Scorpio: The Personal Planets in Libra

Libra Overview

Libra is a cardinal air sign and is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Astrologically speaking, Libras are known to be masters of relationships due to their harmonious and peaceful nature. The cardinal modality of Libra creates a sense of urgency because they are committed to balance and harmony. This tends to give them the energy needed to initiate action. The air element of Libra gives them an unwavering commitment to their ideals because they are firmly rooted in thought and reason. They are dedicated to having an equal partnership with people all around the world.

Libra reflects beauty, balance, harmony, and peace; as such, a pair of scales signifies the balance and equal distribution between two forces. Libra energy is idealistic and can be perceived by others as passive. However, what others perceive as passive, is the same stuff that makes them known to be good listeners. The desire for peace, beauty, justice, and equality manifests through an innate sensitivity towards the environment. Libra utilizes its creative imagination to achieve these goals of harmony within society.

Scorpio Sun/Libra Moon

Scorpios with Libra Moon value relationships and share their emotions honestly with those they love. They have a passion for developing personal relationships and exercise this passion freely by being a good listener to friends and family.

These Scorpios often take charge of social events by organizing get-togethers, dates, and social gatherings. They are born with an innate ability to get along with anyone. Still, They often struggle to maintain relationships out of fear that the closeness may cause them to lose control over their feelings and actions. The water and air element often cause internal conflict within these Scorpios. This conflict usually occurs when they are indecisive about making the right choice, their ability to express themselves freely, and their feelings for someone.

The lesson that Libra Moon can teach Scorpios is to be more comfortable opening up to people. These Scorpios are very emotionally aware, but they express their feelings indirectly through actions rather than words. They need to understand that everyone is different, and they should not expect others to behave the same way as them.

Scorpio Sun/ Libra Mercury

Scorpios with Mercury in Libra value mental stimulation and are known to be good communicators. They can easily engage in conversations with others. Their minds tend to wander a lot because they get bored quickly by people who do not share their sense of humor or interests. These Scorpios have a strong need for order and freedom, but this often puts them in conflict with themselves and the people around them. The water and air elements cause internal confusion within these Scorpios. The mind is filled with conflicting thoughts that cause them to act impulsively without thinking beforehand, which can bring unnecessary chaos into their lives and hurt feelings from those affected by their actions.

The Libra Mercury teaches Scorpio Suns that communication requires careful constructive thinking. They need to think before they speak and try not to express their emotions through sarcasm or an exaggerated sense of humor. These Scorpios need to understand that there is a time and place for everything. They should be more aware of how their words may affect others and try to be more discerning with their choice of words.

Scorpio Sun/ Libra Venus

Scorpio with Venus in Libra is known to value beauty in their romantic relationships. The air element causes these Scorpios to be more independent than other Scorpios (sun signs) ruled by the water element. These Scorpios are seducers, their charming personalities and good looks tend to garner many admirers, but they often have trouble keeping these admirers because of their overbearing sense of possessiveness. They crave a harmonious relationship and have trouble accepting people who do not express mutual feelings. They can become jealous of their partners show interest in others.

These Scorpios are susceptible to becoming infatuated with people who have an air of mystery. Their utter honesty can cause them to become upset when they realize that they fell in love with someone who does not share the same ideals.

The Libra Venus placement can teach Scorpios how to balance their personal needs with those of others. They need to understand that unconditional love is ideal in a relationship, but not everyone can achieve this. They should not place expectations on their partners. Their desire for a harmonious connection with the one they are in love with stems from low self-esteem and an inability to appreciate themselves. They need to understand that personal growth is directly related to how much they can nurture themselves.


Scorpio Sun/ Libra Mars

Scorpios with Mars in Libra value peace and harmony and tend to shy away from arguments. These Scorpios are very emotional, but they try to control their feelings because they tend to lose their temper quickly. They often suppress their anger so much that it builds up and results in a sudden, uncontrollable outburst. Scorpios with Libra Mars can have an extreme sense of justice, and they are prone to correcting those who go against the laws and rules they support. They are not afraid to stand up for what is right, even if it means going against authority figures.

Scorpios with Libra Mars also have a natural tendency to be artistic, and they often have excellent taste in music, art, fashion, and other aspects of culture. They are attracted to beautiful things that make them feel good about themselves.

The Libra Mars placement can teach Scorpios how to be more diplomatic and less aggressive when dealing with conflict. One can use their mars to solve a problem instead of causing the situation to worsen. The Libra Mars placement can also teach Scorpios diplomatic skills, especially in law enforcement and other similar careers.

Scorpios Sun/ Libra Rising

One's first impression of a Scorpio with Libra Rising might be that they are energetic and the life of the party, but that impression often changes as one becomes very familiar with them. These Scorpios tend to have false confidence in their charm and charisma. They are afraid to express their true nature because they doubt people will accept them for who they truly are. The Scorpio with Libra Rising has a "what you see is what you get" characteristic, but they are afraid to be themselves, so they hide behind this upfront and simple facade. They often have deep insecurities that they don't want others to know about, manifesting as manipulative behavior.

When Scorpio develops the higher aspects of Libra Rising, they learn to use their charm and charisma to influence others. They develop an honest persona that is not afraid to show their true nature because they are confident in who they are.

Scorpios with Libra Rising usually put a lot of emphasis on being aesthetically pleasing. They like to be very fashionable and always look their best.

One significant lesson that Scorpio can learn from their Libra Rising placement is how to be more cooperative and friendly with those who are different from them. They have a natural tendency to dislike people who they think are bad for them. When one sees the common problems between themselves and other people, they will naturally become more sympathetic. This increased compassion will make an individual less likely to dehumanize people they consider "the enemy."

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