So I’ve realized that the most loyal zodiacs are also the aggressive ones like Taurus and Scorpios and the least faithful ones are also calmest ones like Aquarius and Gemini.

I’m a cancer zodiac and realizing this bothers me.. what do I do?

This question is an excellent example of how Cancers jump to conclusions based on their overthinking, endless worrying, and anxiety. Naw, I'm only teasing. However I think you're confused about somethings, let me help you out.

Scorpios and Taurus aren't aggressive signs. Though Scorpios is co-ruled by Mars, it takes a lot for a Scorpio to become this overtly aggressive type of personality. Signs like Aries and Leo are more in line with the kind of aggression you're referring too. Scorpio is more passive and subtle with how they express themselves, while Taurus is more relaxed and chill. Taurus CAN be aggressive if continually provoked, and they are pretty outspoken and faster to act practically on certain things.

When we are discussing faithfulness in relationships, no sign is more or less faithful than the other. The compatibility of the partner heavily influences faithfulness. If one can't fulfill the needs of the other, I'm putting my money on a fire sign like Aries or Sagittarius to step outside the limits of loyalty. Just a joke. But fulfillment does play a role in commitment. Scorpio is more likely to end a relationship if they find another who meets all of the needs the current partner cannot, instead of trying to play both sides indefinitely.

But you did get one thing right when it comes to loyalty. It's easy to assume Scorpio and Taurus are more loyal than Gemini or Aquarius, Scorpio being a water sign is prone to attachment while Taurus being an Earth sign is prone to consistency. Both allude to dependence or deep loyalty. The air signs Aquarius & Gemini, on the other hand, relate to detachment. Because they are constantly processing information, they don't have time to get hung up on their feelings about it. It's easy to misinterpret Gemini's fascination with romantic interest, and this becomes clear when Gemini's attention suddenly shifts to the next thing. Gemini are infamous for their…curiosity. Being a Mutable Sign, meaning ever-changing, they are known to have a large…network…of…" friends" who they can use for information, company, or advice they probably won't follow.

So now that you have a better understanding a little bit about what some of the signs represent; hopefully, these kinks of yours become less of a problem.

You can rest easy, my fellow water sign. There is nothing to worry about, at least from a Scorpio.

I hope you found this information helpful!

***Side Note*** The information above was given using only Sun signs. More in-depth information can be gleaned from understanding the placements of all the planets, including the Moon. You can find this information on your own personalized Natal chart. Google around. There are plenty of free websites out there that'll give you one.

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