3 Stages of Scorpio: The Scorpion, The Eagle and The Phoenix

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto and is the 8th sign in the zodiac. Scorpio is represented by multiple symbols, the most potent symbols that stand out are The Scorpion, The Eagle, and The Phoenix. These three symbols or totems represent the stages of transformation Scorpio undergoes during the spiritual journey. Through peace of mind, we reach spiritual enlightenment. However, to induce the calm it takes to reach higher levels of awareness, Scorpio must have command of their emotions.

The First Stage: The Scorpion

The Scorpion, the first stage of transformation, represents our baser emotions, the darker emotions that we embrace. Low vibrational impulses seduce Scorpio as they continually react without understanding, empathy, or thought. The Scorpion easily expresses jealousy and anger, the primary source of Scorpio's reactive behavior. If these traits are easily recognizable in a Scorpio, then be aware that their perception is limited by the control their emotions have on them, and they weighed down my insecurities. Another source of frustration stem from hidden motives that they are either struggling to achieve or struggling to get started with. The Scorpion represents Scorpio at it's rawest form; this is Scorpio at their most destructive and intimidating. The Scorpion isn't going around, starting trouble. Still, because it's highly protective of itself, ego and pride will retaliate with such a vengeance, it will seem as if Scorpio was the aggressor. Scorpio, at this stage, learns from personal experience and pain of loss & betrayal. Scorpio will take other's advice with a grain of salt while forging their own path with deliberation, determination, and a dab of stubbornness. This is also the stage where Scorpio is more prone to indulging in substances or activities that ease the mind, also making them susceptible to unhealthy habits in an attempt to reduce the anxiety and emotional impulses in the brain. The Scorpion eventually realizes that the best way to bring peace to mind, body, and spirit is through spiritual enlightenment, personal awareness, and growth. This newfound awareness eventually leads to the next transformational stage...The Eagle.

The Second Stage: The Eagle

The Eagle is the second stage of transformation and is considered a symbol of courage and power. The Eagle flies freely, aware of its surroundings and influence. The Scorpion has reached a state of maturity and is at a state where they rely heavily on intuition and wisdom to solve personal problems and assist the ails of others. Where The Scorpion dealt mostly with the physical aspect of life, The Eagle is concerned with perception, philosophy, and wisdom. Their keen sense of observation infused with their powerful intuition allows them to discern an individual rather quickly and positively or negatively influence them with their persona. However, The Eagle still struggles with balancing the power of insight. Does The Eagle choose to influence the self or the whole?

The Third Stage: The Phoenix

The Phoenix represents the final stage of transformation for Scorpio. As we progress through Scorpios' various stages of power, we see Scorpios struggle with balance. Will the composed Scorpio manipulate things to be as he wishes? The extreme-natured Scorpio is tempered, Reborn from the ashes, renewed, and rejuvenated as The Phoenix representing the capacity for empathetic observation without judgment, thus an expansion of compassion and disillusionment of self. The Phoenix strongly associated with rebirth, resurrection, and transformation is a symbol that represents Scorpio breaking the chains of attachment, having learned the lesson of letting go.

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I think I have fully evolve as the Phoenix🔥🐦


I found myself 6 years ago into place where my sons mother cheated on me with someone who closest at that moment. All those years what I have know about my self, life and relationship shattered into pieces. I wanted to end my life but I had a son with that person so I didn’t want my son will grow up without dad but I could know what to do. I was in deep depressing cause my scorpion ego died cause ego’s job to protection from hurt all cost even If your life doesn’t fulfilled as joy, just protecting from hurt but mine didn’t. After all those years keep dying cause no longer it can serve to protected. I have all over the places last 5-6 years but last 6 months I started to gain control over what’s going on with my life (I call it Eagle stage) and around me. What I have realized that everything happening for even thou cheating sounds disaster at first glance but its turned out it was the best thing happened to me cause I had something to shake me to my core and destroy me to see who I am. Now I am in the place to let go of everything what’s happened in the past and let go of any attachment to anyone and anything. My seeking is not attach the any outcomes whatsoever. I started to go with flow whatever comes at me by the universe.
Now let speak about how to evolve to Phoenix stage;
1: Don’t be shattered your life that’s gonna be the best gift for you to have (maybe won’t seem in the first place)
2: Vulnerability is the most important action you can take. It is easiest way to heal whatever you have gone since you born. Find someone who could understand deeply (pieces, scorpio or cancer) tell everything whatever you had to go and don’t shy away from me. You can take professional help If you have the money I didn’t have so I found the universe gift, was send to me.It was biggest tool that I had to.
3: I assume most of us has codependency what tie us to other people and outcomes. So learn to heal from codependency. When you start to heal from it you will feel all power within yourself. I did it by Candle Frame Technique. That’s also how you attain Phoenix stage by Letting go and Detach from anything and anybody. Let go of everything and you will see how you are happy under your skin (still working on it).
4: OPEN THE FUCK UP. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and feeling. Be vulnerable and again and again.
I believe that If we enter the Phoenix stage we can create wonders in the world. COME ON SHOW THEM, WE ARE THE MOST POWERFUL SİGN İN THE ZODİAC. LET THEM BE İNTİMATED BY US. I LOVE YOU ALL. We are in the same gang.


I’m lost for words. I truly believe my spiritual journey has brought me to this page. I wish everybody the best in their life and journey, together as one! ScorpioGang 👑

Aslan Petty (Leo) for Ashley Drummond (Scorpio, 11/11/19_1

The Reality :
This whole thing is accurate beyond what my Loved One admits to about every angle.

The other Reality:
I did not know that there were staged for the signs, nor did I assume it, but as a Father of One Birth-daughter, (and an awesome Libra Step Daughter by request) before she arrived a couple weeks early on the 3rd of November, I awoke one morning and Blurted out a single word…

Whilst I thought this to be of another type of importance, like the 13th stage of the Masonic Order, as I was Turning 33 when she was born, this newfound awareness is super amazing and the importance is only surface blatant right now, but as this astonishing fact has become a new truth it will gestate into some cool sh!t.


Very interesting.. I’ve never looked at scorpio from this point of view before.. thank you !

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