Scorpio & Virgo: A Scorpio Perspective

Virgo & Scorpio: a Perfect Match?

When it comes to Virgo, the first thing people think of is their meticulous and nit-picky qualities. If you ever had the pleasure of working with a Virgo in a work environment, then you probably noticed how much attention they give to detail and their eagerness to show someone the right way to do something. Well, this type of attentiveness is appreciated by Scorpio. Virgo also appreciates Scorpio's attention to Virgo's character in return. How do these two signs operate in each other's company? Before we explore how they behave with each other, let us examine how they measure up by themselves.

A brief on Virgo

     Virgo is a mutable earth sign making Virgo more extroverted than its other earth sign counterparts. Virgo is trendy and enjoys social settings. They are also inclined to share information with others, though the way they go about it can be irritating. Virgos are instantly stereotyped as being nit-picky because they pay attention to detail and, more often than not, have a little remark ready that can be interpreted any which way. They have a mellow vibe that invites you in and makes you feel comfortable. In the beginning, their demeanor may come off unapproachable, intimating, or uninviting, but the comfortable homely atmosphere that they create quickly dissolves that.

     Virgo is open to new ideas and visions and will help create clearly defined steps to bring these ideas to fruition. A Virgo does not bank on passion alone. Virgos are very conscientious. They prefer to have things planned down to the tee. To them, it makes more sense to have all I's dotted and T's crossed before moving forward with an idea. To them, all idea needs to come with a plan of action. They prefer others who go with the flow, and those who don't mind them taking charge of certain aspects of their life.  Virgos enjoy working alongside others, and they usually make great coworkers. However, if your work ethic is subpar, you may not find them to be such cool bosses or supervisors because they respect a strong work ethic that takes into account consideration for others within the team. Virgos are pretty agreeable. When they see something done incorrectly, they will not hesitate to step in and to aid you. Try not to project insecurities on them, swallow your pride, and accept help.

A Brief on Scorpio

     As fixed water signs, Scorpios are incredibly stubborn. This creates the perception of them being controlling and unagreeable. Studies show men with disagreeable personalities, out-earn men, with agreeable personalities by about 18 percent, according to research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. However, the same is not valid for disagreeable women, but there are other ways women bridge the gap. To be powerful and influential, you have to be one who leads by example. From Scorpio's perspective, not everyone can be counted on, nor their words trusted. Scorpios eventually learn that most people repeat what they heard without doing any research themselves. This realization only serves to drive them deeper into research so they can be prepared to have informed debates with other intellectuals or to educate the curious.

          When a Scorpio has fixed himself on a goal, their level of detail and organization improves profoundly. This increase in productivity is fuel by passion. Scorpios are slow to change their mind once they commit to an idea, especially when it is something they're passionate about. When they are lost and lack direction in their life, they are prone to neurotic behavior, depression, and escapism. Though usually once experiencing these lows, they rise from them as if they were ashes of a phoenix reborn, stronger, wiser, and more powerful then ever.

          Scorpio is incredibly open. They befriend a wide range of personalities. However, they become cold and closed after experiencing betrayal, lies, or any action that inhibits trust. Scorpio is Introverted and reflective. They ponder their ideas and analyze people by their behavior patterns. Scorpios have no problem attending parties, bars, clubs, and other social settings. However, their approach to the social environment may be more laid back and charming then outgoing signs like Aries, who love to dance.

How compatible are Scorpio & Virgo?

          Determining the compatibility between two sun signs is always tricky and leads to generalization; however, there is much information that one can glean by comparing the two energies, respectively. Virgo and Scorpio are said to mesh incredibly well together for a few reasons. Both Scorpio and Virgo are considered to be very spiritual. This shared interest can be the foundation in which they build and grow together. Being an Earth Sign Virgo is much more direct and confrontational than intuitive Scorpio. This may be a quality that is appreciated by Scorpio, who values blunt, cut and dry honesty, and perceives it as them being genuine and authentic.

Scorpio can be stubborn, but Virgo can get them to shift their views with irrefutable rationality and logic. Virgo also has a healthy amount of sociability, which coaxes the anti-social Scorpio out from under their rock. Sex between Scorpio and Virgo can be wild and rough, a reflection of the passion that fuels Scorpio and Virgo's curiosity. Virgo and Scorpio are both great listeners, though Virgo tends to be more talkative is always intrigued by Scorpio's perspective.

The intelligence of Virgo, coupled with the wisdom of Scorpio, makes for a favorable union of great potential. It is another classic tale of opposite attract. Except these opposites compliment each other a little more than say Scorpio and Taurus. They are more likely to disappoint each other silently than they are to clash verbally.

In Conclusion: A Great Match

        Scorpio and Virgo are two signs that can bring a lot out of each other. Scorpio can bring out the wild dark side of Virgo's prudish nature, while Virgo can ease Scorpios' temperament and teach them to become more sensible. Never forget that other planetary placements play a significant role in the compatibility of two individuals, but just understanding the nature of these two signs can give an excellent foundation to begin building with one another. 

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