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Obviously astrology has much to offer psychology, but what the latter can offer its elder sister is less evident. So far as I judge, it would seem to me advantageous for astrology to take the existence of psychology into account, above all the psychology of the personality and of the unconscious. – Carl G. Jung

My mission is to make mental health an integral part of our work, education system, and daily life here in western society.

I do this by writing content centered around psychological behaviors, health, and relationships and using Astrology to dive deeper into the connection between them. I enjoy writing articles and creating easy-to-consume content for social media.

My Super Brief Story

Lately, I've been privately conducting natal chart readings that have become both therapeutic for myself and others. I've long had the urge to practice openly, but convenient excuses justified procrastination, and I've been content in my little bubble working w/ people close to me. With the spiritual changes that have and continue to occur globally, the urge to help, educate, and help spread self-awareness has become a bit too strong to ignore.

Astrology has always been my favorite tool to use when exploring personality traits and behaviors. Like everyone else, I grew up with a loose understanding of sun sign astrology. When I discovered its roots throughout ancient civilization, my interest piqued enough not to dismiss it. When I began studying Psychology in college, I discovered this guy named Carl Jung. He was immediately my favorite academia guy. His contributions to the spread of Astrology in the western world inspired my Astrological journey.

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I look forward to exploring astrology with you. 
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