Scorpio in The Personal Planets

This is a pic for Scorpio Personal Planets. The planet in this photo is pluto

Scorpio Overview

Scorpio is a fixed water sign and is ruled by Pluto, with Mars being its co-ruler. The fixed quality of Scorpio creates a water sign that is prone to extremes such as excessive emotion and intensity. The water element is feelings and emotions, so feelings are always in play for stubborn Scorpio. The Scorpio is a very resourceful sign, using its energies to become creative and powerful. The positive side of the sign's fixed quality allows for stability and patience when in balance. However, when the negative aspect of fixedness becomes involved, rigidity or being stuck in patterns can become a problem. Scorpios learn through the intensity of their feelings and emotions. Strongly motivated to discover truth, they are willing to go through whatever it takes.

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Moon

Scorpios with the Moon in Scorpio find emotional fulfillment in things that they can understand and control. They feel more comfortable when they know exactly what is expected of them; therefore, there are few surprises. The Moon represents a person's emotional makeup, so when in Scorpio, it will express itself in a very intense but passionate way. The Moon also represents the emotional habits of people, which is why when influenced by Scorpio, it will create an inner struggle between what you actually want and what is expected of you.

Doubled fixed signs indicate stubbornness and difficulty with change. This means that they are likely to stay in harmful patterns longer than necessary because they are resistant to change. Scorpio Moon tend to over emotionalize situations and can be stubborn about how they want something done. They hold grudges for a very long time because they replay every detail of the event over and over again in their minds.

Letting go of the past is and understanding the pain it wrought i an important lesson one learns with this placement. Reflecting on this pain can create great understanding, which is a necessary aspect of the healing process.

Mercury, Venus. Mars, The Moon

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Mercury

Scorpios with Mercury in Scorpio find fulfillment in discovering the truth. They feel more comfortable when they can figure out what someone else is thinking or doing. Their minds are constantly calculating and figuring out possibilities. They like to be one step ahead in their thinking so that they can prevent heartache or loss. Scorpios with this placement share information straightforwardly but can be overbearing when it comes to knowing other people's business.

Scorpios with Mercury in Scorpio value emotional intelligence. They are often knowledgeable people but may be prone to over-explaining situations because they want others to understand the emotions behind their actions. These Scorpios perceive and process the world in a very acute way, making it hard for you to ignore hanging questions and suspicions. Scorpio Mercury types love digging for information, which can lead to a very overactive imagination. On the flipside, they can be very analytical, which makes them effective in certain situations. 

The positive qualities of Scorpio Mercury include mental acuity, resourcefulness, and the ability to take action. On the flip side, these qualities can be destructive if there is a lack of clarity and self-awareness. Scorpio Mercury's focus on solving problems can create an inability to enjoy life in the moment, which can cause them to miss out on the joy of living.

One of the most challenging lessons for this placement is learning to trust their instincts. They can be very skeptical, which makes them ineffective if they cannot take action on their intuitive hunches. This placement needs to learn not to over-analyze situations or run the risk of creating problems out of thin air.

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Venus

Scorpios with Venus in Scorpio value intense and meaningful relationships.. When Venus is in Scorpio, it creates an intense need for closeness. The negative aspect of this placement is that they can become over-possessive. This side of Venus in Scorpio relates to the jealous lover, which can show up as a defense mechanism for past hurts. The lesson for this placement is to learn how to ease their need for control and independence. 

Venus represents our value system and what we find beautiful. When Venus is in Scorpio, it creates a very passionate person who values depth over shallowness. They enjoy intense physical relationships, but these types of feelings also carry into other areas of life, such as friendships or business deals. The challenge with this placement is learning how to go from passion to long-term commitments.


Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Mars

Scorpio with Mars in Scorpio is motivated and impassioned by the passionate pursuit of a goal. These Scorpios are highly competitive, logical, and determined to see their plans through to completion. There is determination and persistence in all actions taken by these people because they don't stop until they reach the desired outcome. They have intense sexual desires that can sometimes be aggressive, but they are successful when they channel it into passion for their work or goals. Communicating with them may prove to be a challenge because of how they're blunt they can be. It can come off harsh or offensive. For Scorpios with Mars in Scorpio, what matters most is the message rather than the delivery, and it is this stubborn attitude that can stagnate them.

 The positive aspects of Scorpio in Mars include an intense, magnetic personality with an individualistic streak. People who have Scorpio Mars radiate a certain magnetism and charisma that is unmistakable. These people are excellent leaders as they rely on their gut instincts for the right path to take in any given situation. They are very passionate about what they do and don't like, and it's easy to tell when something doesn't sit well with them or when someone has wronged them. It can be hard to predict these types of reactions because you never know how far Scorpio will go until you cross the line.

The negative aspects of Scorpio in Mars include anger issues combined with emotional volatility, which leads to some pretty explosive outbursts on occasion.

A challenging lesson that Scorpios can learn from this placement is to balance the extremes. It can be easy for them to get caught up in their emotions, but they are at their best when using this passion and zeal to ignite action. This can be applied professionally or in personal relationships.

Scorpio Sun/ Scorpio Rising

The first impression you may get of a Scorpio with Scorpio Rising is that of a mysterious, strong-willed person who is hard to read. This is due to the innate sense of strength and power they give off, making them appear more in control than they are.

Scorpio Rising people may not always express their emotional state openly; however, when they leave their emotions bottled up inside, the explosion could be detrimental to relationships.

Being a "double Scorpio" in this regard means that the projected emotions can be potent. They have an intensity that will either win people over or make them recoil in terror.

The lesson for this placement is to recognize how strength strong they are and gain an appreciation for it. Scorpios with Scorpio Rising may find themselves more inclined to harness those powers for more positive outcomes by accepting what they are capable of.


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