Why are Capricorns afraid of love?

I have never met a Capricorn who was afraid to love… on the contrary they come across as eager to express there love towards people who they are really interested in and care for. It’s very likely the that the person who would ask such a question is projecting their own fears unto all Capricorns.

So instead of addressing all Capricorns lets address Capricorns in a similar situation to the “asker” of this question. Because Capricorns fall so deep in love quickly, when the romance is over it is likely they’ll have a backup lover in order to help cope with the loss. If the Capricorn doesn’t have a backup insecurity might begin to take root. This can lead to social isolation and developing an unrealistic perspective on relationships based on your own failed ones. So if a Capricorn is afraid to love they would benefit from letting go of some of their strict expectations of others and just allow themselves to love. Easier said than done right?

Of course by now we are all aware that Sun signs only describe a portion of a horoscope and much more information can be gleaned by exploring each planet and house. It is also important to work with Saturn and Venus placements to help overcome any fears that impede your progress.

Hope you found this information helpful!

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