The Ninth House

What is the 9th House?
  • This is the house of expansion
  • This is the house where one explores and develops spirituality through high knowledge and education
  • This house is known for ruling philosophy and higher learning
  • this house is ruled by Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter
Quick Facts: 9th House
  • The ninth house is a cadent-fire element house
  • The Cadent house is associated with the mutable signs
    • the word cadent is related to cadence or rhythm in dance or music. In music, a cadence is a progression of chords moving toward a resolution.
    • The cadent houses teach us to dance by attuning ourselves to its rhythms.
    • The cadent house is involved with understanding the rhythms of the universe (how it works)
  • 9th House Symbolizes beliefs, education, and knowledge.
  • 9th House Symbolizes experience as an outsider.


Each house in the zodiac wheel represents an area of life or theme that describes where an event is taking place. Having an understanding of how each house operates can later help us to understand how they work together to create the synchronicities happening all around us. The ninth house is a cadent house, and it is associated with one of the mutable signs Sagittarius. Because the ninth house is associated with Sagittarius, it is known as a fire house. While the 9th house shows where we expand spiritually, it also teaches us spiritual freedom and exposes us to different cultures/perspectives by pushing us to experience new things.

The Needs of the Ninth house
You can usually figure out the best ways to aid your growth by understanding the needs of each house. The needs of the 9th house require action geared towards achieving wisdom.  Any planet in this house will show a need for the following:

  • Travel
  • Study
  • Freedom
  • Spiritual connection & Growth.

The Planets in the Ninth house

Planets act out their role in each house and behave differently in each, similar to how an actor plays out his role in any given environment in a scene. The following is an example of how each of the personal planets (personal planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) might behave in the ninth house:

  • Sun in the 9th house
    • The sun in the 9th house shows how the individuals shine in ninth house environments. The individual's personality may truly shine when they are teaching or sharing something they know with another. The individual may capture the crowd with their extensive knowledge on their own personal beliefs(maybe even converting a few people in the process). The individual may always be on the go, moving to wherever the wind carries them, experiencing different cultures along the way.
  • Moon in the 9th house
    • The moon in this placement may manifest feelings of fulfillment and peace or dissatisfaction and stagnation. It is important to tend to our emotional needs because they have a way of crying out for attention after being ignored for too long. The Moon in the ninth house highlights the spiritual need for connection with oneself and a higher power or at least an understanding of how the universe works. The soul speaks in the language of feeling, stories that inspire and philosophize higher knowledge will resonate deeply with this placement.
  • Mercury in the 9th house
    • Mercury in the ninth house finds fulfillment through connection with others of different backgrounds and walks of life. They embrace the weird and unique through a meeting of the minds. Mercury in the 9th house is not afraid of a healthy debate, which can become an argument when feelings get involved. Nonetheless, they are open-minded to others and feel empowered when they're allowed to have many connections available when then they need.
  • Venus in the 9th house
    • Venus in the 9th house attracts those who enjoy a cultured, person with a knack for foreign aesthetics, concepts, and ideas. Venus in the 9th house connects easily with others who are wise and have much to share, whether it be of a  financial, spiritual, or personal nature. Venus in the 9th house may have a difficult time with commitment, only because of how many options are available to them. New and creative ideas enchant them while new and exciting experiences tempt them.
  • Mars in the 9th house
    • Mars tends to bring challenge and tensions to the ninth for the purpose of destroying the old, to usher in the new. Mars in the 9th house confronts opposing ideas in order to dispel them or wisely learn from and maybe incorporate some of that knowledge. Mars is known as a malefic planet and is said to bring bad luck and conflict where you find it.
    • However, the challenges that we face usually stem from our inner self and usually manifest as those unresolved issues we never dealt with as a child. We use mars to discover what motivates and drives us and to find what makes us ambitious. Mars in the 9th house individual may be quick to seek the answers to questions that pop up in group decisions rather than wait or just let the question die. Mars in the 9th house is fast to challenge anything that goes against their belief, respectfully or disrespectfully depending on the spiritual progress of the individual.
When you think of the ninth house think of wisdom and higher learning. The ninth house is an important area in our spiritual evolution, by understanding the natal chart and the role the ninth house plays in it, you can use it as a tool to further explore the many facets of yourself.

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