The mission is to create a community of Scorpio Sun, Moon and Ascendants immense in size who's passion is to help the world understand self through astrology and it all begins with clothes.

We understand the influence and relationships the other signs have on our overall make-up but at our CORE we our proud Scorpios and everything about our brand is curated by us. by Scorpios. Sue us.

The Scorpio Gang apparel is a reflection of our attitude, introspection, passion, sexuality, intellect, and mysteriousness.

Our Apparel is for the bold to rock and the casual Scorpio to relate to. 

In the summer of 2018 while the moon was full in Pieces and Jupiter was retrograding in Scorpio, a young Scorpio sun & rising was hit with a random idea... or a challenge... to unite a group of like-minded individuals, the only thing was... no mind was quite like his, the closet thing to it would be.......a Scorpio. He began to pay attention to peoples behaviors and personalities in relationship to their zodiac sign and he began to notice connections between the two that were too accurate for him to brush off. Too many connections for coincidence, and his interest was stirred. As he delved deeper into the mysteries of the stars and planets he would have casual conversation with people he knew identified as Scorpios and found out these guys were just as passionate about it as he was, this realization was the spark and boom The Scorpio Gang was born.. 

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