Esoteric Scorpio: Challenges


Esoteric astrology deals with the spiritual aspect of astrology versus the psychological aspect. By exploring esoteric astrology you can glean insight into your purpose, life challenges, & more. The map of your life can be pieced together by understanding what each piece of the whole represents, with the aid of your natal chart of course.

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Scorpio will benefit from focusing on three key elements with regard for their spiritual growth:

  • Balance emotions by tempering extreme nature
  • Identify individual NEEDS
  • Becoming self-aware of how one conducts themselves.


Emotion: Rule them or be Ruled by them

By now, you are familiar with the traits that make up Scorpio. Highly sensitive, intuitive, and passionate. However, these gifts that come naturally to Scorpio serve a purpose. Spirit uses them as tools of growth and, when mastered, become tools of manifestation. You are always manifesting. However, the question is, are you manifesting consciously or unconsciously? One of the ways astrology can be used is as a tool to discover your gifts and figure out how best you can use them to create consciously. 

Scorpio is a soldier in the world of feelings. Their gift to the world is their passion, and it's through passion that they access the realm of emotion and penetrate into its depths. This incarnation will be marked by dispassion: the ability to be sensitive but not dependent. This brings balance to Scorpio's tendency to fall prey to strong feelings that can express themselves destructively. Simply put, Scorpios will consistently experience events that will test them to either rule over their feelings or be ruled by them.

Reflection = Self Awareness

People with strong Scorpio influence in their natal chart will find difficulty getting their relationships to work until they come into a better understanding of their own feelings. If Scorpio isn't familiar with their individual needs, they risk compensating them for other wishes and desires that lack fulfillment. Yet another avenue towards depression and destructive behavior that seeks to fill a void. Even when Scorpio feels deserted and in need of human affection, they tend to turn to forms of escapism as a means to fill the emptiness they feel, and this can include overeating, drinking, smoking, or other mind-altering drugs.

Are you beginning to see the pattern here? Scorpios swear by not needing anyone but themselves, a shield used to deter traitors and those who deal in deceit, but upon reflection, the truth is closer to the opposite. When Scorpios remove something or someone from their life, if they aren't equipped to deal with the pain, they WILL fill the void in other ways. The goal here is to fill the void in productive and healthy habits, yet that doesn't sound nearly as appealing as drinking the pain away or getting fellatio now does it? However, the goal of this article is to help you identify your void so that you don't continue to fill it in harmful ways.

Walk it like I talk it

Scorpio is also highly influential, and thus life conspires to test them on how they influence others. To influences others in a positive manner, you need to be a good model yourself. Scorpio should be reflecting upon if they are good examples to others or do if they just rattle off theories? Are they practicing what they are preaching or just preaching? Scorpio needs to be self-aware of their actions. When people catch on that Scorpios don't "walk it like they talk it," they will begin to hold Scorpio in contempt rather than appreciation, something Scorpio will pick up on immediately.


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