Why are Capricorns so attracted to Cancers?

Capricorns, the ambitious goat no pun intended. This sign represents the drive, responsibility, and dedication to one's work. Capricorns have traditional values and for them, home is truly where the heart is.

Sensitive Cancer is nurturing and naturally attune to the needs of those they care for. Chatty, friendly, they are alike in all their favorite ways.

The chemistry between (Capricorn) earth and (Cancer) water is complementary to one another. Water represents the emotional world. Cancers tend to get lost in their mind relieving old experiences with people (gossiping) and becoming apprehensive about the future based on a painful past. While it may be hard for Capricorn to relate to the negative side of Cancer's emotional attachments, they enjoy the rants and passion cooly.

Cancers enjoy laidback energy, someone to listen (or at least appear to) with a detached perspective. Capricorn appreciates Cancers' family values and emotional connection to the things they love.

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to recognize all of this in someone when you first meet them. If you want to know more about first impressions you can refer to the Ascendant sign. Now, if one person had Capricorn Ascendant and another had Cancer Ascendant then your not thinking as deep, surface-level impressions. So the way Cancer treats people may turn Capricorn on. Vice versa, the effort Capricorn put in their work may make Cancer hot (old school slang for “turned on”)!

It is a nice dynamic and nice blend.

You could always go deeper by comparing natal charts using synastry. This takes into account houses and aspects. I hope you were able to find this information beneficial.

(If you’re a Cancer…good luck!)

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