The 1st House

The 1st House: Overview

The houses describe the various levels of awareness and how a person can use or experience them. The houses allow us to experience life from several different perspectives; they show us the various potentials available regarding self-awareness. The planets that reside in the 1st house should be considered when determining the type of personality that a person has, especially if they are prominent.

Whatever planet resides in the first house encourages one to claim its qualities as its identity fully. This house is considered the most important one in terms of originality, public impression, and presenting oneself to the world.

The energy of this house signifies a strong personality and the importance that we place on what others think about us. This house will encourage us to be in the spotlight and feel a high degree of ownership about ourselves. The first house rules our image, how we want others to perceive us or view us.

The point that rules the sign of your first house is known as the chart ruler. For example, in my chart, Scorpio is the sign of my first house which means that Pluto rules this house, making Pluto the chart ruler of my natal chart. The chart ruler will always be the most powerful planet in your chart, and it's especially important in esoteric astrology.

In esoteric astrology, the goal of the first house is to find your true self—either your soul or the illusion you've created for yourself.

The first house is the house where we gain dominion over ourselves. The planet that occupies the 1st house symbolizes the individual's identity or sense of self. The 1st house is the realm of "I." If there is a natal planet in your first house, you become identified with that planet.

The first house symbolizes the self and its capacity for independence. This house can be viewed from the soul or the personality, depending on which dominates your life. 

Let's take a look at the different planets and how they color the first house.

Sun in the First House

The sun highlights the personality that an individual is born with, drawing attention to who they are. The first house relates to what you present to the world, how others view you, and who you feel like in self-personality. The sun in the first house represents a person who is very much involved with themselves. They need to feel important and often attach their importance to everything they do. Individuals born with the sun in the first house can be quite ambitious in their way.

Scorpio Sun in the First House

When the sun is in the first house of Scorpio, the individual will be highly ambitious. They often have grand plans which they attempt to execute to feel important and valuable.

At times, people with the sun in the first house will feel unable to cope without a sense of self-importance that comes with success. These individuals may seem all-or-nothing in terms of personality and will sometimes live in extremes.

Their identity is based on power and self-control, but they often struggle with manipulation and control. On the one hand, people born with this placement want to be respected for their efforts and contributions; simultaneously, they fear feeling controlled in any way or losing their sense of independence.

Scorpio Moon in the First House

When the moon is found in the first house of Scorpio, these individuals will often be very inwardly focused and consumed with how they feel in regards to their own identity. These people are often drawn to finding out who they are and have a strong need for individuality. They can at times be quite insecure because of this self-reflection, which comes from low confidence in the quality of their identity. Individuals born with a moon in the 1st house also have issues surrounding independence versus interdependence and an inner conflict involving attachment to others vs. fear of losing that bond.

The lesson the First house teaches us here is that we can't be fully who we are as long as we're attached to others. The fear of losing our partners' love blocks us from being completely ourselves, thus preventing us from realizing that there is nothing wrong with loving and being dependent on others at the same time. This lesson has many levels and helps us understand why it's impossible to feel complete unless you've learned how to love yourself first.

Scorpio Mars in the First House

When the planet of action, or Mars, is located in the first house of a chart, it refers to a very passionate personality. This placement often encourages an individual's need for power and dominance.

The 1st house, the house of self-identity, sets boundaries and helps us to discover/decide who we are and want to be. What sets us apart? Where do our passions lie? Who are you as a person rather than a label that other people have assigned you? I think all of these questions define what Mars in this house means. With mars here, it may also indicate a powerful drive for achievement.

The first house teaches us that the only way to define yourself as a person is to look at who you are as an individual. When you define yourself by your achievements, other people's opinions, or even your relationships, then you become dependent on something outside of yourself for your identity and happiness.

Scorpio Mercury in the First House

Mercury, the planet of communication, is a natural fit for the first house in Scorpio. Because this placement tends to make individuals very analytical and somewhat withdrawn, these are the people who will take time to think before they speak or act. They don't want to make any mistakes because that would challenge their image of perfection, which often has disastrous effects on their self-confidence. They often struggle with communication and are perceived as cold or aloof because of their guarded nature.

When Mercury is found in the first house of Scorpio, it tends to make its natives critical thinkers who process information internally before sharing it with others.

Mercury here also makes individuals very inwardly focused on their thoughts, rather than being concerned with what other people are doing or thinking.

The first house teaches us that listening to our thoughts is just as important as allowing ourselves to express them. We never learn anything new until we listen to the voice inside of us, and it's through this process, we begin to discover who we are.

Learn to be a good listener!

Scorpio Venus in the First House

When Venus is found in the first house of Scorpio, it signifies a personality that is prone to jealousy and possessiveness. Individuals with this placement can be pretty selfish because they feel they deserve all the best things in life. The feeling of entitlement often comes from people who have struggled a great deal growing up, but their attachment issues are suppressed so much that they don't realize what caused them.

When Venus is found here, it creates an extreme need for love and approval from others and an inflated sense of self-worth, which causes these individuals to be jealous or even vengeful when their hurt feelings aren't tended to appropriately.

On the flip side, Venus here can make individuals very generous with their affection and attention once they are in a relationship. Still, it also tends to make them clingy and jealous once they feel like their partner might be drifting away.

The first house here teaches us that it's important to be mindful of how our behavior affects those around us. Being aware that we are not the center of the universe helps us avoid self-pity, as well as helping us grow by taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions rather than blaming others when things don't work out.

Another lesson that the first house teaches us is how to appropriately direct our love towards ourselves to recognize it in other people. If you don't feel worthy of being loved or receiving affection, how will you ever recognize that in someone else?


Below you can find a brief description of the sun in different signs when in the first house.

Sagittarius Sun in the First House

When the sun is in the first house of fiery Sagittarius, the individual will be highly motivated in what they set out to do. These people often need a better sense of adventure and thrills, which helps with their lack of self-identity.

They are always looking for excitement that can help them feel more alive—they like new adventures, romances, friendships, or goals that excite them when accomplished.

People born with this placement often don't feel that they have a strong connection to themselves—they seek excitement and the thrill of new things to provide their life with more meaning. They need adventure for them to feel alive, but at the same time, it can also be an escape from feeling emotionally empty.

The lesson the first house teaches is that you must always be true to yourself—this is a lesson built into people's personalities with their sun in this house. To feel alive, they need new challenges and people who bring excitement into their life. The first house teaches us that we must embrace our own uniqueness and find ways to make it shine through us.

Capricorn Sun in the First House

When the sun is in the first house of Capricorn, the individual will be quite concerned about building a solid public identity. They are often very disciplined and take pride in being dependable—they get an immense sense of satisfaction from the efforts and work throughout life.

The first house is all about how you interact with others, and people who have their sun in this house need to find value and importance in the people they interact with.

When it comes to career, these individuals will often gain their sense of identity through how much money or status they have acquired. It is important for them to feel important and worth something to someone.

The first house teaches them to identify their own and other's value through hard work, achievement, and success.

Aquarius Sun in the First House

When the sun is in the first house of Aquarius, the individual will have a unique sense of self. They are very good at observing the things around them and often take in knowledge from multiple areas.

Their identity is based on their unique individuality and independence, but at the same time, there will always be some degree of uncertainty about who they are. They will be very good at adapting their personality to fit in with whoever they are among, as this helps them get along better with others.

There is a lesson of individuality which the first house teaches us—it emphasizes that we must each develop our own unique identity and sense of individuality. It also teaches us that we must learn to accept our emotions and how they often change through different situations, places, or people we interact with.

Pisces Sun in the First House

When the sun is in the first house of Pisces, the individual will have a strong sense of compassion and passion. They often overindulge in their emotions, as they become easily overwhelmed by emotional situations.

What helps them gain control of their emotions is when they can express them through creative outlets—they often put their feelings into artistic forms or like to write poems or music that expresses what they feel inside.

The first house teaches us that our self-identity is based on how we feel. The lesson it teaches us is that we must learn to accept our emotions and be comfortable with who we are. We cannot hide who we are, but instead, we should embrace it and make peace with who we are inside.

Aries Sun in the First House

When the sun is in the first house of Aries, the individual will be very independent and self-reliant, but at the same time, they have an aggressive personality.

They are often very determined to accomplish their goals no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem and will spend a lot of energy pushing themselves for success. Most people born with this placement feel like they can achieve whatever they set their mind to. They believe that through hard work and determination, they can overcome almost anything. However, they lack patience and often make quick decisions without thinking about the consequences.

The first house teaches us that our self-identity is based on how we feel—this means that it helps us do what feels right and true to ourselves in a very instinctive way.

It also tells us that we are always searching for ways to fill our lives with passion and meaning on an emotional level, so sometimes, life may give us challenges that are meant to teach us this lesson.

Taurus Sun in the First House

When the sun is in the first house of Taurus, the individual will have a very practical personality. They are very down-to-earth and often have a strong sense of responsibility.

They are easy-going, but they will make sure that whatever they do is well planned, organized, and intentional. Because they are so responsible, they most likely will hold themselves to high standards—they expect a lot from themselves and always want to perform at their best.

The first house teaches us that our self-identity is based on what we feel. The lesson it teaches us may be that we must find ways to express ourselves creatively or through emotional outlets. This can help us learn about who we are and how we feel, so we know what makes us happy in life.

Gemini Sun in the First House

When the sun is in the first house of Gemini, the individual will have an inquisitive personality. They are always asking questions and interested in new ideas and concepts that expand their mind or change their perspective on life. They are very good at communicating with others and will often be able to explain what they have learned or feel strongly about easily.

Here the first house teaches us to be flexible with our individuality—to adapt it according to various situations. Those born with this placement must learn how to balance well. It's completely natural to change your mind or adjust to new circumstances, but it is also important not to lose yourself in the process.

Another lesson of this house placement may be that we must become comfortable with our individuality and learn how to embody it according to various situations. We must balance our needs for individuality with others, so we don't feel insecure about how we express ourselves.

Cancer Sun in the First House

When the sun is in the first house of Cancer, the individual will have an empathetic personality.

They are easy to hurt and need plenty of love and comfort from others. They will often feel things deeply and can be pretty moody at times. They spend most of their life protecting themselves from feelings of being vulnerable or attacked by others.

There are two main lessons that those born with this placement must learn. The first one is to trust their inner instincts about people and situations that make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. This is one of the biggest lessons a Cancer sun must learn to achieve its highest potential, but it can only be learned through experience and self-discovery.

For them to do this, they must be true to themselves and learn not to compromise who they are to please others.

The other lesson of the first house is that we can achieve a lot when we believe in ourselves—when we feel confident about our abilities and trust our instincts.

The first house teaches us that how we feel influences who we are on an emotional level, so if you genuinely want to be happy and fulfilled by life, it's essential to accept yourself entirely as you are now.

Leo Sun in the First House

When the sun is in the first house of Leo, the individual will have a very active personality. They love to be around others and are always joking around or talking about what interests them. Even when they're alone, their mind goes at a mile-a-minute with new concepts they want to explore and things they want to accomplish.

This house can teach us that it's important to express our needs for attention from others without being overly needy—and to know how much you need not feel deprived or uncomfortable.

Another lesson may be learning how your loving energy can bring happiness into other people's lives. This can help you understand more about who you are emotionally by seeing what makes you happy and content with life.

Libra Sun in the First House

When the sun is in the first house of Libra, the individual will have a very balanced personality. They are very mature for their age and will often look much older than they are (or have the ability to).

They understand how each person should be treated equally—they don't like rigid rules and can never quite fit into a specific category or role because they're so versatile. It's easy for them to make friends because they value everyone's opinion and truly want to please others.

This placement may teach us an important balance between being flexible with your individuality when necessary and resisting pressure from others when it doesn't feel right. Being true to yourself will bring you happiness; you don't always need to fit into someone else's expectations to be loved and receive the acceptance you need.

Virgo Sun in the First House

When the sun is in the first house of Virgo, the individual will have a very analytical personality. They are critical thinkers and enjoy working on puzzles or fixing broken objects.

They can be seen as perfectionists who often expect more from themselves than others, making them seem tough on the outside but soft on the inside. This placement also teaches us that it's important to look for ways to improve yourself and your life by recognizing how you can work smarter instead of harder.

This lesson aims to learn how to be less critical and more forgiving with yourself when you make mistakes, learn from them, and don't let them bring you down.

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