Scorpio - Taurus: Opposites Attract

Exploring Scorpio and Taurus

Taurus is the sign directly opposite of Scorpio and is represented by the Bull, together they thrive slow, steady, and healthily. This can be a toxic relationship because of the stubbornness of both sides. How would these two signs work? Taurus becomes easily submissive in the presence of security. If Scorpio can't provide this to their specific level of contentment, Scorpios' mood is affected. How long will Taurus' patience last when this happens? Would they be consistent in their efforts to sooth Scorpio's spirit and encourage growth, or will the relationship become a whirlwind of sex and arguing? Does Taurus encourage growth in Scorpio? This combination has much potential for growth. They are two halves of a whole, so to speak.

How does Taurus enable Scorpio's tendency to procrastinate and vice versa?

Incorporating Taurus qualities would mean merging practical action with passionate pursuits. The danger is Taurus tend to be an enabler for Scorpio's procrastination. Taurus makes the top of the list of signs for Scorpio to Netflix and chills with. Scorpios could easily make this a nightly routine, losing focus on the things that need to be done to accomplish goals. Taurus quickly becomes comfortable with the things that bring them pleasure. Didn't they work hard for it? Shouldn't they should enjoy it? We all are victims of it. Scorpios have to pay particular attention to their vices. They're like Pisces, in regards to unintentionally making our pleasures destructive. Not every attachment is a benefit. Some attachments become toxic when they provide short term enjoyment and a long term headache. While two attracted opposites is a hard mix, Dealing with someone completely opposite from you can be worth the growth because it builds each one's character, it forces both to self evaluate, and it teaches a deeper level of empathy.

The Attraction

Scorpio will be attracted by the way Taurus communicates through the senses and will quickly pick up on any signals Taurus throws their way. Their ability to communicate non-verbally can create tension that they act on quickly...and it's prone to go too far too soon because of this. Verbal communication will be another allure of Taurus. They enjoy Scorpio's perspective on the world and the passion in which they tell it. Taurus takes a cool approach to understanding Scorpio and allows Scorpio to open up on their own, and soon they're talking their ear off. Scorpio is naturally attentive towards things that affect them emotionally. Taurus may comment on an item, and Scorpio waits until Taurus has forgotten about it to surprise them with it. Taurus appreciates Scorpio's attentiveness, in a way it validates their love or friendship.

The Bad?

Great sex, natural chilling, insightful decisions, shopping for drip, looking good together, all sound great after a long hard day of work. However, the road traveled with Taurus will eventually get bumpy because their stubborn nature is on par with Scorpios, if not worse. What is it that makes Taurus believe that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread? It can get annoying to Scorpio when they're stating things that aren't based in fact, Especially, accusations. Taurus gets props on their investigative skills. However, they will fill in the gaps between two dots that don't connect and lash out at Scorpio until they get stung with the fact that they're lazy and whatever painful truth Scorpio can think of that pertains to that specific Taurus, going straight for the jugular. Scorpio and Taurus are both slow to change their views. For Scorpio, they are reluctant to change their views on anything they are passionate about. While with Taurus, they are slow to change their views on anything that has already been working for them. Taurus would need to appeal to Scorpio's passion by digging into their own to best deliver their message. Scorpio would need to back up their claims with action and results for Taurus to take Scorpio seriously. Simple, in principle, tricky in action, especially when you are mixing ego and emotion.

Scorpios Jealousy

Scorpios jealousy may play a role in the friction between these two signs if Taurus cannot learn to differentiate between being friendly and being flirty, a line they are coincidentally naive that they blur. When things get, rough Taurus may spite Scorpio by indulging in Scorpio's insecurities, and somewhere here is when the relationship begins to become toxic. Scorpio should immediately remove themselves from this scenario, but if they instead choose to stick it out, the trust and loyalty that Scorpio values above all will forever be tarnished. Scorpio would need to ultimately come to terms with their insecurities if they were to be any hope of moving on from this betrayal. On the flip side, Taurus can become exceedingly possessive, which not always be conducive to the environment. Scorpio may question a perceived flirtation with you privately or publicly but subliminally or subtly. While Taurus will confront the issue at the very moment...which may not always be appropriate or conducive to the environment that they are currently in, for example, at church or a parent-teacher conference. Taurus will confront the issue head-on, and if Taurus doesn't have some control over their temperament, things very well could get physical.

Two Assholes, One Headache

To allow for a more harmonious relationship, Scorpio and Taurus both need to address their stubbornness. They both are going to have to be more open and accepting of one's views on crucial areas with the intent to incorporate elements instead of completely changing the view of the other to fit their perspective. Compromising is the keyword here. Scorpio needs to step up here and use their insightful, intuitive, and deep-diving abilities to understand the bigger picture of the person standing in front of them. Scorpio knows Taurus's triggers and should be responsible for the words concerning their actions. If Scorpio's actions aren't matching up with their words, Taurus will slowly lose their respect and become even more of a headache. The only reason they don't fully let Scorpio go is because of how attached they get to their possessions, Taurus will probably risk flirting with the idea of cheating before they initiate a permanent separation. but that's just the Scorpio in me speaking.


On paper, Scorpio and Taurus aren't the worst combinations, however, it isn't the best either. It presents with friction and tension. It will be up to them both to get their emotions under control enough to understand the other's point of view. Every push doesn't have to come with a shove. Look deeper into the source of the other's discomfort and work to eradicate the issue for good, not just temporarily.

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