The Second House

Dice of Taurus and Venus representing the second house


The Second House is associated with the sign Taurus and the planet Venus. The second house indicates your attitudes about money and possessions and what things you consider valuable. It also gives a sense of your self-esteem, how you present yourself in public and how others perceive you. Though the Second house was traditionally known as "The House of Money," it's important to remember what money represents: a resource to exchange for other resources, and thus, an exchange of energy. Therefore, the Second House is really more about resources than actual money in itself. When looking at the second house, it's important to consider your relationship with money and what you consider valuable. What we value is determined by the resources available to us. 

The second house not only symbolizes our attitudes about possessions, personal comfort, and security - it also reflects what natural gifts you bring with your personality or character attributes that may contribute to the soul's journey.

Challenges of the Second House

The challenge of the second house is to use all of your available resources to cultivate a relationship with the physical world that reflects what's truly important to you. You don't want to be someone who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

What does it mean to have a relationship with the physical world? What is valued in this life, and how do your contributions reflect that value. The question of what's truly important comes up every time we balance our checkbook or choose between saving for retirement or paying off debt. It comes up every time we decide what to eat and how much to spend. It is a daily question of balance.

The key is to have a clear vision of what you value and how to translate that into your day-to-day life, not just with money but with the resources you have as well.

What is the value of your relationships? What are the most important resources to you – time, love, health? How do you express your love or appreciation for those around you? These are the types of questions the second house asks.

Key Concepts & Rulership

The second house is associated with the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus, and its ruling planet Venus. Like Taurus, it's of the fixed quality and the earth element. The earth element describes the physical body – the tangible, material, and concrete aspects of our existence. The quality of fixedness is security or steadfastness, symbolized by being firmly grounded in a permanent state of stability.

How are these fundamental concepts reflected in your life? Is it possible to be overly secure or too stable? What would it mean to be rooted in fixedness?


Taurus, a associated sign of the second house

The Signs in the Second House

Aries in the second house

Values action, initiative, and enterprise, and your greatest resources are courage, energy, and daring. You enjoy using your physical and mental resources to boldly initiate new projects. An impulsive spender with an eye for the dramatic and a love of risk, you may be investing in land or property.

An entrepreneurial spirit, you do best when pay is based on your own initiatives, such as getting paid off commission sales or working freelance.

You're likely to spend money on various physical activities, including sports, travel, or any activity that has an element of risk or danger to it. You may be drawn towards motorcycles, fast cars, and other such toys, which can cause you financial strain if you're not careful.

Taurus is the second house

Values stability, practicality, comfort, and the power of money. A spendthrift or miser, you may be investing in property or land.

You value material things and are likely to have expensive tastes in everything from food to fashion, as well as lots of jewelry. You probably prefer buying high-quality items that will last rather than cheap knock-offs that fall apart quickly. Your calm temperament and patience are resources.

You will do well in professions with pay based on regular hours and a steady paycheck. This includes traditional jobs like banking, teaching, retail, sales, and the arts of music and painting. You have a weakness for easy money and may be prone to gambling or other risky ventures.

Gemini in the second house

Values intellect, variety, and curiosity are your greatest resources: your wit, adaptability, and an open mind. Though you aren't necessarily materialistic, you are very interested in financial matters and tend to have a great deal of information or intelligence at your disposal.

Tendencies toward frivolity and superficial conversation may lead you to squander resources on fleeting interests rather than developing factual knowledge or reliable skills.

You're likely to be an avid reader or do well in situations where pay is based on performance – like test scores, public speaking, and writing.

Cautiousness, a lack of focus, or poor planning may lead to financial stress by wasting resources on short-term gains that turn out to be unproductive or unsatisfying.

Gemini in the second house will often do well in work situations where you can make your own hours, multitask, and change tasks.

Cancer is the second house

Values security, family connections, comfort, and home. Your greatest resources are your caring nature, tenacity, and ability to connect with others emotionally.

Money and possessions are emotional territories for you; they should be spent on secure and comfortable items that promise to provide security for your family. A tendency to hoard or feel anxious about a lack of resources may lead you to be a tightwad or spendthrift, or even both. You don't easily part with money unless you are being generous with an immediate family member or close friend.

You are best suited for work that values emotional intelligence and connection to others, like teaching, counseling, or nursing. A lack of security or money may prompt you to cling to childhood comfort items long after you should have parted with them.

Leo in the second house

Values creativity, success, and status. Your greatest resources are your warmth, loyalty, enthusiasm, and charisma.

You enjoy showing off with money or material possessions like flashy cars, jewelry, or designer clothes. You may also gain much satisfaction from giving things away to those you feel could use them more than you can – a generous streak that is admirable (especially when it comes to children) but may lead you to spend more than you can afford.

Laziness may prompt you to spend money impulsively or give away resources before you've earned them. A lack of focus or planning may lead to irresponsible spending and financial hardship.

Virgo is the second house

Values knowledge, order, and accuracy. Your greatest resources are your preparedness for a given task, practicality, and attention to detail. A practical spender, you may be very frugal or tend toward saving any money you don't spend on essentials. You are also very conscientious about paying your bills on time and keeping track of your income and expenditures.

You prefer to spend money on things that will last or that offer practical value. You can be very thrifty, or you may prefer to spend money on yourself rather than using it for other people. Either way, your spending habits are often cautious and reserved, though you may indulge in luxuries once in a while.

Libra is the second house

Values balance, relationship, fairness, and harmony. Your greatest resources are your love of beauty, charm, diplomacy, popularity, and refinement. (If you don't have these qualities by nature, it will be up to you to develop them.) You tend to gravitate toward art or design-oriented work that involves fashion, decorating clothing designing, or anything artistic.

A relational spender who values quality over quantity.You will likely spend your money on clothes, household items or furnishings that reflect a sense of style. You may also have an eye for art and other beautiful things, but you prefer quality over quantity. It isn't easy for you to make financial decisions, and you may be a bit self-indulgent in your spending habits.

Scorpio is the second house

Values power, personal transformation, and evolution. Your greatest resources are your ability to transform yourself and become a better you, your resourcefulness in the face of obstacles, and your passion.

You may spend money on physical fitness or spiritual practice because these things allow you to evolve yourself beyond everyday limitations. You have a strong value sense of self-reliance and can be very resourceful if you need to be.

You are a bit secretive with your money, but you will spend it on things that help you feel more powerful or fulfilled. You tend to be an intelligent spender overall.

You may also refuse to acknowledge the importance of cash and instead rely heavily on resources like food, shelter, or clothing – effectively creating your own form of currency. For example, you might contribute to your family's food supply instead of paying rent.

Security is a fickle friend that may force you into difficult financial situations, like an unexpected job loss or natural disaster that wipes out all of your savings. You will also need to learn how to depend on others and trust their resources before you know how to bring in money for yourself.

Sagittarius in the second house

Values adventure, learning, and freedom. Your greatest resources are your wanderlust, optimism, and curiosity. You also have a knack for making money that others might never know about because you've found a way to make it off the books.

You tend to spend on anything that will allow you more freedom or open new doors of opportunity for you – like a plane ticket to somewhere new. You may also spend money on education or anything else that will help you explore and learn more about the world around you.

You can be reckless with money because you'd rather have it spent than saved – especially if doing so will allow for some self-expression (like travel, clothes, etc.). You tend to be a spender, despite your need for freedom.

Caution is key for you because your self-expression and freedom can become more important than anything else to you. It would help if you learned the value of money to support your need for travel and adventure.

Capricorn in the second house

Values persistence, responsibility, honesty, and stability. Your greatest resources are your pragmatism and self-reliance.

You tend to be cautious with money, especially if you've had experience being financially irresponsible. You may spend your money on things that ensure stability for yourself or your family

You have significant ambitions for the future and will work hard to make it happen. However, sometimes you can be overly cautious and may stand in your own way by not being willing to take a risk for fear of failure.

You may seek "realistic" professions that create stability and security – like working as an electrician or dentist. You'll also likely have an understanding of how much things cost before you decide to buy them (example: you won't pay more than $150 for an item you know can be found online for $100).

Aquarius in the second house

Values freedom, eccentricity, and originality. Your greatest resources are your ability to think outside the box, sociability and uniqueness (or quirkiness, depending on how you look at it), your knack for networking with others, and your ability to see the big picture.

You tend to spend first and ask questions later! You are also a bit of a social butterfly, which can be great for making connections that bring in money-making opportunities (but there's also the chance you'll lose some of your cash this way as well).

You may spend money on anything that will allow you more freedom or open new doors of opportunity for you – like a plane ticket to somewhere new. You may also spend money on education or anything else that will allow you to explore and learn more about the world around you.

You may be heedless with money because your idealism may take over if something promises greater personal freedoms or a better quality of life for everyone. You have big dreams and ideas, but financial concerns can dampen your spirits until you better manage your money.

Pisces in the second house

Values imagination and spirituality. Your greatest resources are your intuition, empathy, adaptability, and compassion for others. You find financial management tedious and will spend money on a whim.

Pisces in the second house are willing to spend money with little regard for the consequences – either financial or otherwise; it's a sign of their compassion to give to others, even if they can't afford it.

When financially uncertain, you may also turn to alcohol or other self-destructive behaviors to make you feel better. Be careful not to overspend or spend money on destructive things because this can lead to a cycle of debt and depression.

You tend to be an emotional spender and will spend money on anything that inspires or uplifts you – like an art class. You may also spend your money on self-improvement, like therapy to get over emotional trauma.


The Second House is associated with the sign Taurus and the planet Venus. What does this mean for you? It means that your attitudes about money and possessions, the things you consider valuable, how you present yourself in public, and how others perceive you are all influenced by this house. This includes your self-esteem as well as your sense of security in terms of finances. Get to know yourself by exploring more houses, themes in the signs.

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