A Brief Explanation: Scorpio Moon

To understand Scorpio Moons, one must first understand what the moon represents. The moon represents our emotions, which include emotional triggers and the things that make one feel emotionally secure. In esoteric astrology, it describes our past and our childhood. By checking your natal chart, you can glean insight into one's childhood or discover repressed events from the past that may be manifesting itself today in challenging ways. The moon is considered a luminary and moves into a different sign every two or two and a half days.

Scorpio Moons are extremely sensitive to their environment and intuitive. In early life, a Scorpio Moon may find themselves taking a lot of things personally. They may also learn to develop an apathetic attitude towards what they deem to be "bullshit." Scorpios Moons gravitate towards those who listen to understand them and those who can empathize with their perspective. It is because of the constant stimulation of feeling, mixed with high expectations that they set for themselves that they find themselves moody and prone to extreme behavior. Both Scorpio & the moon (which rules Cancer) are both feminine energy. Remember, feminine energy is introverted and guides us to explore our inner strengths and weaknesses. A Scorpio Moon will be much more sensitive to the negativity around them. If they do not learn how to express themselves constructively, they will find themselves lashing out from their suppressed emotions.

Scorpio Moons enjoy people who can go into depth about their interests. They love to learn and inform the uninformed about the conspiracies occurring right under their very noses. Scorpio Moons are incredibly passionate. They indulge in their interests with the intent to be the change they wish to see in the world.

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