Is Scorpio rising the best ascendant?

Well the answer will always be subjective but speaking from a personal perspective I would say that the value of experiences and information that I have received as a Scorpio Rising, thus far, is inequivocally more rewarding than any other rising sign out there.

Again, not taking into account the other factors in a chart, being a Scorpio Rising helps to filter through all the fake and phony people that would otherwise cross my path. Being an Aquarius Moon, I come across as awkward yet very highly intelligent and with my Scorpio Rising I'm naturally discerning and intuitive. This comes in handy yet the downside is I become a lot more emotional about social injustices, bigger picture things that no one really understands and it really affects my mood.

So it's good to have an understanding of the aspects and other elements affecting the rising sign and other elements affecting the rising sign in order to get a complete picture of your powers and weaknesses.

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