How would you describe an angry Scorpio?

An enraged Scorpio is ice cold. She's remote. You genuinely believe her emotions have been switched off for you. She will not pursue or express her displeasure to you. She has a great deal of emotional fortitude, which is one of her greatest characteristics. She'll make you feel that icy distance if you hurt her or slight her in any way, and you will eventually crawl or beg to be let back in. When tragic events happen in her life, she won't show or let on. She'll sit back with that cool look of hers like its no big deal when in fact it's the end of the world to her.

Why? What is the source of this passion?

The source of Scorpios passion is their intensity. They feel everything deeply and they are incredibly passionate people. They are also fiercely loyal and protective of the ones they love, which can add to their intensity. When they're angry, it's best to stay away because they can be very destructive when they're upset. It's not like the other signs where you can talk things out and calm them down. Scorpios will hold onto their anger and resentment until it eats them alive. So, if you're on the receiving end of their anger, it's best to just stay away until they've cooled off.

Like always, I encourage you not to put too much focus on one particular sign, as we are all a blend of many. Explore your birth chart and read your individual horoscope to gain a deeper, richer, and more nuanced insight of YOU!

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This is my close friend of 15 years one direct point. Thanks for that. :). I think it’s good and accurate. She just pooped in and she has zero-tolerance to lift a finger most of the time.

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