What do you know about the sign Pisces?

I think Pisces should be approached with vigilance.

Pisces are charming, very easy to open up to (if they choose to lend you their ear). They blur the lines between friendly and flirty, and before you know it, either you're between their legs or vice versa. Pisces are drawn to toxic people. Maybe I should put that in another way…Pisces recognize a damaged soul and are compelled to comfort them and heal them if possible. The problem is, Pisces can get so attached to this damaged person they begin to destroy themselves by way of their own empathy. Honestly, I can respect this level of love and commitment to a partner; this is someone I can trust.

I've had experiences with Pisces that still leave a bad taste in my mouth. I eventually got to experience the legendary emotional manipulation that Pisces are known for. It went something like…" if I don't hear from you by tonight, don't bother contacting me again," well, that escalated rather quickly. Needless to say, she never heard from me again. Well, no, I did text her months later and asked if she had grown up (no response). Another Pisces loved to put words in mouth, especially if she needed to get her way. I could write pages on the oddities that I've experienced with Pisces.

On the flip side, I still have a soft spot for those Pisces and any Pisces I meet. I thoroughly enjoyed the sex. I won't go too deep into it because I'm sure other factors played a role in the experience, but just know Pisces sex is fire. Pisces are also sensual and playful, which both are cool for Scorpio's serious demeanor and moodiness.

So to wrap this up, I think Pisces are considerable, both in conversation and in bed. Their support is comforting, and their love is deep, almost as deep as a Scorpio's.

*Side Note*** This response just took into account sun signs. Other influences play a role in the overall psyche of a person. Just thought I'd slip that in.

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