The Sixth House: House of Service, Work, and Health

The house of refinement and improvement follows the fifth house of self-expression focuses on the augmentation of the gifts and talents developed in the previous house. This house is often referred to as the 'service' house. The core of being a service-oriented individual is an essential requirement for achieving abundance and prosperity in life. This principle applies not only to relationships but also to oneself, one's material possessions, and all activities with which one is involved in life. In other words, whatever one can do to improve the quality of one's life, physically, mentally, and spiritually is considered as service.

The nature and expression of 'service' will usually reflect the soul; those on a spiritual path may choose to serve through creative expressions such as music or art, while others may give love and care through family or friends. However it may be, 'service' is applying oneself to projects or activities that bring a sense of fulfillment and contentment in life.

The nature of the sixth house is also reflected through how we interact with others on a physical level – at work, during exercise, when dealing with our health, and even while traveling.

We can observe the nature of this house through how we care for our physical bodies, including proper nutrition and a balanced diet, regular exercise, and other daily rituals that ensure that our body feels well. Our service to others may also extend to giving advice and assistance to those who need it.

Beyond the physical body, we can also serve spiritually by assisting others in attaining their goals and aspirations. This can be done through various means, such as consistently sharing inspiring articles or offering helpful advice. Some may choose to offer these services while conducting public seminars, while others may devote more time by preparing lectures or writing e-books for others to share.

In the workplace, this house governs how we interact with our colleagues and how well we can show our true potential within the organization. This includes taking on tasks that are not assigned to us yet are more beneficial for the company than doing what is required of us. It also indicates a willingness to be open-minded and listen to others with different insights or even opposing viewpoints.

Sun in the Sixth House

Sun in the Sixth House

When the Sun is in the sixth house, the soul may feel that there is a lot of work to do with very little time to accomplish it. The ego may feel overwhelmed by the sense of responsibility and may become overly critical, impatient, or frustrated at times. The soul is called to do a lot in this lifetime, especially when it comes to service – whether that involves serving the family, friends, colleagues at work, or even strangers on the street.

The soul may find ways to offer assistance and guidance through advice and share helpful insights that may benefit others. If one has not yet found the perfect way to serve through their creative expression, it will be important for them to develop a skill or talent they can share with others. Daily life becomes hectic at times, but when the soul is in balance, harmony is restored, and there is no greater joy than having the opportunity to give.

The soul may benefit from spending more time with those who are older, younger, or less fortunate in terms of physical or mental capacity. This can be done through volunteer work at a hospital, retirement home, children's school, or outdoors. The soul may also find that there is much to be learned from people who are different in terms of personality, appearance, or even social status.

This placement can indicate an individual who may forget the importance of taking care of their physical body, and as a result, they may become ill. It would be most helpful for these individuals if they find ways to relax and re-energize through regular exercise, a balanced diet, and following the appropriate daily rituals.

When it comes to relationships, this placement can indicate that one is prepared to do anything necessary to maintain harmony within their family. This soul will usually be an expressive individual who enjoys interacting with others – whether at work or home; the soul is more than willing to share their opinions and insights, especially when helping others.

Moon in the Sixth House

Moon in the Sixth House

When the Moon is in the sixth house, One may find emotional fulfillment by helping others in any way they can. The more one helps the world, the more content and fulfilled they will be. This soul needs to feel needed, which is why people find themselves drawn to work that allows them to help other people at different stages of their lives.

One may find emotional fulfillment through ways of love such as making new friends or joining communities for volunteer groups where empathy is felt constantly throughout interactions; however, it's not always easy when trying to improve oneself because you tend to get distracted from your goals by focusing on those around you who are going through hard times. An excellent way to balance this is through introspection techniques like mediation and keeping a daily journal.

This placement suggests that the soul is well-equipped to handle the daily challenges that are presented to them. This may include finding solutions or maintaining harmony at work, apart from family life and community service, which is an integral part of the soul's life.

Mercury the planet in the sixth house

Mercury in the Sixth House

This placement indicates that the soul is inclined to be logical in all areas of life and may tend to analyze everything before making a decision. It also brings forth a constant need for mental stimulation through educational pursuits, self-study, and even writing as a means of learning more about oneself and the world around them.

When Mercury is in this house, the soul tends to be hardworking and industrious. This individual is often known for getting a lot of work done in a single day, week, or month and must make sure that they don't over-work themselves by taking breaks throughout their day to recharge. Nature is a significant source of peace and tranquility. The mind becomes restless at times because it feels as if it cannot think of new ways to solve persistent problems; which can be remedied by setting aside time to relax in nature, listening to soothing music, or even just sitting on the beach watching the ocean waves crash upon the shore.

The soul may feel like it is not being heard or appreciated for its hard work, so it is best to encourage them verbally when trying to motivate them. They can be painstaking at times because of the need to do things properly, but this is a positive thing that makes them high achievers.

Being a lover of words and literature is not your only skill: in fact, this placement can be distinctive for its interest in human nature. Some individuals may even go on to write or publish works that have the power to change people's viewpoint about life as well as help them deal with their own emotions more effectively. When you are around these personas, you will notice they combine strong intellectualism and offer compassionate support, so it is no wonder that people gravitate to them for advice.

If you're looking for a good friend, be sure to look inside yourself. The friends who are worth your time will want the best possible version of you, and that's not always easy. You need to give your friends the ability to see the best in you, and you cannot do this if you are not willing to accept their help in making yourself better. Self-improvement is an inevitable result of helping others, but it requires patience and strength.

To help you grow in this way, you should meditate on your greatest fear. There is always a piece of you that you have not brought into the light, and if it remains hidden as you grow, it will be impossible to achieve all of your most worthwhile goals.


Venus in the Sixth House

This placement indicates that harmony is an important thing. Maintaining healthy relationships at every stage of life is extremely important because this can assist in developing an inner sense of love that the soul craves. Because this placement represents a desire to help others maintain some form of peace within their life, it is advised that one finds ways to relax through art or music and social interaction with family members who are supportive and caring. Romantic interactions can be positive as long as you remain open and honest about your intentions.

This placement suggests that it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including maintaining a balanced diet, getting enough exercise, and nurturing friendships throughout one's day-to-day life. All of these things will assist you in becoming more content and satisfied as a person. A love for the routine of daily life is indicated here as you tend to make the best of every situation, including mundane social interactions.

Some people born with this placement are also born as healers. Whether they know it or not, these individuals possess a natural ability to help others through hard times, and in doing so, they feel a sense of peace that many do not experience in life. One must take a structured approach to learn this skill. This can be accomplished by becoming involved in therapeutic counseling, art therapy, or other methods of learning about human nature and the mind-body connection.

This placement will help you develop your internal resources; it's much easier to ask for support when you have some form of self-reliance. Being in a healthy peer group is important because it will encourage you to develop your talents and share what you have learned through your experiences.

If you feel frustrated or have the need to create harmony in your life, then it's advised that you take time out of your day and sit down for meditation or simply pause so that your mind can quiet itself long enough to be able to find solutions without becoming overwhelmed with all of the thoughts running throughout your head.

The Mars in the Sixth House

Mars in the Sixth House

This placement represents a hardworking and driven individual who may find trouble relaxing and taking it easy. This placement can result in feeling impatient and irritable at work because they may feel that their job is never done, even though other tasks need to be completed outside of the workplace.

This soul tends to enjoy a good challenge which forces them to accomplish more than what was previously thought possible; when this is achieved, they become very excited and satisfied.

This placement also indicates that this soul is capable of handling a lot of responsibility, which can be attributed to their innate ability to work in a calm manner while continuing to complete the task at hand without getting stressed out by any potential challenges that may arise.

This is a person who takes pride in accomplishing any task that's placed before them, no matter how difficult it may be. It can make things difficult for this soul if the people involved in projects with them don't put forth as much effort and create extra stress for themselves.

If you feel overwhelmed at your workplace, you can take a break by going outside or even taking time to listen to some soothing music for a little while so that your head can clear and you can continue working efficiently.


The sixth house is where you will find your work ethic, motivations, and how you deal with stress. If there are planets here, they could indicate your greatest inspiration, the field of work you seek the most in life, and what makes this soul feel motivated and fulfilled. This placement may also reveal how you feel about health, dieting, and physical exercise.

This house is associated with your ability to access the resources within your immediate environment. If you find that this is placed in a difficult position compared to other planets, then it will be important for you to look at what's present here, both in a positive and negative light, so that you can improve any problematic areas of your life.

One way to do this is by balancing some of the qualities of the sixth house with the qualities of the twelfth house. Introspection, isolation, meditation, and contemplation are qualities of the twelfth house that could be used to improve challenging areas of your life.

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and that it has given you some insight into the sixth house. If you've got any questions about this post or want to give feedback, feel free to add a comment below, and I'll be sure to get back in touch.

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