Triple Scorpio

In astrology, the sign of Scorpio is said to be one of the most intense and passionate. This intensity can also be a source of great strength. It's common for people with Scorpio suns or moons to experience extreme highs and lows in their lives, sometimes they even find them exhilarating. They have an unbreakable will that drives them forward even when it seems impossible.

Scorpio may express their vulnerability to certain people, while pushing others away to protect themselves from getting hurt (again). They may push others away to protect themselves emotionally if they feel threatened or vulnerable, which is why some people might think they're cold and unfeeling.

So what does it mean to have Scorpio placements as your "Big 3"? We will explore that today below.

What is a Scorpio Sun, Moon, and Ascendant

First, let's check out the meanings of having a Scorpio Sun, Moon, and Ascendant placement:

Scorpio Sun (ego)– A very intense, passionate personality that wants to control their own life. They strive for success and want to feel a sense of accomplishment through what they do. They have a strong will and an ambitious nature that can help them succeed but need to learn how to relax, being so hard on themselves isn't healthy.

Scorpio Moon (emotions) – This placement generally means that the person holds onto their emotions very tightly. They don't like to reveal themselves too often and hold grudges against others who have betrayed them in the past. They also have a bit of a jealous streak, which isn't always healthy. They find emotional fulfillment through connection with others and other elements of whatever house the moon can be found in. They want to protect their loved ones and will do so, often being overprotective.

Scorpio Ascendant (personality/soul) – The higher aspect of Scorpio Ascendant is that of a powerful, brilliant, and persuasive personality. These people are often excellent leaders with the ability to persuade others to join their cause. They have a strong sense of self-esteem and value, and they can be intensely passionate about what they believe in. While the lower expression of this placement may be intense, controlling, and overly jealous, the higher expression can be very confident, daring, and powerful. Combining a Scorpio Sun with these placements means that you are likely to have an intense personality to match your strong will and keen intellect.

Having all three of these signs in Scorpio can mean that you have a very "deep" or secretive personality. You don't like to reveal your inner thoughts and are constantly weighing what each person around you will do before you decide on how you feel about them. It's common for people with this placement to push others away emotionally because they're afraid of getting hurt. They will hold onto negative feelings and emotions from the past for a very long time. They are better off confronting these problematic situations head-on instead of avoiding them, facing your fears is the only way you can overcome them.

Why are people with Scorpio placements guarded about their vulnerability and emotions around others they trust

Scorpio people are guarded about their vulnerability because they want to avoid being hurt again. Scorpios are fiercely loyal friends who love deeply, but they have trouble sharing those emotions with others because of the potential for rejection. This means that Scorpios need to find friends who appreciate and care about them just as much as they do in return. They may push others away to protect themselves emotionally if they feel threatened or vulnerable around someone else, which is why some people might think they're cold and unfeeling.

Scorpios with this kind of placement have a strong sense of self-esteem and value but are also intensely passionate about what they believe in. They tend to be very straightforward people who don't like seeing injustice or people being mistreated.

The importance of balance for those who have the "Big 3" as their dominant planetary placements in Scorpio:

Balance is key for those with the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, all in Scorpio. This can often lead to a sense of being pulled in too many different directions. They must find a way to balance their intense and passionate personality with time for themselves to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Also, procrastination will be a huge problem for people with these placements because they get so sidetracked and drawn into the details of what they're doing that they never really finish anything. This can lead to many unfinished projects and dreams that will go unfulfilled if steps are not taken to avoid this pitfall.

Lastly, Stubbornness will also be a problem for those people with these placements because they are so determined to do things their way and stick to it regardless of what anyone else wants. These people tend to be very confident in themselves but can often push others away due to their overly controlling nature.

Balancing their emotions and calming their reactions to thoughts, feelings, and opinions will allow them to be more in control of their lives without feeling so out of balance. One way they can go about this is to find a way to accept what other people say about them without feeling like it's an attack on who they are personally.


Those who have the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant all in Scorpio are fierce and loyal to a fault. They tend to be deep and analytical people who hold their emotions close to the vest and throw themselves into any task they take on wholeheartedly. These people need to find a way to balance their extreme personality traits with time for themselves and their emotional needs. 

This article is written to expand horoscopes in a unique way among astrology bloggers while maintaining respect for tradition using traditional sources. Please feel free to comment with your own observations or opinions and keep up with me on social media! (Preferably instagram)

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