2020 Retrograde Mercury: Scorpio

February 16 – March 9
Pisces to Aquarius on 5th of March
Retrograde Mercury changes how people communicate, learn and exchange information.
  • Advised not to rush forward with the usual activities of the planet that goes retrograde
  • It is advised not to reach any agreements and not to sign any contracts
  • Chances are, once the retrograde period is over, you will very different plans and ideas, and something that seems important during this period might become totally irrelevant a little bit later

Support from others

Retrograde Mercury brings new shifts in perspectives that challenge our resolve. One thing about Scorpio is when we share new ideas with others, we expect them to receive the information enthusiastically. Scorpio's fierce loyalty leads them to support others in their endeavors, no matter how crazy it sounds. Pornstar? Scorpio is the cameraman. Blogger? Scorpio will buy you the laptop. So naturally, Scorpio expects others to reciprocate that supportive energy. However, it isn't hard to recognize when someone isn't on board with the vision, especially people Scorpio call family. If Scorpios get the urge to share their dreams, prepare to be challenged and don't take it personally. Don't cling to all the times you supported those people you called family when they don't reciprocate it, not yet. Continue to work on your purpose and prepare to be your biggest fan.

Allow haters to fuel your passion

The lesson is learning to rely less on the opinion of others while strengthening the perspective you have of yourself, this leads the type of confidence that allows you to express your ideas clearly and firm, adding an extra layer of credibility to whatever plan you create. You can discern who's supportive, and who's not. Still, this will have an effect on you emotionally because of the sudden shift in the way you perceive these people based on their responses. During this period, it will become abundantly clear to your haters are. When you spot them, be vigilant of your emotions and try not to respond drastically, at least until Mercury goes back direct