Scorpio: The Personal Planets in Leo

Scorpios who have Leo planets are natural-born leaders. Leo is ruled by the sun, a symbol of authority and status. Leo is prideful, vain, flamboyant, theatrical, and exhibitionistic. Scorpios with Leo planets are socially magnetic: they can make friends easily, but keeping them might be another story.

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Scorpio Sun/Leo Moon

Leo's moons are romantic and passionate. They are incredibly independent but may also be somewhat vain. Leo moons enjoy feeling loved and appreciated for who they are but will not tolerate someone telling them what to do. Leo moon often has an intense need for independence, or else they feel smothered. Scorpio's with Leo moon is a little more extroverted and expressive. It is common for Scorpio with Leo moon to take leadership roles at work, school, and within their social circle.


Scorpio Sun/Leo Mercury

Those born with Leo in Mercury are Scorpios who have an innate intellectual drive, often demonstrated by outwitting and outperforming others. Leo Mercury is the Scorpio who is an expert in speaking with eloquence and can command any discussion forum without effort. Leo mercury tends to be inspired and fascinated with influential people or their status symbols, making them quite magnetic personalities. Leo Mercury finds themselves naturally involved in groups that share common interests. Leo mercury loves helping others "better" themselves by teaching them new skills or making accessible opportunities. Leo Mercury tends to associate with individuals who can help this ambitious personality achieve what they desire most: Recognition for significant contributions made through superior communication skills (verbally).

Scorpio Sun/ Leo Venus

Those born with Leo in Venus are Scorpios who are focused on self-respect and being well-liked. Leo Venus is the Scorpio who is very affectionate, but not in a way that can be mistaken for weak. Leo Venus has an infectious charisma that naturally draws others to them and rarely repels anyone. Leo Venus genuinely enjoys the company of others. Leo Venus loves dressing up, choosing only quality brands that reflect well on their personality as a whole. Leo Venus can captivate those they meet by seducing them with their captivating presence or magnetic aura. Leo Venus has an innate sex appeal that makes them feel powerful when they know that so many desire their affections. The Leo Venus prefers to be desired by both genders, which is why they tend to create opportunities for attention.

Scorpio Sun with Leo Mars

Scorpio Sun/Leo Mars

Those born with Leo in Mars are the Scorpios who want to be noticed for their artistry or creative ability. These Scorpios use their creativity to get attention, and their Leo Mars will make that energy look good. Scorpios with Leo in Mars have a natural dignity about them, they're casually graceful, and they're often very passionate. You'll see a Scorpio who is always handy to have around; their energy and enthusiasm will be apparent every time they make an appearance. Leo in Mars are Scorpios that often overdo things on purpose so that they get noticed.

Scorpios born with Leo in Mars love to have fun and do things that capture attention. They want to leave a lasting impression on whatever situation or group of people they're interacting with. Scorpio Leo Mars signs are very loud about how much pleasure they take from life; this means it's easy for them to get caught up enjoying themselves too much.

These Leo Mars are the ones you see at parties enforcing social norms with jokes and flattery, but they're also likely to be telling stories that have some subversive meaning behind them. This makes Leo in Mars feel like attention-seekers to anyone who doesn't know how Leo's energy works.

Leo in Mars situations often is the Scorpio who feel like they must take risks to feel alive and loved. Leo is the sign of creative self-expression, but it also carries a sense of showmanship that can make them prone to attention-seeking behavior.

Scorpio Sun/ Leo Rising

Scorpios with Leo rising share Leo's passion for life. Leo is a sign that is connected to power, and Scorpios are drawn towards those who hold power. Leo is also a very social sign, and Scorpios, with Leo rising, feel comfortable in large groups or center stage. 

Scorpio with Leo Ascendants will naturally gravitate to people who share their love of drama, creative endeavors. They also gravitate towards people who share their love of social interaction and entertainment. Leo is a flamboyant sign, and Scorpios, with Leo rising, revel in the attention they receive. Leo is also a very creative sign, and Scorpios, with Leo rising, will consistently engage in self-expressive art forms. 


Scorpios with any Leo planet are naturally in tune with Leo energies. Leo is a social sign, and if you're a Scorpio with Leo planets, those energies will be amplified for you. Leo is the sign of creative self-expression, but it also carries a sense of showmanship that can make them prone to attention-seeking behavior. Leo is a sign that believes the creative effort must always be rewarded, and Leo can't handle it when it's not. Leo is also an aggressive sign, so Scorpios with Leo in their personal planets will find themselves in power struggles more than other Scorpio sun signs. Underneath Leo's bravado, they are sensitive to other's unkind criticism (Scorpios have big egos). Leo wants to feel like they're being valued for their creativity and uniqueness; this need tends to come from a place of insecurity.

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