The Eighth House: Transformation, Evolution, and Crisis

The Eighth House is one of three psychic (or psychological) houses, and it shows the native's dealings with other people's money in the birth chart either as an investor or speculator. They are accountable for those they gamble on or give their investments to; such things can go well sometimes but often end badly when unnecessary risks are involved.

The Eighth House is the house of crisis and death, where an individual confronts their psychological dilemmas. Individuals here learn to see all problems in a spiritual light rather than just psychologically; they draw upon their spiritual strengths and resources to deal with these situations.

Though this house is an indicator of innate intuitive abilities, the person must first learn how to exercise responsibility over these gifts, or the lessons of the Eighth House will be both painful and meaningless.

The Eighth House shows the native's innate psychic intuition and ability to see beyond appearances into reality; they have clairvoyant gifts that can be used for divination of one sort or another. The important lesson here is not to use these gifts frivolously or merely for entertainment but rather for spiritual advancement and self-growth (i.e., astrology, tarot reading, tea leaves, etc.).

When this house is balanced, it brings good luck in money and relationships; fame and success come to those willing to take risks or make sacrifices for their causes.

As an astrological house governed by Scorpio and Pluto, it deals with psychological obsessions that can be either destructive or liberating in nature. When a stellium of planets is present in the Eighth House, we'll likely see tremendous power and very volatile energy expressed through emotional extremes.

When this house is not in balance, such extremes can become destructive and self-defeating. Emotional fearfulness and emotional brutality will be felt by natives who do not know how to direct their energy or deal with their repressed emotions properly.

Many psychologically sensitive people spend most of their time in the unconscious world, either through unhealthy means like drugs, alcohol, and overeating or through unhealthy relationships with the wrong people who will bring them further into their inner dilemmas.

It is important for those with an emphasis in the Eighth House to take up meditation, yoga, or any type of mental discipline that help quiet the mind and create a peaceful environment in which to grow spiritually and avoid psychological burnout, which can result in things like anxiety disorders, paranoia, stress, and depression.

The Eighth House is a place where sexuality manifests as passion. Unlike the Fifth house, sexual acts in this realm are taken much more seriously. For example, some people have learned to control their life force for prolonged orgasmic experiences thru tantra techniques and other eastern practices that induce out-of-body experiences.

The Eighth House rules financial matters, investments, inheritances, all types of contracts, and partnership agreements.The Eighth House also rules, and gambling, risky ventures, and losses due to partner misconduct or deception.

The Eighth House is a highly sensitive house that needs careful consideration when making any financial move. Since the Second House rules mediums of exchange such as money, the Eighth House is ruled by the abstract concept of value. Those with an emphasis in this house must understand the deeper meaning of wealth beyond financial riches.


The types of life experiences that bring about financial gains will be related to the person's own psychological issues. For example, natives who are terrified of change and doing something different will find it difficult to progress financially because change is necessary for business success.

Sun in the Eighth House

You have a highly passionate personality, often misunderstood by those who can't accept your drive for financial gain. Though sometimes you are a workaholic, your only real love is the power and prestige that wealth symbolizes. You can be ruthless when seeking satisfaction through material gain.

You have a highly sensitive nature, and you need to make sure that you don't invest in the wrong things or put your money into foolish enterprises. Sometimes you may invest in projects that are dangerous to prove how tough you can be. At your worst, you become addicted to gambling and risky ventures; obsession takes over your thinking.

You are deeply sensuous and often feel misunderstood because you have a deep need to control others to get what you want out of life. This can manifest as greed or anger at times, but it will be used for healing purposes on the best occasion. You crave clarity when things seem uncertain, which is why controlling those around you seems like an easy answer; however, it's not always helpful. Your sense-orientated personality may lead people away from being honest with themselves, so they don't see their own ignorance. If you can avoid this tendency of manipulating others, you will progress spiritually.

Moon in the Eighth House

You are as sensitive and emotional as your maternal nature requires. You want a sense of security like a child would, and if you feel this isn't being met, your feelings of insecurity will make you act up in ways that can scare those around you.

You can become quite a workaholic. You have a deep need to control others, and your own mothering instincts often guide you with this desire. At your best, your maternal nature creates a secure environment for those around you; however, at times, it takes on more of an obsessive quality that needs to be dealt with.

Moon in the Eighth House natives are always seeking spiritual meaning and knowledge of the hidden mysteries of life. You may become obsessed with various religious or occult groups as a way of finding acceptance and security; this can lead to other kinds of ruinous behavior.

Moon in the Eighth House indicates an emotional nature that seeks financial independence. You also want to control others the way you wished someone was able to control you when you were a child. While this isn't wrong, it can lead to other kinds of problems if you are unwilling or unable to deal with them; these issues will be related to your own mothering instincts and fears of abandonment. Emotional fulfillment comes through practicing self-control and putting your own needs first.

Moon in the Eighth House people have a highly intuitive sense of what's happening behind the scenes around them, and they also need to learn how to keep this information private for their own safety; some will use this information against them.

Mercury in the Eighth House

Mercury in the Eighth House indicates a knowledgeable person that knows how information can be used against someone else, and you will often act in secrecy for your own benefit before revealing what you've discovered.

Mercury in the Eighth House produces a brilliant person who loves to gather information about other people's secrets and use that knowledge against them; it leads many to be great sleuths too. People with this placement need to learn how to control their desire to manipulate others, or they can cause their own ruin. Instead, seek to influence others by being a positive example for them to follow.

Mercury in the Eighth House indicates someone good at solving mysteries; you may use this knowledge for good or for bad, but it will be used to your advantage regardless. This placement produces a natural researcher with an innate curiosity about many things making them very progressive and open-minded. With this placement, there is a constant need to communicate and gather information about others and less desire to reveal what's going on behind the scenes with you.

Mercury in the Eighth House natives are always seeking something out of life that is deeper and more meaningful than most people seek. You may find yourself increasingly interested in religious or occult groups and obsess over researching them.

Mercury in the Eighth House people have an amazing memory, and they often misuse this to their own ends; your ability to remember details can make you the talk of the town, but at times it may appear as though you are gossiping. Others may have difficulty trusting you because they feel as though they are caught in some mind-game that is always changing; this isn't necessarily true, but your natural intelligence makes others feel this way.

Venus in the Eighth House

Venus in the Eighth House people has a great desire to possess and control others. The desire for emotional fulfillment is strong, but few can live up to your expectations.

Highly independent needs make it difficult for you to accept guidance or to nurture. Domestic comfort is a primary need and a source of emotional instability due to the fear of being smothered by an overbearing partner.

Venus in the Eighth House natives are always seeking financial security, and they often do this by controlling their own personal finances or the monies of someone else to get what they want. Venus in the Eighth House natives are highly emotional people who want and need love more than anyone, but they aren't willing to give as much of themselves as an equal partner would like, at least until the trust is built.


Mars in the Eighth House

Mars in the Eighth House people have a strong urge for independence, but others often oppose this. You will continue to fight any attempt of control; personal freedom is fundamental to your happiness. This can lead some with this placement to become hostile or very aggressive when faced with restrictions of any kind. It's important that Mars in the Eighth House natives explore the source of their anger and control it before they create even more problems in their lives; this placement can lead some people into acts of violence.

Mental aggression is very common with Mars in the Eighth House people, and many find it difficult to control their anger. Because you are possessive of your own independence, you will fight to maintain it at all costs. While you may never allow anyone to control your physical body, your mind is a different matter; this placement indicates someone filled with opinions and angry convictions that can make it difficult for them to work through problems.

Mars in the Eighth House people may be very interested in medical issues and all things attached to healing methods. This energy makes many great healers.


The eighth house is a little more misunderstood than the other houses due to its association with death. There are many ways to die that don't involve physical death, such as the death of possessions, relationships, or emotions. This house is also associated with our deepest and most private thoughts; thus, this house relates to everything that we have hidden away from others and from ourselves.

In short, this house has a lot to do with secrets, money, and sex. It is the house of transformation where we learn to adapt. The eighth house has many aspects involving finance, loss, and death; this can give us the impression that it is a negative place in the chart, but this isn't always true. While many with strong emphasis here may have experienced these things, these are just catalysts to help us learn and grow from them.

Every planet has a good side and a bad side, no matter how much we don't want to admit it; the eighth house is no exception. Planets here can indicate loss in some cases, but sometimes they have nothing to do with death or money. This makes each placement unique as it is always about the individual and their process of transformation.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I would love to hear your insight on the eighth house. Feel free to leave a comment below and share it with your friends if it resonates. Thanks for reading!


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