Scorpio and The Shallow: How Scorpios Understand Shallow People

A Scorpio's Depth

Scorpios are known for their depth. They are water signs and are often associated with either ice water or the ocean. Icewater represents a Scorpio's coldness, either from being hurt often or deeply. The ocean represents the depth of Scorpio's emotion, which enables them to love and express themselves passionately.

There are many things that Scorpios are known for. Still, when it comes to understanding the meaning behind action, choice, and words, turn to a Scorpio to decipher the meaning behind that boyfriend's actions or that girlfriends cryptic texting patterns. Scorpios are even talented at picking up nonverbal forms of communication and reading between the lines. Scorpio's desire for truth compels them to analyze the world around them and piece together synchronicities and patterns and then apply meaning to them.

Red flags of a shallow person

Scorpio is a sign of extremes, so it's no surprise that they have a low tolerance for shallow people. Shallow souls enjoy attention, and they do anything they can to get more of it. They are clout chasers who will often spread empty words coated in charm and interest to compel others to do their bidding. Shallow people aren't great listeners. They are the type to speak over you and cut you off in the middle of a sentence. Shallow people listen to respond and not understand (Libras do this quite often).

Can a shallow person change?

Unfortunately, for a shallow person to transition into a more profound person, they must first realize that they are superficial. The first step begins with realization. After that, seeking feedback from close friends can provide a useful foundation for broadening one's perspective of self. There is nothing wrong with being beautiful and self-aware, but when you use it to judge others or elevate yourself higher than those around you, that's when it becomes a problem.

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