Triple Scorpio

In astrology, the sign of Scorpio is said to be one of the most intense and passionate signs of the zodiac. Those born under Scorpio are said to be fiercely loyal, deeply emotional, and incredibly intuitive. They're also known for their remarkable ability to transform and regenerate themselves, turning their pain into strength and darkness into light.

A powerful astrological alignment occurs when the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign finds its way into Scorpio. This alignment amplifies the already intense energy of Scorpio, making it even more powerful and transformational. Triple Scorpios could be any combination of planets in Scorpio, but the most influential and impactful alignments will include the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign.

A Scorpio's personality, mostly expressed through the ego, is very fixed in nature, which can be an extreme thing. The Sun, Moon, and Rising sign's energies are about change, transformation, and evolution. This can create a lot of inner conflict for a triple Scorpio, as they may feel pulled in two opposite directions. On the one hand, they crave stability and security, but on the other hand, they long for change and transformation.

The fixed nature of Scorpio can make it difficult for a triple Scorpio to let go of things that are no longer serving them. They may hold on to outdated beliefs, patterns, and relationships far longer than they should. This is because they're afraid of change, even though they know that change is necessary.

This article will explore different concepts of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Scorpio to help you understand the energy of this powerful alignment.


Scorpio Sun, Moon, and Ascendant

When considering the ego, the Sun represents our essential selves, who we are at our core. The Moon represents our emotions and innermost desires, while the Ascendant is said to represent our outward personality and how others see us.

  • Scorpio Sun (ego)– Scorpio Sun is a very intense, passionate personality that wants to control their own life. They can often be quite fixed in their ways and have difficulty changing course even when necessary. They are loyal to their interests and emotional needs and can be very resourceful when it comes to getting what they want.
  • Scorpio Moon (emotions)– The Scorpio Moon is an emotional powerhouse. They feel things very deeply and passionately, and their emotions can be all-consuming. They find emotional fulfillment in taking care of others and being there for them during their time of need. They find emotional security in knowing that they are needed and appreciated.
  • Scorpio Ascendant (outward personality)– The Scorpio Ascendant is a very charismatic, passionate person who others are naturally drawn to. They are often seen as the life of the party, but behind closed doors, they can be pretty private and guarded. They have a strong sense of who they are and what they want in life, and they are not afraid to go after it.

In Esoteric Astrology, each sign has higher aspects that can be integrated for a more holistic expression of that energy. The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Scorpio can also benefit from the following:

  • Scorpio Sun (ego): Higher aspects of the Scorpio Sun include courage, strength, and power. These are all qualities necessary to help us transform our lives and make the changes we need to make.
  • Scorpio Moon (emotions): Higher aspects of the Scorpio Moon include compassion, empathy, and caring. These are all qualities that help us connect with others on a deeper level and create lasting relationships.
  • Scorpio Ascendant (outward personality): Higher aspects of the Scorpio Ascendant include authenticity, integrity, and courage. These qualities help us be our true selves and live our lives with purpose and meaning.

Triple Scorpio Personality

The triple Scorpio personality often shows a deep and ingrained need for control. They may fear change, even though they know deep down that change is necessary. Comfort becomes something they cling to, even if it isn't in their best interest.

Scorpio people are guarded about their vulnerability because they want to avoid being hurt, especially if they've experienced it in the past. However, this can lead to them missing out on important connections and opportunities for growth.

Triple Scorpio needs to learn to let go of their need for control and allow themselves to be open to change. When they can do this, they will find that they can create lasting relationships and experience more fulfillment in their lives.

Triple Scorpio in Love

The triple Scorpio is a loyal and passionate lover, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that they can also be quite jealous and possessive. They want their partner to be fully devoted to them and can become suspicious if they feel like they are being ignored or not given the attention they deserve.

While the triple Scorpio's jealousy may come from a place of insecurity, it is important for them to learn and balance their emotions to not become overly possessive or controlling. When they can do this, they will be able to create a more fulfilling and lasting relationship. Letting go of the things they cannot control will also benefit the triple Scorpio.

The triple Scorpio is attracted to partners who are mysterious, enigmatic, confident, and self-assured. They are also attracted to those who are not afraid to be open and vulnerable with them. Don't be surprised if their most potent connections tend to be with Earth or Water signs, as they find comfort and stability in these energies.

Triple Scorpio in Work and Career

The triple Scorpio is attracted to challenging, exciting careers and offers them a chance to use their power and influence. They may be drawn to occupations that involve mystery or the occult because these areas allow them to use their keen intuition and investigative skills.

The triple Scorpio is not afraid of hard work and will often put in the extra hours to get ahead if it's in a career they're passionate about. Otherwise, they quickly find themselves drained and irritable. They need to be careful not to become too wrapped up in their work and forget about the other important aspects of their life.

When the triple Scorpio can find a career that allows them to use their strengths and provides them with a sense of fulfillment, wonders can be accomplished. Their determination and drive can help them achieve great things, but they need to remember to take time for themselves and their loved ones.

Scorpio "Big 3" & Balance

Balance is key for those with the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, all in Scorpio. This can often lead to being pulled in too many different directions. The triple Scorpio needs to learn to find a balance between their personal and professional life and their inner and outer worlds.

Procrastination is a symptom of imbalance for the triple Scorpio. They can often find themselves putting off important tasks because they feel overwhelmed. This is likely because they are taking on too much and need to learn to delegate or ask for help.

When the triple Scorpio can find a balance between their conflicting energies, they will be able to lead a more fulfilling and productive life. Scorpios asking for anything, let alone help, can be very difficult, but they need to remember that they are not alone and that there are people who care about them and genuinely want to see them succeed.


This fixed water sign is one incredibly powerful individual. They are passionate, intense, and often have a strong sense of purpose. The triple Scorpio needs to learn to balance their emotions and take care of themselves, or they can easily become overwhelmed and bogged down. Try not to get too caught up in pop astrology and look at your entire chart to get a well-rounded view of yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this article! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.



Julie C.

Embrace your emotions! Turn up the distinction levels! Are you sure all of the emotions are your own? I might try to focus and see if they are coming from others energies, thoughts or intentions…
Identify the emotions first, then the reason behind them, then address if they need to be taking up space in your body/mind.
Sometimes, we get into patterns of emotions…
When I get into bad patterns of self talk and emotional Rollercoaster ruling me, I usually get embarrassed by the loss of control of myself, and then I get angry and I use that anger to embrace change. Anger is very motivating! That is about all it is good for…
Try not to react. Try to just observe for a day or two. You would be surprised what happens when you just listen openly instead of just reaching with an emotion.
Just be an observer of your self and surrounding people. Observe what is happening when the emotion starts how your body feels. Does your blood pressure rise? breathing speed up? Cheeks flush red? Can you feel your Heartbeat get faster?
The idea is to feel the emotion start and then be aware of it and then in that you become more self aware and hopefully can cut off the emotion before it gets full force.

Hope this helps!

Julie C.

Unfortunately, I am only a double Scorpio with an Aries Rising…
My sister always said that the Aries Rising is where my meanness comes from.
Regardless, I am very much a Scorpio. I would never want to be anything else but who I am.

Favorite Scorpio Saying:
“When you call out a Scorpio, you are often met with the sound of their laughter…”

;) Cheers!


I’m a triple scorpio and resonated with what was said here particularly about feeling pulled in different directions. It leaves me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed b/c yes, i take too much on but cannot stop b/c I’m too passionate about too many things. Trouble is when I bury myself in something i’m excited about it, to the point of obsession, my well-being suffers as a result and I am left with one unfinished project after the other. Always looking for balance but finding it difficult to achieve!


I am a triple scorpio, very sensitive and powerful, happy and successful, however… emotions change every hour and run my life experience. Everything I experience I am deeply impacted by and often I cry. I know my sensitivity is a gift, I get it, been there, however right now I want to address the NOT so good part of this coin because I’m tired of it. I wish water could just roll off my back, but I hold deep empathy, and also disappointment when I see pain inflicted. What is the remedy. I am already on Wellbutrin which is very helpful, but its not enough, and its no longer bearable to live with this emotional rollercoaster. Any recommendations or ways of thinking to avoid these emotional swings? It drives me crazy. Thanks!

David Gould

great info , well written, and right on target…

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