The Fifth House: House of Self-expression

The fifth house is where we recognize our individuality and express it in the world thru our various gifts. Here we are drawn to activities that feed the inner child, our creativity, the child in us that remains forever young. Casual relationships, games, children, dancing, and partying are some themes that encapsulate the fifth house's essence. It is the House of Pleasure, the ultimate playground for the soul.

Sun in the fifth house,

The sun in the fifth house makes one very social and idealistic, with a love of pleasure. This may cause an inability to disconnect from society or enjoy time alone for any great length of time. The fifth house is considered the house of children, and there may be a love of them or the desire to have them. The individual will have many opportunities for pleasure, especially social ones.

They are also likely to feel restless if confined indoors for too long at a time. It is recommended that they find ways to express themselves creatively through writing, art, or music to not let boredom get the better of them. The individual enjoys being around people and may be very flirtatious, which can make it difficult when they want to settle down with someone.

If you have a strong fifth house placement, try to incorporate as much activity as possible into your day. This is the house of pleasure, so find ways to have tons of fun!

Moon in fifth house

With the moon in their fifth house, individuals will feel very connected to those around them. They may tend to pick up on other people's moods and be unknowingly influenced by how they act or dress. This can make it difficult for them, as they are likely to pick up on the emotional atmosphere. They will be very expressive in their mannerisms and emotions and quite observant about what is going on around them.

Those with this placement are often very motherly towards other people's children and may take an interest in child psychology or child care. These individuals must recognize when their feelings and emotions are being influenced by others and learn to distance themselves from such vibrations.

Moon in the fifth house may also give an interest in gambling and other vices. If this is the case, it is recommended that they behave responsibly and in moderation. 

If you have a strong fifth house placement, try incorporating as much of your creative outlet into the world as possible. If you are an artist/musician, get out there and play! Find ways to meet new people and be social. If you are a motherly type, nurture and love the children in your life, or find a way to give back to the community in that area.

Mercury in the fifth house

With Mercury in the fifth house, communication is very important. These individuals can express themselves quite well through speech and writing and can be considered great storytellers. They thrive on being around others and enjoy having lively conversations.

Mercury in the fifth house also gives a love of sports or games - anything that allows them to be in the center of activity. This placement is very social, and they will often frequent public places such as coffee shops and bars to meet new people. They may also love gambling or other vices, so it is important for them not to overindulge in these pastimes.

With Mercury in the fifth house, you must speak your mind and share yourself with others. This placement encourages you to be open and honest about your feelings, ideas, perceptions. You can't hide anything from others because they're going to know what's on your mind by the way you speak, act and interact with them. 

If you have a strong fifth house placement, try to incorporate less time in front of the television or video games and more time socializing with others. Find ways to speak your mind - through blogging, writing stories or starting a creative project where you can share yourself with others.

Venus in fifth house

With Venus placing her flame within the house of self-expression, there is a strong desire to be creative AND share that creativity with others. This may manifest itself through art, music, writing, acting, or some other creative outlet. There is a strong sense of self-expression through what they create, and it is likely to be very beautiful.

There is a strong appreciation of aesthetics, as well as an aesthetic attraction to their partner. Since Venus rules love and we have seen that the house of self-expression includes the ability to attract others and express it creatively, this placement may cause one to fall in love easily – however, just because they fall in love easily doesn't mean that they are in love.

Venus in the fifth house makes them very social and idealistic; there may be a flamboyant element to their presentation. They will have many opportunities for pleasure, especially with other people. They may find themselves attracted to those who are a bit on the wild side and may have difficulty settling down.

If you have a strong fifth house placement, try to incorporate more creativity into your life. Get out there and do something artistic – if you are an artist, paint! If you're not an artist, find some other way to express yourself creatively. Find ways to meet new people and be social.

Mars in the fifth house

One trait common trait in people with Mars in the fifth house is their ability to cut through any bullshit. They will not put up with anyone who wastes their time or doesn't live a life that adds value to them.

Mars in the fifth house indicates a strong desire to be loved and appreciated and love others. It may be difficult for them to show affection in front of other people; however, they are very loving once they get you alone!

There is also a great deal of energy with this placement. They may not be physically active all the time, but there is a great deal of mental and emotional energy. It's common for them to have many projects going at once that they are working on simultaneously and have great goals that they will work hard to achieve.

When Mars is in the house of self-expression, it amplifies their passions and desires. It's common for them to be very flirtatious. They may also love sports or other competitive activities that involve some kind of physical or mental energy.

If you have a strong fifth house placement, try to find ways to channel your physical and emotional energies into something productive. Establish goals that make you feel like you are accomplishing things, and work hard to achieve them! You may also want to find creative outlets for your energy that involves other people.


When something breaks within the fifth house, it can be challenging to move forward. You may find yourself repeating the same patterns of self-expression over and over again as if you're stuck in a rut. This placement makes it very important for you to explore creative outlets that allow you to express yourself authentically without compromising your integrity – or worse yet – compromising someone else's.

When Venus, Mars, or Mercury goes into the fifth house in Leo, it creates more energy and activity within the house of self-expression – however, this doesn't necessarily mean that you are more creative or artistic. You may be quite creative and have an abundance of ideas, but the problem is that they never leave your head! The key to tapping into their potential is to create a plan for action that includes a tangible way for those inspirations and impulses to manifest themselves in your life.

You can see your fifth house placements in your birth chart, whether they be the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and/or Mars. (I personally use

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