Why are Scorpios so...

"Scorpios are crazy!" A common accusation, particularly from Gemini. As complex as Scorpio appears, nothing matches the complexity of Gemini, at least from Scorpio's perspective. But that's a whole other conversation. I've decided to create a quick guide for Geminis and other inquiring minds to assist in figuring out Scorpio energy.

Reciprocate Support

Scorpios expect reciprocity. They don't ask it, and they don't demand it, they EXPECT it. This is a silent test of character. You either pass or fail. Either you're a genuine, EMPATHIC, individual, or you're the covert selfish, friendly type. Simple, so make sure you're consistent in character, and that it reflects in your actions because if Scorpio can initiate support, they will take it twice as hard when it isn't returned.
Scorpios won't admit it openly, but they crave support from those they love. Comfort is something proven with action. It is spontaneous, genuine, and honest. Scorpios don't need to hear, "I told you so's," that will only convert your face into fuel. A fuel that they will use to fuel their passions and shit on you every chance they get.

Me Time!

Scorpios need space, and It's not always you, relax. Scorpios need time to recollect, analyze, process experiences. Passionate rants (Water/Air) are them processing the information out loud. Scorpio is attracted to the ones who listen with open hearts. The ones who take things too personally should seek elsewhere for love or friendship.

Let Go or Fuel Flames?

Scorpio's analytical mind is always searching for the meaning behind the action. It's a filter that is refined sharper based on the individual's experiences, environment, and personal behavioral patterns. Ever felt utterly betrayed? Sure, you have. Imagine that betrayal replaying every day, while you eat, while you walk, while you sleep. Blending with society becomes effortless, but the strain of defeat haunts Scorpio. Not everything has to be so deep. Are you prepared to enable your Scorpio, or do you assist them with letting go of their baggage?

Listen & Reflect

There are many layers to Scorpio, but exploring them is well worth the effort. Water is reflective, and a lot of their expression derives from lessons that they've learned in the past. These lessons can be triggers for passionate rants; conversations where ideas for their visions are expressed. The best fit for Scorpio is someone who helps them to solidify this vision and aids them in creating steps to manifest it.

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