What is Esoteric Astrology?

Esoteric astrology is a branch of astrology that focuses on spiritual purpose rather than physical or worldly pursuits. Rather than focusing on the personality and predictions, it focuses more heavily on how individuals will grow spiritually in their lifetime. Esoteric astrology is based on a collection of esoteric knowledge and reality sciences called "The Ageless Wisdom Teachings," translated by Alice Bailey.

Esoteric astrology helps people find meaning in life by understanding themselves better to live with greater joy and fulfillment. It's about living from the inside out instead of outside in - taking responsibility for our own lives instead of blaming others. This type of self-knowledge can lead us to a greater sense of peace as we learn how to deal with difficult situations without feeling victimized by them. It also helps us become aware when we're not true to ourselves or act against our innermost desires because someone else wants something different for us. We'll never be able to truly love another person until we first know who we are and accept ourselves. By knowing yourself, you can master your own universe. To do this, you will need to develop a deep understanding of who you are and what really makes you tick. So read on to discover more or click here to learn more on the esoteric challenges that Scorpio face.

Hidden from View

When you first enter this world, there is nothing but uncertainty on every side; people say they know what's best for you even though they don't understand your needs, as if their own experiences somehow qualify them as experts about how your life should be lived. Breaking free of these outer influences puts you in the best position to freely explore the inner world. Understanding how to navigate this inner world is the key to your spiritual liberation. Esoteric astrology is a tool for understanding our soul and its evolution, but it also sheds light on the obstacles that we face to free ourselves from struggles.

One might say that the word "esoteric" has a hidden meaning. The Greek root of this term, esoterikos, means "belonging to or concerning things perceived as inner." Esotericism is about the hidden knowledge that's not often talked about by most people. It includes disciplines like astrology and alchemy, which are usually misunderstood today.

Esoteric astrology is part of the Ageless Wisdom teachings to which Alice Bailey largely contributed. She learned these teachings from a Tibetan Master named Djwhal Khul, or D.K. She served as an amanuensis D.K., writing 24 books in a series covering profound and timeless teachings about Eastern traditions synthesized with Western ones. Esoteric astrologers usually follow the five-volume Treatise on the Seven Rays, including a book called A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol.3: Esoteric Astrology, which uses the concept of the Seven Rays in combination with astrology to explain the spiritual evolution of humanity.

The Seven Rays

The seven rays are a key component. You see, our solar system is made up of fundamental energies that shape and color all life. From the greatest planet to the tiniest speck of dirt on Earth,, every living being has been affected by these energies. They emanate outwards from one constellation: Great Bear (or Ursa Major), and each ray emanates from one of the stars in the constellation.

The Seven Rays each have their own unique attributes. The most important rays for people on the spiritual path are The ray of the soul and the ray of personality because they help understand the character and inner conflicts in social interactions with others. These two powerful rays work together to show how individuals interpret themselves, who they interact with, and how those relationships influence us at a deeper level. To fully comprehend someone's specific body constitution (or your own), one must consider which six bodies are ruled by which ray and consider the conflicting nature between them.

The Soul & The Personality

Everyone will eventually come to a crossroads and have to decide between their old, outdated ways of forging ahead on the path of enlightenment. The personality wants to cling to a lifestyle based on old and well-known comforts and behaviors, afraid to confront and take risks necessary for growth and change. The ray of the personality shows old patterns of behavior that must be let go, and these patterns are colored by the quality of the personality ray. In contrast, the ray of the soul is where the soul life is found and how it seeks to express itself. The main task is to submit to the soul's ray and later learn to work with both of them in harmony.

Every day we are faced with decisions. What should I do? It is essential to recognize how one acts on the lower self's desires so that you can make educated choices about which path will take you closer to attaining enlightenment. Spiritual individuals who are primarily influenced by their souls will express qualities from the soul ray, while those interested in worldly pursuits show characteristics of the personality ray. Each sign in the zodiac represents its higher qualities when operating from the soul's needs instead of the lower self's desires, appeasing the personality.

The soul is the inner you, your authentic self. The personality is what allows us to express ourselves in this world - it has three parts:

-the physical body 
-the emotional body (also called the astral body) 
-the mental body.

When these three are in harmony with our souls, we're able to use them as tools for constructive expression and become more practical on a day-to-day basis on the physical plane. Your thoughts and feelings are often at odds with your soul's desires. When this happens, you may develop a selfish attitude, only interested in the self instead of caring for others around you.

The Signs & Their Rulers

There are three types of planetary rulers: Esoteric(soul), Exoteric(personality), and Hierarchical rulers(spirit). The zodiac signs are each connected with a planet that is the ruler of their respective sign. The best advice for those new to the practice is, to begin with, the exoteric rulers (ex. Mercury ruling Gemini) except for the Ascendant, where you would instead use the esoteric ruler (the esoteric ruler of Gemini is venus). Most people are primarily preoccupied with satisfying their desires, and so the exoteric ruler will have the most significant effect on them (or you). As people progress in their spiritual path, the influence of the soul will increase, as will the influence of the esoteric ruler.

The esoteric rulers of the signs are as follows:

Esoteric: Mercury
Exoteric: Mars

Esoteric: Vulcan
Exoteric: Venus

Esoteric: Venus
Exoteric: Mercury

Esoteric: Neptune
Exoteric: Moon

Esoteric: Sun (Neptune/Uranus)
Exoteric: Sun

Esoteric: Moon (Vulcan)
Exoteric: Mercury

Esoteric: Uranus
Exoteric: Venus

Esoteric: Mars
Exoteric: Pluto(Mars)

Esoteric: Earth
Exoteric: Jupiter

Esoteric: Saturn
Exoteric: Saturn

Esoteric: Jupiter
Exoteric: Uranus (Saturn)

Esoteric: Pluto
Exoteric: Neptune (Jupiter)


Esoteric Astrology is a tool for understanding our soul and its evolution, but it also sheds light on the obstacles we face to free ourselves from struggles. The information in this article was only a very brief overview of astrology, written to get your feet wet. It can also be used as a reflective practice to assist with your personal spiritual awakening. This is only the beginning of your journey to discovering yourself and living in harmony with the many aspects of yourself. We hope you'll join us on this spiritual adventure! More Scorpio perspectives will be coming your way soon! Stay tuned by following us on social media. @TheScorpioGang