Scorpio: The Personal Planets in Cancer

Cancer in the Personal Planets

The sign of Scorpio is said to represent loyalty and protection – especially for those closest to them. And while some people might think this sounds clingy or suffocating, what these loners want is simply a connection safe enough to open up and share themselves fully without fear of judgment or rejection from others. In fact, the idea of rejection or abandonment is one where Scorpio and Cancer have something in common – they both are very much attached to their emotions and need a sense of security, acceptance, and belonging. This article will explore how Scorpio and Cancer energies are best understood as a whole rather than its two separate signs, how they work in tandem to fulfill each other's emotional needs, and how they effectively connect with others.

Scorpio with Cancer Moon

Scorpios with Cancer Moons are often deep and complex individuals, preferring to keep their thoughts and emotions hidden from others. They are quite intuitive and can sense the emotions & motivations of others. They crave acceptance and approval from others which helps them feel like they belong in a family or to a specific group of friends. This feeling will always be present regardless of what situation they find themselves in – Scorpio Cancer Moons crave emotional stability and security.

Scorpios with Cancer Moons will also often have a difficult time expressing themselves verbally; this may lead to anger at times as they cannot properly communicate their feelings. However, if the people around them take the time to really listen, Scorpios with Cancer Moons will open up more and share their thoughts, feelings, and desires openly.

Scorpio with Cancer Mercury

Scorpios with Cancer Mercury may be considered the most introverted of all Scorpio-Cancer mixes. To maintain a sense of balance and understanding, they generally avoid social situations and prefer to take their time examining and evaluating everything before coming to conclusions. 


The great thing about Scorpios with Cancer Mercury is their analytical ability. They are curious and are always asking questions. Their ability to research and find answers is something that makes them a pleasure to be around. They are not afraid to get under the shell of someone and begin exploring all their insecurities. Their intellect is something that they adore about themselves, and they are constantly improving and learning more. The downside to them being so analytical is that sometimes they can overanalyze a person's actions just for the sake of trying to figure them out, which can alienate them from the people they are trying to befriend.

Scorpio with Cancer Venus

Scorpios with Cancer Venus are people who have an extreme need to have their emotions validated. Scorpios with Cancer Venus love to feel the warmth of affection, and they want others close by who will commit emotionally to them. Scorpios with Cancer Venus also crave stability and routine in their lives because they value consistency. They're likely to be very sensitive, emotional, nurturing, and loyal. They want to be involved in all aspects of shared life and will not settle for less than what they want emotionally. These qualities, along with their vulnerability, make it difficult for them to deal with disappointments.

Scorpios with Cancer Venus are often attracted to people who do not expect them to be as strong or committed as they really are. They need partners who will support and complement their deep emotional side and give them the space for privacy when they need it. If these needs aren't met, Scorpio can become resentful and withdrawn emotionally. Although they aren't likely to show it and are very in control of their emotions.

Scorpio with a Cancer Venus is very sensitive to what others think about them. They love validation but will occasionally put on a stone-cold exterior if they feel like you're getting too close emotionally or becoming too clingy. Scorpios with Cancer Venus will also put on a facade or mask if they feel like you're not putting in the same amount of emotional effort as they are. They want to be respected and treated with dignity, but they won't take advantage of anyone even if it hurts their feelings.

Scorpios with Cancer Venus are idealistic about relationships and love affairs. They can become very controlling, jealous, and possessive of their partners. This can sometimes be overwhelming for the person because this overprotectiveness makes it challenging to let them have any time apart.

Scorpio with Cancer Mars

Scorpios with Cancer Mars are likely to be sensitive and guarded. They may seem like they are standoffish, but in reality, they are just trying to get their bearings before opening up to people. It's almost as if they are walking on eggshells around others, but once they figure out the proper way to communicate with someone, they will be more open with them and share their thoughts.

The Scorpios with Cancer Mars must also throw caution to the wind because often, they will overthink themselves into a corner and become afraid of putting themselves out there. The people who want emotional fulfillment from Scorpios with Cancer Mars must remember that it is a two-way street, and their input is needed for this partnership to thrive. These people need their loved ones to be completely honest with them.

Scorpio with Cancer Rising

The Scorpios with Cancer Ascendant often have a difficult time determining the true self. They can be incredibly insecure when it comes to relationships and their emotional needs. They may try to show themselves as being someone they are not to get people on their side. This is usually due to past hurts and pains committed by loved ones. 

They thrive when they are stable and secure with themselves. Generally, they will be shy at first and give mixed reactions out in a dating scene, but once they decide that someone has proven themselves, they are incredibly loyal and loving partners. They will focus on the security of a few people in their life rather than jumping from relationship to relationship.


Cancer is the sign that Scorpio has to conquer to find peace and emotional fulfillment. This can be difficult as Cancer can increase the influence of insecurity, jealousy, clinginess, and possessiveness while conflicting with Scorpios' need for independence and guardedness. If one can overcome these obstacles, the Scorpio/Cancer will not only find their true self but be able to share it with others. They have to overcome the fear of being vulnerable, but once they do, they will have a deep understanding of their loved ones and be able to support them with unconditional love.



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