Scorpio and the Earth Signs

Welcome to another article by TheScorpioGang. Today I will be writing a little about the three Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. 

A Quick Earth Sign Overview

First, here are some facts about Earth signs.

Earth signs are reliable and responsible. They help the world move forward due to their diligence in duty, also known as conscientiousness. This means they work by a schedule and usually stick to it. Never expect an Earth sign to be late nor miss an appointment or meeting if at all possible.

Earth signs are also practical. They are not too materialistic, but they do need to feel secure in life. If you want to take Earth to sign out for drinks, keep the outing around $20 or less. I wouldn't suggest going overboard with an expensive date with them unless you're trying to get something more from them.

Earth signs are also very traditional. They have a set of rules that they live by, and if you choose to defy their traditions, then prepare for things to turn into World War III.

Now that we have the basics out of the way let's explore what each Earth sign brings to a relationship with a Scorpio.

Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. The thing with fixed signs is that they can sometimes be very stubborn. This is true for Taurus, which means things may get a little stagnant in the relationship if neither of them wants to budge on certain subjects. This could lead to problems down the road, but I'm going to suggest a few tips that may help you both out.

Taurus is passionate, loyal, and sensual. They love to take it easy, but they're not lazy by any means! Tastes change with the seasons where they're concerned, but the key to their heart is also in the kitchen. Taurus loves to eat, so when in doubt, just take them out for dinner, and you'll be good to go!

Another thing about Taurus is their love of luxury. While Scorpio is not necessarily materialistic, they enjoy the finer things in life. Having a Taurus in your life can help upgrade your lifestyle if you are looking for more lavishing things to add to it.

The Opposite Attract Element To Earthy Taurus & Watery Scorpio

Taurus provides Scorpio with what it most requires in life: stability, honesty, security, and support. Taurus' ability to provide a firm foundation for Scorpio when their emotions get out of control is key in their compatibility. Scorpio never has to worry about Taurus abandoning them when they are in need, for Taurus is ever reliable and will always have the person they love's back.

Taurus also helps soothe Scorpio's inner turmoil. When they are struggling to decide between black and white, Taurus helps them distinguish the difference. Taurus is the yin to Scorpio's yang, and they help facilitate a more balanced life for their Scorpio lover.

Scorpio's passion, while a little too intense for Taurus at times, also brings a new element to their life that has been missing for so long: excitement and spontaneity! Scorpio has a dark side, though, which can be overwhelming for some people, but Taurus is well equipped to handle that side since they have a strong grip on their own inner darkness.

Taurus is a rock for Scorpios when they need grounding and a shoulder to cry on, and Scorpio is the only person who can truly get Taurus' motor purring. So while they may have their differences, both signs will be happy together if they understand each other's needs and respect one another's boundaries.


Scorpio and Virgo

Virgo provides Scorpio with a more intellectual, analytical type of stimulation. They're the yin to Scorpio's yang when it comes to balance. Scorpio adds spiciness to their lives, which Virgo (sometimes) lacks, while Virgo helps them get organized and stay focused on the big picture.

While Scorpio is nurturing, Virgo is very helpful in the role of the nurturer. They are also good at encouraging Scorpio to get out of their comfort zone more, which they need given how intense their chosen career path often is!

One thing that may be difficult for Scorpio about Virgo is their somewhat perfectionist attitude. They don't mean to be critical by any means, but they do tend to nitpick when it comes to details about an idea that Scorpio has. If you're trying to get a project done with them, you might want to take that into account!

An even bigger problem is Virgo's tendency towards worry and indecision. Scorpio is the type where you act first and think later, especially when passionate about something. This is a typical Virgo drawback. They are very analytical and helpful in determining what needs to be done, but they frequently worry about doing the incorrect thing. They also tend to vacillate in their plans so many times that Scorpio may find it annoying!

The Opposite Attract Element To Earthy Virgo & Watery Scorpio

A symbiotic relationship, Scorpio and Virgo both get sucked into each other's emotional roller coasters and find themselves having a lot of fun together! Virgo is nurturing and supports Scorpio, while Scorpio uses their intensity to help motivate Virgo. Scorpio also helps bring out a more passionate side of Virgo, who may be too indecisive otherwise.

The only natural area where this combination falters slightly is in communication. Overall, they get along quite well, however sometimes it's best to see things from your partner's perspective (Scorpio), and sometimes it's best to let your partner speak their mind (Virgo). Scorpio sometimes jumps to conclusions too quickly, and Virgo is quick to get irritated because Scorpio isn't always willing to listen.

All in all, Virgo's helpfulness is precisely what makes this relationship successful. They are both quick learners and take each other by surprise with their ability to adapt to novel situations together!

Scorpio and Capricorn

Capricorn provides Scorpio with a practical and realistic type of stimulation. Capricorn are cardinal signs and have a strong sense of leadership which Scorpio admires. They might not be as exciting or spontaneous as some other potential partners, but they do have their own unique charm.

Capricorn are driven by the goals they put in place to achieve whatever they desire; however, they have little patience for those who can't keep up. They will always be supportive and helpful to you, but they won't invest a lot of time in a project that's low on their priority list.

Because Capricorn can come off boring (to themselves), they tend to gravitate towards those who have a little more spark in their life. In this case, that's Scorpio, who can often be intense. Scorpio's way of showing their love for Capricorn is in the form of compliments and respect.

Capricorn can't help but be fascinated by the many emotions that are always present in Scorpios. Scorpio is very sensitive to what others feel, and Capricorn appreciates that about them, especially since Capricorn can be a bit closed off emotionally.

Capricorn has an extremely high standard for themselves and others, which means they are always trying to push Scorpio to achieve things they never thought possible before! The good news, though is that this pushes Scorpio to new heights and surprises Capricorn.

The Opposite Attract Element To Earthy Capricorn & Watery Scorpio


Despite making a good team, they tend to irritate each other a little bit. Scorpio is sometimes too pessimistic for Capricorn, who finds it difficult to understand why Scorpio can't always see the bright side of things. On the other hand, Capricorn finds that they are frequently misunderstood by Scorpio, who doesn't always fully appreciate the efforts they make.

The thing that keeps these two at odds is that Scorpio is constantly plagued by their suspicions, and Capricorn can't help but feel hurt by this. Sometimes Capricorn gives up on trying to win over Scorpio because they simply don't understand what's happening in Scorpio's mind.

Earth signs and Scorpio: Conclusion

The Earth signs provide a sense of calm and understanding to Scorpio. They balance out the intense energy that is present in Scorpio with their own steady and consistent presence.

Earth signs are never afraid to give their honest opinion or point out when something needs to be done differently, which can sometimes annoy Scorpio, who prefers not to face the facts.

There are some challenges here as far as communication goes because it's easy for them to misunderstand each other's intentions. Sometimes they can get caught up in their point of view and forget that others don't see things exactly the way they do.

For this reason, they need to listen and take the time to understand what each other is saying. A little bit of patience can go a long way when trying to get through to one another!

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I used to wonder if being a Scorpio is a blessing or a curse sometime I’m so confused by my emotion I don’t even know how to express myself.My first time on the side and I have learned a lot about myself so far

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