Why are Scorpios loners?

They're loners because they don't like people to get close enough to betray them or lack of trust in others.

Scorpios have the unique problem of being great at reading others' emotions, but terrible at managing their own. It can be difficult for Scorpio to be near other people without scrutiny, because those individuals may sense their anxiety and discomfort about connecting with them.

The intuition that Scorpios have is so intense that it can give off a creepy vibe if not tempered by self-awareness. As a result, Scorpios can be misunderstood by others and may seem standoffish or unapproachable.

But the truth is, Scorpios just need time to themselves to recharge and reflect. They're not necessarily anti-social; they just need space from the chaos of socializing. Alone time allows them to process all the information they've taken in and to figure out how they feel about it.

So if you're a Scorpio, don't worry! You're not alone in your need for some solitude. Just be sure to explain to others why you need time away so they don't get the wrong idea. And when you're ready, come back and socialize with the rest of us! Just don't forget to bring the snacks.

Also It's important to not get to hung up on one sign as we are all a blend of all the signs, and once you explore you birth chart you'll see the importance of your other placements and areas that you personally need to work on.

Thankyou for reading this article, I hope that it has helped in some way.


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