freedom, is not afraid to challenge social norms, and refuses to conform or give in when pressured by society. How does society affect us as individuals?

In its lower vibration Pluto likes control over others and will use the vulnerability to manipulate any social circle for its own needs.

The spiritual inclination of this archetype is to urge the individual to rise above his circumstances. Dark forces will be exposed so that we can deal with and transform them for our benefit and the good of others. Once you can identify your darkness, you can forgive yourself and other people for their mistakes. This helps create a situation where a person can change for the better.

Negative traits of this archetype are the obsessive desire for power and control. It can bring about destructive developments, causing individuals to exploit each other on a massive scale. It can be used as a catalyst for significant societal changes if we aren't vigilant enough to prevent it from happening.

The Hidden Struggle

The hidden struggle is an internal one so we don't always see it because it's usually hidden behind a mask of normalcy. 

 The hidden struggle that often happens with Pluto involves the need to control and dominate others. Pluto brings out our fears of being exploited or harmed, making us want to control in return. When we feel powerless, we are more likely to lash out violently. It is important to remember that you can't get revenge on people without hurting yourself in the process. A negative understanding of this archetype is when you impose your will on people to manipulate them for some personal need.

Learn everyone's motives are not the same; it's about balancing and understanding when to apply pressure and when to give space. For us all to grow, we must be willing to look at ourselves. 

Personality traits are more prominent when Pluto is aspected by personal planets or in combination with another intense sign.

Death and Rebirth

Pluto brings fundamental change; he is the death of the old, which allows for the new to be born. When Pluto brings destruction or death, he also brings rebirth because it is through death that we are reborn. This process is not easy and can be uncomfortable for those who are not prepared for it, but remember that when Pluto destroys something he is preventing stagnation and allowing for new growth.

Plutonian energy can bring about radical changes that alter not only our circumstances, but ourselves as well. We can experience this in many ways, such as taking on a new career or moving to a different city. Pluto in your chart will show you how willing you are to go through the dark moments so that you can find light on the other side.

Millennials enjoying each others company around planet pluto

Millennials: Pluto in Scorpio (1983-1995)

Pluto is a generational planet, which means that everyone born in the same era will be influenced. Each generation has different experiences and values; thus, each person's personality is unique to that time period.

Those born between 1983 and 1995 have Pluto in Scorpio. This generational birth energy is focused on transformation, power, ego-defense mechanisms, and obsessing over practical matters. The main focus is learning how to love themselves instead of projecting their self-loathing onto others. Eventually, the self-loathing will subside as they can make peace with their faults and flaws. Pluto brings to light the importance of taking pride in oneself by learning to be comfortable with one's skin.

How does Pluto affect Scorpio?

Pluto in Scorpio is a curious group of people. They long to have control over their lives but sometimes find it difficult because they fear that power will corrupt them. The Pluto in Scorpio group is very good at reading between the lines to find answers to their questions. The internet generation has built technologies that have enabled them to access information on a global scale.

The pessimistic view of Pluto can be seen through the direction of culture and the darker thoughts expressed as a result. Technology has changed the way we communicate, and many people go online to voice their opinions. The power to manipulate an idea is at your fingertips, and many people use this power to perpetuate negativity. With this power comes consequences; freedom of speech is not infinite, and some people take this too far for their own good. The anonymity of the internet makes it easy to ignore your own accountability in what you say or do.

However, technology has also brought forth the lighter side of Pluto. It has been used to empower people with information that can change lives for the better at a global level. With access to information, we have become more in tune with our global community and can see how our actions affect others.

This generation has a deep understanding that their world has been damaged by institution corruption (politicians) and societal change from technology advancements (social media). Pluto-Scorpios may feel attracted towards addictions to substances that alter the conscious mind like drugs or alcohol, promiscuous sex, and morbid social media trends as a means of feeling free from the restrictions imposed by authority.

The consequences of this rebellion are not always positive. It can lead to deeply held grudges and anger, with a drive for retribution if others have wronged them. They may nurse a sense of resentment that can destroy their own lives and those around them. This generation has the potential to be raw, tough as nails, and hardened emotionally through all kinds of trials and tribulations.

Is Pluto exalted in Scorpio?

The mysterious nature of the intense sign Scorpio gives Pluto the perfect playground to be exalted. Pluto rules Scorpio, so it is exalted in its own sign. The secretive nature of Scorpio and Pluto makes the collective have undying determination to discover the truth hidden from view. It makes sense, since the darker thoughts and feelings of the mass are normally kept hidden from the world.

Generational Lesson of Pluto in Scorpio

Pluto in any sign can represent the karmic issues we are trying to work out throughout our lives. Pluto in Scorpio people seems to have a common theme of wounding that profoundly impacts their ability to relate with others. They have a deep sense of lack, rooted in power dynamics and other forms of conflict. The Scorpio archetype needs to compensate for this lack by turning inward and implementing a self-improvement regime. 

The Pluto in Scorpio group is very aware of their emotional status and is sensitive to the emotions of others. There is a deep-rooted tension between the need for self-improvement to understand its limitations as we try to quell our inner demons.

Transformation is the lesson and will be a powerful catalyst for change in society as we start to see individuals speaking out in a collective voice.

Generation X: Pluto in Libra (1971-1984)

Pluto was in Libra when the Gen Xers were born between 1971-1984. The mindset of this generation is highly individualistic, which reflects the generational birth energies propelling them towards achieving balance and harmony with others. From an early age, the Pluto in Libra children learned how to compromise and seek common ground among different people. This is especially true with their family dynamics, where they learned to compromise and give to get along.

Pluto influences the generation by creating tension or pressure between two opposing forces. Pluto offers spiritual growth through resolving these differences. Gen Xers will come into their own by trusting their instincts and following their intuition, even if they go against the herd mentality.

This generation seeks harmony over chaos, which was reflected in the music of the time: Fleetwood Mac, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, and Hall & Oates.

Pluto in Libra is highly competitive amongst themselves, but they also seek to cooperate and harmonize with others. This isn't the only generation that has tried to work together for peace; however, these intents were more successful when they were not rooted in personal gain or agendas. 

Generational lesson of Pluto in Libra

Relationships, both international and personal, play a crucial role in our lives. These relationships are often unbalanced and dysfunctional. Through confrontation and conflict, we learn to cooperate. The generational lesson of Pluto here involves transforming the tension of chaotic relationships into cooperation to achieve peace.

This is not easy considering that we live in a world divided among many different tribes, religions, and cultural groups. Pluto in Libra's generation learned how to get along even though they had different beliefs and values. The world is more connected now than at any time in history, and the Pluto in Libra generation helped pioneer ways for us to work out our differences.

Baby Boomers: Pluto in Leo (1937-1956)

The Pluto in Leo generation consists of people born between the years 1937 and 1956. As a group, they are mostly Baby Boomers. When we are talking about a generation, we're talking about hundreds of millions of people. Thus, it's important to keep the "big picture" and not get overly concerned with individual lives when looking at broad archetypes.

The Leo archetype will be about leadership. You can expect this generation of people to show leadership qualities or fall into a leader or mentor role. There is an emphasis on competition and striving for perfection in all aspects of their lives.

Pluto in Leo will experience a lot of growth during their middle years as they explore the world and find themselves before cementing their adult identities.

The generation has a very strong sense of self-identity based on competition, power, and achievement. There is an emphasis on personal relationships that can be expressed in materialist or romantic terms.

Generational Lessons of Pluto in Leo

This is a collective of souls who incarnated in this lifetime to learn lessons about creativity and self-actualization. They are a spirited generation that feels they have an innate leadership skill set, both from being born as natural leaders and naturally creating to the highest level. Positive traits of this generation are their creativity, self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills. 

Negative traits or potential challenges include excess pride, competitiveness, and lack of empathy.

 A big part of your collective journey as a Pluto in Leo generation is to learn how to nurture creativity and self-expression in a shareable way to better humanity. The most growth is found when you develop a sense of pride, humility, and service through your creative endeavors.

Scorpio and Pluto with a cloaked man


Pluto creates catalysts to facilitate the most growth and transformation in our lives. Pluto is notorious for exposing our shadows and creating internal power struggles that lead to the creation of our greatest works. Pluto forces us to confront our weaknesses and reconcile them with a stronger sense of self to fully embody our higher selves.

In many ways, it's a blessing because when we learn to balance the darkness within. There's a negative misunderstanding of darkness and the shadow side of our lives. Sometimes we don't want to look at ourselves in the mirror, even when we know we aren't in alignment. Suppression and denial are not viable solutions for a long-term, sustainable lifestyle. Pluto wants you to be honest and transparent with yourself so that you can learn to be more integrated as a soul on all levels.

Pluto is not about blame, punishment, or reward; it's about learning the most from our collective experiences as humans. I hope this article provides you with a more in-depth understanding of your generational archetype and how it can help you grow as an individual.

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