The Eleventh House: Dreams, Humanity, and Compassion


What is the eleventh house, and what does it represent

The eleventh house connects us to like-minded organizations that help us improve our lives and build our dreams. The eleventh house is all about compassion, humanity, and dreams.

Our attitudes towards humanity shape how we contribute towards the earth as a living entity, using our dreams, ideas, and actions to build a world we want to share with others.

This is a social house, and we can view how a person socializes and what sort of people they are attracted to when they want to see the bigger picture. It is not a personal house, but about our wider social circles, including those we do not necessarily like but who have something to offer.

The eleventh house helps us see what a person does for others, how they can be compassionate in their actions towards humanity, What kind of standards are upheld, what people value the most, and compassion in their lives.

The eleventh house is about the collective consciousness and how we can be compassionate towards others. Compassion comes before dreams. Without compassion, people's dreams will not become a reality because they are thinking selfishly. The more we can give of our time, energy, talents, and resources to better humanity, the better life is, and the more our dreams can become a reality.

The eleventh house highlights the person's ambition (or lack of) towards helping humanity as a whole and what they are attracted to in life. It's about the person's connection with society, groups, organizations, societies, etc.

Three or more planets in this house point to people who tend to be thoroughly involved with humanity and life in general. They have a far-reaching consciousness, maybe involved in politics, medical charities, or some form of social reform (not always for altruistic reasons). While these people may be enthusiastic about assisting and belonging to the committee, they can also become a source of intellectual entrapment. They are often imprisoned by their own sense of humanitarian responsibility. In any case, the native must learn to build a personal identity apart from their public reputation. It is all too easy for them to identify with their role in society and fail to differentiate between who they really are and what they represent on the larger scale of things.

The eleventh house is about humanity, compassion, and how we can connect with like-minded people who share our dreams. What level of compassion do people have when they look at others? How do they treat those around them? Do they feel that everyone should be treated equally?

What are some things to avoid in this house?

One thing to avoid in the eleventh house is letting our dreams, which are an expression of compassion, become too narrow. Compassion happens on a bigger scale, and it's not always about helping people directly. By becoming more compassionate towards humanity and everything around us, we help people but maybe not immediately.

Dreams come from our hearts, and they need to include things that bring people together. Dreams need to connect us with humanity, not separate us from them. Dreams should be inclusive, and it's great if they are your goals in life but don't let them become too personal.

The eleventh house also represents communication, listening as well as speaking out. If a person has many planets in this house, they are often very outspoken and may not listen to others, thus disconnecting them from humanity.

What are some things to consider with this placement?

Look at the fourth house and the sign on the cusp for ways to balance the eleventh house more extreme tendencies. There will be more balance if the fourth house is strong and there is support for the native's dreams.

Another thing worth considering is the karma or past-life connections to this house. These are important to recognize because they give us an idea of what type of energy and people we attract in our lives. Understanding these influences can help us make better choices or decisions regarding our dreams since a certain level of consideration may be needed for the effects of karma.

We attract the types of people that help us manifest our dreams. If we have a big dream but nobody to support it, then what happens? We may have to ask for help, and in reality, this means letting go of some control and being vulnerable (hint, hint for my Scorpios!)

Sun in the Eleventh House:


People with the Sun in this house have a big heart and are very involved with humanity. They strive to help people through their actions, words, and deeds. This aspect is a great one for publicists, politicians, teachers, or any profession which involves people. The Sun in this house makes a person very generous with their wealth and time, but they can also be overly sensitive to what others think of them.

Moon in the Eleventh House:


The Moon in the eleventh house can indicate a very charitable person who is often led by their emotional needs. The native may feel the need to take care of or assist others, and they are usually doing this for personal reasons, not necessarily from a place of compassion. They like having people around them, especially emotionally needy; however, this placement can also indicate a compassionate person who is too kind and gives to others.

Mercury in the Eleventh House:

Mercury in the eleventh house is an excellent placement because this person loves to talk and discuss things. They are great at networking, speaking out about a subject or cause they believe in, and connecting with others who have similar interests. The downside of Mercury in this house is that the native may be too involved with other people's lives. They may spread themselves too thin and have a hard time keeping their own life in order.

Venus in the Eleventh House:


People with Venus in the eleventh house are a lot like children who love to make others happy. They usually have their own way of doing things, and this can sometimes include being very materialistic. This person is usually romantically minded, has lots of friends, loves helping others, and maybe a bit too generous at times. They may also get taken advantage of because they are so loving and giving.

Mars in the Eleventh House:

This is another very active placement that can indicate a man or woman who really gets things done. They take action when it comes to humanitarian causes, and if there is some task they know needs to be completed, you better believe they will do it. The downside of Mars in the eleventh house is that this person may be too focused on helping others instead of attending to their own needs and dreams.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House:

This person is usually very social with quite an expansive network of people. They love to travel and have authentic, meaningful connections with others since they are so interested in what makes people tick. The downside of Jupiter in this house is that these individuals can be a bit unfocused and often scatter their energies to achieve their own goals and dreams.

Saturn in the Eleventh House:

This is a very responsible placement that often indicates people who are driven by humanitarian causes. These natives tend to be ahead of everyone else regarding social issues because they are usually so far advanced in their thinking. The downside of Saturn in this house is that they may be too focused on other people's problems and not compassionate enough towards their own.

I have a dream, now what?

Now that we're done analyzing the eleventh house, it's time to actually make some dreams happen.

First things first: set realistic goals for yourself with realistic deadlines. This is extremely important! If you don't give yourself a deadline, you will always find an excuse not to create your ideal life. What are some practical ways to manifest your dreams?

Start small, list out your goals and milestones in detail. This will help you figure out what actions to take.

The next step is to get into action. I know it can be a struggle to stay motivated once you've started on a project, but sometimes this is when the real magic happens.

Don't give up; never surrender! You're so close to achieving all your dreams right now - you just need that final push of motivation and laser focus. Don't forget to reward yourself for milestones reached!


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