The Scorpio Personality: Understanding a Scorpio

Scorpio is the 8th sign in the zodiac and is a fixed water sign. Scorpio's exoteric ruler is mars, while its esoteric ruler is Pluto. Exoteric deals with the mundane world outside of us, while esoteric astrology deals with the inner, spiritual world that dwells within us. Scorpio is a sign of deep feelings and passions. Scorpio is a warrior fighting the majority of their battles deep within the realm of the subconscious. Scorpio is often drawn to the dark parts of life, but they must be careful not to dwell there or risk things like depression. When Scorpios face their problems head-on, they can use the experience and pain as a way to connect with others through empathy.

The Scorpio Personality

Understanding the personality of a Scorpio means understanding their extremes. They are either full of passion, or indifferent. Either kind and giving, or selfish and power-hungry. They are often charismatic leaders on one side of the scale, seeking to empower others from a position of vulnerability at the same time fearing that others will take advantage of this.

Scorpio is motivated by both pain and passions, depending on the state of their mental polarity. By transmuting pain and exploring their passions they experience many transformations throughout their life. Scorpios are mindful of what others feel and can read between the lines to gain a deeper understanding of their motives, because of this, Scorpios are often seen as the therapist by their friends. A trait that is well-known about Scorpios is their vindictiveness. They don't forget anything and they rarely let go of things that emotionally scar them. Scorpios are secretive, cunning, wise and intuitive.

What are Scorpio's like in Relationships?

Scorpios are passionate, attentive, and thoughtful, as long as their love is being reciprocated, their loyalty belongs to those they give their heart to. Scorpios are also known to be jealous and possessive lovers. They love deeply, but can also develop suspicions about their partner's actions if they notice a change. However, they will work hard to maintain a trusting and romantic atmosphere, until they discover concrete proof of a partners betrayal. When this happens the atmosphere quickly changes to one of mistrust and resentment.

Scorpios need a committed partner. Loyalty is important, and it's hard for Scorpio to settle for anything less than someone who will respect them and make sure that their needs are met in a way that feels natural. A lot of sex is needed to keep things exciting and fun because Scorpios are sexual by nature. In relationships they crave deep intimacy; if you can't keep them satisfied sexually then it will send some into lethargy or even depression.

Scorpios has a deep need to trust and be trusted. But they don't tend to trust people easily so it's important to keep your word, and be consistent with your actions.

While Scorpios may have their highs and lows, when it comes to both love and sex--they know how to rough you up before making you feel so good that you forget all your other troubles even if for a little while.

How to Approach Scorpio

Scorpios have a well-developed sense of intuition and are drawn to those who can somehow tap into their depths like Aries tends to do with their lighthearted and nonchalant nature.

An easy way to connect with Scorpio is to ask for advice; they love nothing more than giving insightful advice that helps you to heal. They might seem a bit cold at first, but underneath lies an unexpectedly warm and caring heart. Scorpios want to know how you feel about different subject matters; they want to see where you stand so that they can get an accurate picture of who you are. They don't care what your stake is or why you feel that way; they just need to know the truth without any embellishments, spicy seasoning, or salt sprinkles added on top.

I know Scorpios sound intimidating, but they're not; just be yourself. Don't be afraid to joke around with a Scorpio, and don't be afraid to be serious. Scorpios aren't looking for a superficial relationship where you just tell them what they want to hear.

Ways to Deal with Scorpio's Moodiness

Coping with the moodiness of Scorpio can be a tricky thing. You can do several things, but one general rule is not to let Scorpio's mood rub off on you. The most common thing people tend to do is take Scorpio's mood personally and somehow make it about them.

Scorpio's mood changes are not meant to reflect you; it is instead a reflection of their own internal world. Scorpios can get intense, but they will also balance that out with periods where they're deeply connected and relaxed.

So before taking any action or feeling a type of way, ask yourself..."What does this person's mood really have to do with me?". Remember that Scorpio is constantly analyzing and overanalyzing situations that leave them preoccupied and stagnant. If you care enough to be the light in their darkness, you will forever earn their love and gratitude until you mess it up.

How to Handle Conflict with Scorpios

When dealing with someone who has a different opinion than you, don't be afraid of your own sensuality. Let your words speak for themselves and choose those that will help elicit a more favorable reaction from them. (ex: Listen carefully because if I can't understand what you're saying, then there won't be any chance of me agreeing) The key to dealing with a conflicting conversation with Scorpio is listening. Ensure that the person knows that they are heard by staying fully engaged in what they have to say! The next time it's your turn - really think about what words you want to use before speaking out loud.

Scorpios are fiercely independent, and it can be difficult for them to accept the thoughts of others. Until they learn to control their ego, it may be a recurring thing. Learning self-restraint is vital in gaining access into Scorpio's mind, so make an attempt at understanding before trying anything else.

Why Scorpio can be Difficult to Understand at Times

There are many reasons Scorpios are so tricky to understand. First, they are water signs who feel emotions deeply, probably the deepest of any sign in the zodiac. They can often feel, on every level of their being regardless of anger, sadness, or happiness, and they would rather not share those feelings unless they feel comfortable with you. This intensity can be quite challenging because people generally associate emotional walls with strength rather than recognizing them as an inevitable byproduct of how much has been experienced.

Scorpios are problematic because they have many layers of personality. They may be sweet and sensitive one minute, but then the next moment, you might find them being a little bit sassy or even confronting you about something that happened weeks ago.

Given the different nature of Scorpio, it can be challenging to love them at times. However, keep your cool and be proactive. Make sure that you intend to stay calm and unnaturally detached when they come with their baggage. Separate the person from the frustration they create to not overreact in a moment of sadness or anger (it's just another opportunity for growth). Approach by embracing then uplifting while remaining grounded yourself will help avoid getting caught up in emotional responses that might lead to furthering or creating an issue.


Scorpio is a complicated sign, but they're worth the work. They need someone who can reciprocate their intensity and give them what they need emotionally on an ongoing basis. If you want to get into a relationship with a Scorpio or have one in your life, I hope these tips were helpful for you.

You may not always understand why all of these things matter to Scorpios, but it's important not to dismiss any part of their personality because that will only cause more problems down the line. For an esoteric perspective on the sign of Scorpio, click here to read more.

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