What are your experiences with a Cancer (zodiac)?

What are your experiences with Cancer (zodiac)?

So far, I’ve personally had nothing but good experiences with cancers, no matter if they are family, friends, entanglements, or coworkers. The entanglements have been the most interesting to me because they never seem to last, and though we don’t speak, I feel like we are always connected, and I could hit them up (and vice versa) at any time.

I think the key with Cancer lies in their excitement, and the more you can keep them excited and enthused, the better your life will be. They move fast because they are cardinal by nature and experience life and the emotions it triggers quickly, so they are known for their mood swings. Being a Scorpio, I understand that Cancers are attracted to us because of our apparent emotional stability and cool nature. It seems Scorpio takes life as it comes and floats through it when underneath that skin of steel, we are panicking and losing our minds. Cancer can be so affectionate it compliments Scorpios anxieties, which helps create our bond. The touch of Cancer can put you to sleep faster than a song can (trust me, I know).

Overall, cancers are loyal and will do anything for those they love. They can be very sympathetic to others, and they make great friends because of their ability to understand others’ points of view. If you have cancer in your life, cherish them – they are a rare breed.

I got carried away here, but the point of it all is my experience with Cancer signs (or those with strong placements) have been dope, to say the least! Try not to get to hung up on particular zodiac signs; further exploration into your birth chart will immediately show you that you are a blend of signs. If you do not know your birth chart, check out websites like astro.com, and cast one for free.

The key with astrology is to NOT get caught up in specific zodiac signs, but rather the dynamics between the signs in your chart and how they influence you.

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