Scorpio: The Personal Planets in Pisces

The Personal Planets in Pisces

Pisces Overview

Pisces is the sign of dreams, imagination, and spiritual awareness. Piscean people are highly sensitive to their environment and are often profoundly affected by the moods of those around them. They like to be in harmony with nature, and they enjoy being part of a group or community. Pisceans are highly empathic. Their emotional sensitivity leads to an ability to empathize with others and make them more aware of the hurt that someone else might be feeling but also makes Pisces more prone than most other signs when it comes to negative emotions such as self-pity or anger.

Pisces is an introverted water sign that has a mystical quality. They often tend to blur facts and fantasy, making it difficult for others to understand what they're trying to say. Pisces are also very sensitive and don't like to hurt other people's feelings. Pisces feel deep emotions and are sensitive to the feelings of others. They may push away from people when they're feeling hurt or avoid situations where their emotional state could be exploited by someone else.

Fixed & Mutable energy

Scorpio is fixed energy, while Pisces is mutable. There are many facets to both of these water signs, but the most significant difference between them lies in their modality: Scorpios being unyielding and fixated on what they want, and Pisces more willing to be flexible about things if need be. As a fixed sign, Scorpio is less adaptable. They tend to have strong opinions and are not particularly interested in what other people think of them. Pisces can sometimes be fickle or indecisive, so when they find themselves locked into an idea, they can be pretty stubborn about it. The primary energetic difference between Pisces and Scorpio is that one wants to pick a side (Scorpio) while the other wants to find a way for everyone involved (Pisces).

Scorpio Sun/Pisces Moon

Scorpios born under the Pisces moon live life with a lot of imagination. They are very sensitive to their environment and the moods of those around them, but they also enjoy being part of a group or community. They want to feel like they are in harmony with nature, and they are more prone to negative emotions such as self-pity or anger than most other signs. However, this sign has an introspective quality that makes them aware when someone else has been hurt emotionally.

Pisces moon people want peace in their environment and generally do not like conflict. Once confronted about a problem, it can be difficult to dissuade from pursuing their goal. They are dreamers who want a partner who is willing to work towards goals together and compromise. They need emotional discipline because they may become apathetic or escapist if they don't feel secure in their environment.


Scorpio Sun/Pisces Mercury

A Scorpio with Pisces Mercury will be a person who is very sensitive and reflects other people's energy back at them. They communicate very imaginatively and have a strong connection with art, music, or even fantasy. They are often misunderstood because their ability to take on other people's feelings makes them seem aloof or detached. They have a tendency towards extremes in their emotions, so while usually reserved, they can also be known to be emotionally volatile.

Pisces Mercury people like to avoid conflict because it makes them feel too much, but once confronted about a problem, they will generally stick to their opinion unless they feel bad about it. They would rather go with the flow than put up a fight, but they can become resentful if they feel too much has been asked of them. They are good at socializing, but they tend to lose themselves in their own thoughts. They use their imagination to experience life in the way they want to, and they need someone who can understand that.

Scorpio Sun/ Pisces Mars

Scorpio with Pisces Mars likes to be in control of their environment so they can help others. They have strong anger issues, but it is rare for them to act on that anger. When pressured, this sign will sometimes fight back with passive-aggressive tactics or retreat into their shell until the other person gives up.

They are empathetic, which means they can feel for someone else so much that it becomes difficult to maintain their own boundaries. They also intensely dislike conflict and will work to avoid it by pacifying others or telling them what they want to hear, so the other person feels at ease before walking away. Pisces Mars people like to get things done, and while they can be strong leaders, they also like to follow other people's decisions.

Scorpio Sun/Pisces Venus

Psyche means soul, and Scorpios with Pisces in their Venus have a deep connection with their souls. They are the type of people who will always be by your side and never give up on you. Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, so these types of Scorpios are very loving and understanding. They are constantly looking for a partner to fulfill them on every level, but they can also be extraordinarily jealous and distrustful. They feel rejected quickly because they are sensitive people who need constant reassurance.

They are introverts who spend a lot of time in their inner world, making others feel like they are being ignored. They can be very deep people who live inside their minds, but they also have the ability to become easily obsessed with something or somebody. They can be obsessive and manipulative in relationships, but they also prioritize the feelings of others over their own. They are not very good at accepting help because they don't want to seem weak or vulnerable, so they will sometimes alienate themselves from others to protect themselves.

Scorpio Sun/Pisces Rising

The Scorpios with Pisces Rising have an intense and kind personality, which is why they are so popular. They know how to balance their own desires while also considering the needs of others, making them fantastic pals or partners. One of the most discussed traits for Scorpios with Pisces Rising is that they are usually quite intense, making them intimidating to some.

A Scorpio sun sign with Pisces rising will be romantic and very accepting of individuality. They will also be very intuitive when knowing what someone else needs to feel loved and cared for. They may be timid in social gatherings, but once you gain their trust, they will loosen up, opening up possibilities for friendship.

This rising sign will make a Scorpio with Pisces Sun very considerate and compassionate in heart matters. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as their tendency to put other's needs before theirs is something they should learn to balance out to avoid resentment later on.


Scorpio and Pisces energy complement each other well, but overemphasizing these two water combinations can create sinkholes where codependency issues can arise. Scorpio needs to remember that they are their own person and use their Pisces influence to learn how to set boundaries with others, so they don't lose themselves in their relationships. Scorpios with any of the personal planets in Pisces will absorb other people's energy like a sponge, and it can be overwhelming. So be sure to meditate in the mornings and evenings, or just set aside some alone time to recuperate from the day. This will keep a healthy balance between your inner Scorpio soul and external Piscean influence.

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