Scorpio: The Personal Planets in Taurus

The Personal Planets in Taurus

The zodiac sign Scorpio is a fixed water sign, and the personal planets in Taurus enhance the personality traits of this sun sign. They help create an emotionally stable and secure individual who can be very passionate about their work or job. The Scorpio will often have a deep commitment to their friends, family, and even romantic partners because they're trustworthy people who take responsibility for themselves as well as others.

The Scorpio is usually someone you can count on when it comes to keeping their word - they always follow through with promises made and don't like letting people down. If anything upsets them, it's being lied to or betrayed by others, so they'll try hard not to do those.

Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon

The most fragile and sensitive area of the Scorpio is their emotions. To feel emotional security and fulfillment, they need to have a strong sense of who they are, their values, and their purpose in life.

It's imperative for them to live life on their terms and not allow others to make decisions for them or dictate what needs to happen. They're hopeful people who know how to keep themselves grounded even when things seem too difficult. Scorpios with Taurus Moon will be very patient and respectful of their loved ones, but they can become frustrated if those people are also lazy or negative. They like knowing what is expected of them, and in return, they're willing to do whatever it takes to get things done right.

These Scorpios usually seek emotional fulfillment in areas of their life that affect the physical body, work or career, and financial security. For them to feel emotionally secure, they need to be able to provide for themselves and others (friends, family members, etc.).

Scorpio Sun/Taurus Mercury

Scorpio people with Taurus in their Mercury sign talk about a lot of things. They are very good at talking. The Scorpio sun/Taurus Mercury person may be bossy, but there is a reason for it. They are just very efficient at getting things done, and therefore give orders to others. (this does not mean they want power over people). This strong personality eats success as their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mercury in Taurus gives the ability to plan and act on plans. They are very good at completing long-term goals. Friends do not treat them as friends; they treat them like family members or important people that deserve respect. Scorpio/Taurus Mercury is sociable and enjoys meeting new people; they may even be considered social butterflies among their friends. Enjoying frank discussions with close friends and sharing what's on their minds is typical for the Scorpio Sun/Taurus Mercury. They often adopt an inquisitive and probing nature while conversing with others.

Scorpio Sun/ Taurus Venus

Scorpio sun/Taurus Venus people are very creative and capable of finding fulfillment through their creativity. They enjoy the arts, the finer things in life and often take pride in how they present themselves to others. Scorpio sun/Taurus Venus people will find beauty in the most mundane or even ugly things. These Scorpios are known for their charming personality; they know how to make people feel comfortable with themselves. Venus in Taurus people loves to be surrounded by beautiful things such as jewelry, furniture, clothes, or even art pieces. To some degree, they can be materialistic, but they do not flaunt it. They are very shy and, at times, insecure when it comes to love relationships or matters of the heart.

Scorpio Sun/ Taurus Mars

Those born with Mars in Taurus always have a steady supply of physical energy. They are very assertive and direct in manner; they rarely say anything without having first thought it through in their mind. Scorpio Sun/Taurus Mars people are confident in themselves; you cannot get them to do something if they are not comfortable doing it. They will always secure safety for themselves before taking action in their lives. Although reliable, the Scorpio sun/Taurus mars person has a strong sense of authority. In social settings, these people must be heard and seen; otherwise, they feel left out or ignored by others. They are very independent; they do not like to be told what to do or how to do it. They may even go against the grain just for the sake of being individualistic.

Scorpio Sun/ Taurus Rising

Those born with Taurus Rising are the life of the party. Most of their friends are not necessarily close to them, but they have a lot of acquaintances. The Scorpio Sun/Taurus ascendant person is always 'on' when in public because inside that spotlight is where they feel most comfortable and secure. It is also said that people with Taurus Rising are excellent leaders, very stubborn, and it's hard to persuade them otherwise regarding ideas, thoughts, or opinions. These people have intelligent and energetic minds. They always think about the future; they are never present in the current moment. The first impression of the Scorpio sun Taurus ascendant person is often that they are self-centered; however, it is not valid; they just hate to be bothered too often by others.


Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and Scorpio represents water. Taurians are loyal, patient, practical, and trustworthy, while scorpions are passionate, guarded, and emotional. These two signs work harmoniously together because they share the same values and have different strengths that balance each other out. This makes their relationship and partnership fun, fulfilling, and meaningful.

Taurus and Scorpio are both fixed signs, which means they do not like change and don't adapt quickly to situations. These two signs blend together harmoniously when the Scorpio can balance the mundane, material world, and inner spiritual world. 


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