Scorpio: The Personal Planets in Aries

Aries Planets

It has been said that "knowledge is power." This statement rings true in the world of astrology, where a person's zodiac sign and the placement of their personal planets are essential to understanding their personality traits and behaviors. The position of these planets at birth determines many things about how a Scorpio will act and what they need from others. For example, those with Mercury in Aries will often be more competitive than those with Mercury in Taurus, while those with Venus in Sagittarius will be drawn to different types of people than those with Venus in Virgo. Astrology helps us understand our own needs and the needs of others we interact with daily. Today's focus will be on how each one of the personal planets behaves in the sign of Aries and how they influence sun sign Scorpios.

Scorpio Sun/ Aries Moon

Scorpios with an Aries moon are often very driven and motivated, but they struggle in relationships. They don't need to have a lot of people around them, but when they find the right person, they will invest all of their time into the relationship. They also have a fair amount of patience when it comes to romantic partners. Scorpios need security and emotional stability from their partners to help balance them. It's important that partners aren't controlling or jealous but instead are patient and understanding. They will frequently be flirty and even promiscuous at times. They enjoy sex but struggle with emotional intimacy. 

Scorpios with this placement learn the lesson of balance, most specifically emotional stability versus their drive to achieve goals. They can be a supportive partner who listens to the concerns and fears of others and helps to solve problems and find security. This type of Scorpio has a higher sex drive than the average Scorpio, but it can also be more difficult for them in terms of commitment. The Aries moon makes them compatible with those who have Taurus suns because they are equally motivated by stability, comfort, and financial success.

Scorpio Sun/ Aries Mercury

Those with an Aries Mercury will see things in a black and white way and have enhanced problem-solving abilities. They can quickly pick up on details and facts, which frees up their thought process to do other activities. When Scorpios have Aries Mercury, they excel at public speaking, analysis, and reasoning. Those who have a Scorpio Sun with Mercury in Aries at their time of birth tend to be very competitive and aggressive in nature. They are big risk-takers but will experience a great deal of personal insecurity. Aries in Mercury people are very independent and don't like to take direction from others. They can be judgmental, impatient with small details, and prone to outbursts of anger when things don't go the way they want them to. 

The lessons of Aries in Mercury are to learn patience, tact, and diplomacy. If a person with Aries in Mercury feels insecure, they should be careful in how they communicate their feelings. They have an excellent chance of success if they can develop a more sensitive side and practice being flexible on occasion.

They are successful as bookkeepers, accountants, researchers, business owners, or any career that includes being on stage and public relations. They are best suited in a career that allows them to express their energy, act impulsively, and move quickly with unlimited opportunities for success.

Scorpio Sun/ Aries Venus

The Scorpios with Aries in Venus may be very demonstrative and feel very entitled to touch and affection. The Scorpio can also be secretive and may not show their feelings. This will depend on the individual characteristics and how confident they are with themselves. Love is a two-way street for Scorpio with Aries in Venus; they crave intimacy as much as being loved.

The main issue is that they may not know how to express their own needs. They are very selfless in relationships and will strive to make it work. Venus in Aries will try to please their lover but are extremely passionate and can be very jealous. They may find themself unable to commit to a relationship if they do not feel like the other person is on the same page emotionally. They are prone to one-night stands when they get stressed out or need an ego boost.

Scorpio Sun/ Aries Mars

The energies of Mars in Aries combined with the Scorpio Sun signs desire to achieve goals makes the individual more aggressive than most Scorpio's. This person is ambitious and assertive, often leading to a desire to control others. People with this combination are deemed "Terrors" by others because of their fiery nature and passion for achieving personal goals at whatever cost. These people are known to have fiery temper and can quickly become violent if provoked. They are likely to be involved in fights or other physical altercations due to their fierce determination to reach goals, usually at the expense of others.

Aries in Mars people have a strong desire to be noticed and appreciated for their hard work, talents, or ideas. They want the world to know how special they really are! However, these individuals tend to exaggerate their own abilities to get praise or attention.

Scorpio Sun/ Aries Rising

Scorpios with Aries Rising are self-sufficient, action-oriented, and have a strong sense of personal power. With this Scorpio Sun/Aries Rising person, you can expect to find them taking on large-scale projects - they will work hard for their success, which is often in the form of tangible products. These people are likely to be ambitious and competitive, but not necessarily in the pursuit of individual recognition - they prefer more to be recognized for achieving a goal with a group. The "Scorpio" part of this zodiac sign is characterized by intensity and passion for personal desires; Scorpios with "Aries" rising are often so absorbed in their own interests that they may neglect other people's interests or feelings. On the other hand, they can be very passionate about working for a cause with people who share their beliefs and ideals.

Scorpio Sun/Aries Rising people tend to be fun-loving and spontaneous, but they can also be quick-to-anger. They are always up for getting things started in a new project or creative endeavor, and they prefer action over talking about it - which often means that their projects have the element of surprise when they are unveiled. One thing is for sure - they get things done, and they enjoy the rewards of success. This is a strong placement for entrepreneurial types.


The Scorpio and the Aries are two powerful, fiery signs that can blend together to create a very passionate personality. The intensity of the Scorpios desire combined with the action-oriented nature of an Aries often means that these people get things done. These types enjoy working on large-scale projects where they have freedom but also safety in numbers - this is typically seen when working for themselves or for a cause rather than alone. As we've said before, though, it's important not to neglect other people's feelings if you're going all-in on your passions; even then, there will be times when being too absorbed in one project may lead to angering others who don't understand why you're so invested. This dynamic sign combination thrives off of actions rather than words.


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