Poisonous Passion: Exploring Toxic relationships with Scorpio


Scorpios aren't too popular in the "Pop" astrology world, especially in the romance department. The most strident haters are usually those who have had unsuccessful relationships with Scorpios or Scorpio dominant people. According to a fun little Buzzfeed poll, Scorpios are the least favorite out of all the water signs and the second least favorite out of all the zodiac signs (the first being Gemini). Despite being among the least liked, another poll on the same site reveals Scorpios to be THE favorite sign to sleep with, leading the pack by a large margin. How are Scorpios among the least favorite zodiac signs, and yet everyone's preferred choice for a copulation session? While Scorpios are famous for being toxic in romantic relationships, Scorpios aren't as toxic as everyone (who breaks up with them) makes them out to be. As usual, Scorpios are misunderstood.

Like anyone else, Scorpios are attracted to qualities that counter their dominant tendencies and people who have strengths, they feel they lack. Basically, opposites attract, and when they split, the only good rating Scorpio receive is the 5-stars in the sex category.

Why is that?

Toxic relationships & Scorpios

A toxic relationship is defined by communication and psychology expert Dr. Lillian Glass, as "any relationship [between people who] don't support each other, where there's conflict, and one seeks to undermine the other, where there's competition, where there's disrespect and a lack of cohesiveness."

Within pop astrology, Leos are generally considered to be the most toxic sign for Scorpios. Once the magic of infatuation fades, both parties become comfortable with one another, allowing for conflicts that cause miscommunication and tension.

Scorpios are magnetic and emit independence. They can mingle with others when it's time, but regularly needs time alone to recharge. Scorpios can't help but come across somewhat distant, which some find unfriendly, and others find mysterious. Leo starts off drawn to the mystery, power, and/or influence of Scorpio. In turn, Scorpio is enticed by the power and confidence of Leo, and the leadership and authority cooly exude. However, after the infatuation wave is over, the veil is lifted on the other, personalities clash, and the real work begins.

 Leo's need for attention can become claustrophobic for Scorpio, causing Scorpio to become bored, and lose the same passion for them that seduced Leo in the first place. Leo's lack of attention mixed with their flirtatious (or friendly nature) will quickly arouse jealousy from Scorpio. Weaning attention away from a Scorpio is like weaning a baby off of a titty.

Despite their demeanor, Scorpios believe in true love, letting it go is like giving up and Scorpios are too stubborn for that. Betrayal is the quickest and most permanent way for a Scorpio to end communication with a person, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. If friction continues to build, a strong inclination to seek attention elsewhere may develop. 

(random fun fact: According to an Instagram story poll by @thescorpiogang Leo was found to be more likely to cheat over Scorpio in 2018),

One never knows with Leo or Scorpio (unless you checked their entire natal chart). Some couples get the hint and split forever after the first break up, most find themselves back continuing in a weird cycle of passion and jealousy. 

Opposites can be beneficial

Two signs in opposition, or the opposite of each other, are referred to as polarity or the "complementary opposite." Scorpio's polar sign is Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, while Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Water and Earth complement each other. When Scorpio becomes extreme in their ideas or action, Taurus grounds them to reality. The calculated, contemplative, and dependable earth signs complement water signs, emotional, sensitive, and intuitive nature. However, Scorpios need for control, and Taurus's stubborn resistance will bring out the worst in each other, from time to time. An open ear and willingness to compromise are crucial to keeping the flame alive between these opposites because stubbornness and control are destined to fizzle it out.

Why is it difficult for Scorpio to let go of toxic relationships?

Scorpio's darker traits become more prominent, the more unbalanced the individual Scorpio is. Passion becomes obsessive, routine becomes comfortable, and Scorpio becomes complacent. Scorpios do not open up and allow others to connect with them on a deep level, but when they do, they are joined for life, whether both parties are aware of it or not. Scorpio's commitment to their intense connections can cloud their logic while also kindling vain optimism that a consistently turbulent relationship will change. Yet Scorpio may do little to work toward this change...procrastinating or isolating themselves from others, the longer the friction continues. Scorpio must control their pride if they seek to see the change they want from others. When Scorpios hit lows in their love life, it's like the sunshine is gone. The skies are gray, brooding increases, and the moodiness is felt by those around them. Having someone to confine is one of the best ways to coax Scorpio out of these states. Just shut up and let them vent for a few days.

When negative moments begin to outweigh positive ones, and the relationship is consistently unpleasant and draining, it's time to call a spade a spade. The association has become toxic, and it is time to leave.



I’m just a piece of shit looking for the right woman to love open minded fun energetic and good in the sack. I don’t need One to mother me. I need a little bit of freedom but I also need a partner and a best friend.


I’m a Taurus Moon in Love with an abusive/toxic/ narcissistic Scorpio Man. I’ve walked away and i’m trying my hardest to let him go, but my heart won’t let me forget him or unlove him. It’s true that it feels like the Sunshine is gone… But i’m determined that this separation is for the best.


I am in love with a scorpio man and its toxic. Its true when they say the sex is amazing but us it worth all the trouble? I think its time to let go but ill never love again and will never forget him in my heart. 💔

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