Scorpio: The Personal Planets in Virgo

Virgo: Overview

Virgo is a mutable earth sign and is ruled by the planet of Mercury. Virgos energy is known to be practical, conservative with a hint of being a perfectionist. The significance of Virgo is to help others to get rid of their inefficiencies, do things that serve themselves as well as the ones they love. Virgos crave new information, they are always looking for a way to improve their skills, and when they don't have all the necessary details about something or someone, it can drive them crazy. 

Virgo energy teaches us many lessons and shares many gifts. Virgo teaches us how to love ourselves and others through service; it teaches us to remember that details are pretty important but so is the big picture. They teach us honesty, being compassionate, the need for order and organization, service to others, and selflessness.

Scorpio Sun/ Virgo Moon

Scorpio sun/ Virgo Moon people tend to be more modest than most Scorpios and are very discreet about their personal lives. This combination is very good at serving others without wanting any recognition for their efforts. They value family and unity, and they yearn to be a part of something greater than themselves. 

This Scorpio/Virgo combination often has a knack for being involved with groups or organizations where their work is behind the scenes. They tend to be attracted to helping others from a distance. These Scorpio sun/ Virgo moon people are highly resourceful, careful, practical, and very intuitive. They are excellent listeners and like to advise without being asked.

One challenge of the sign of Virgo is that they can get stuck in the details and miss out on the bigger picture. When they find themselves in this situation, they need to find creative ways to get the details out of their mind and into a practical format.

Scorpio Sun / Virgo Mercury

Scorpio sun/Virgo Mercury people are brilliant and have a good memory. They are logical thinkers with an excellent ability to concentrate on the task at hand. They have a great learning capacity, but they do not like getting bogged down with irrelevant information, and therefore, they can organize their thoughts logically.

They also have excellent research skills and curiosity, which makes them quite knowledgeable. They can be very opinionated and sometimes have a difficult time being flexible with their opinions. They are uncomfortable with change and need to learn to be more open to all possibilities. This combination is well suited for research, investigation, writing, or teaching.

One challenge of the sign of Virgo mercury is that they can tend towards being critical without justification. This sign needs to learn how to look for the good in others and appreciate their qualities instead of always seeing the faults

Scorpio Sun / Virgo Venus

Scorpio sun/Virgo Venus people may take a long time before they commit to a romantic relationship. They appreciate beauty and grace, so they always know what their standards are when it comes to romance. This combination may have difficulty being around people who do not appeal to them emotionally or intellectually.

Scorpio/Virgo Venus individuals may find themselves attracted to more reserved people or have a different lifestyle. Not only do these individuals appreciate beauty, but also simple things like kindness. They may be surprised when someone such as a casual acquaintance shows genuine interest in them.

Venus in Virgo may be attracted to people with assertive personalities and a high level of ambition. Venus in Virgo may also be attracted to people that are a bit eccentric. While they have high standards for romance, they tend to be attracted to people with a unique sense of style.

One challenge that Venus in Virgo may have is not being as forthcoming with their affection. They may shy away from public displays of affection or even fear intimacy because they fear they will not live up to their own high standards.

Scorpio Sun/Virgo Mars

Scorpio/Virgo Mars people may be quite strong-willed and tenacious. These individuals may have trouble compromising on a situation because they feel that their way is the right way. They may not give up on an idea or goal easily. They are very loyal to the people they admire and can sometimes be overly competitive in certain activities or endeavors.

Mars in Virgo is motivated by a need to improve themselves and the world around them. They may feel more fulfilled when they can practically use their innate leadership skills.

Scorpio Sun/Virgo Rising

The rising sign usually describes the first impression that someone makes on you. Scorpios with Virgo Rising are generally very analytical and focused when it comes to their personal beliefs. They have a knack for seeing things from many different perspectives, which may be an asset in society today.

These individuals are usually very private about certain aspects of their lives and may hide their vulnerability from others. They are sometimes quite sensitive, so they prefer to spend some time alone, rather than interacting with large groups of people unless the task is aligned with their need to be of service.

One lesson Scorpio can learn from the sign of Virgo is to become more flexible with traditions or routines. They may be so proud of their methods that they are unwilling to change and find a better solution. Scorpios with Virgo rising need to remember that even the most disciplined people still make mistakes, so they should not be so hard on themselves when they fail to live up to their own high standards.

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