3 Ways to Avoid Getting Stung by Scorpio



When you tell someone you are a Scorpio, you are probably met with a gasp or some exaggerated response. However, it is usually by people who have been hurt, burned, or have been a victim of revenge. They probably failed to acknowledge their own wrongdoing and instead choose to play the blame game with Scorpio. The people who take the time out to understand the many ways Scorpio feel are usually rewarded with a life long friend who is supportive, attentive, and readily available to assist with your pain


The Short-tempered Scorpio

When Scorpios snap, they SNAP. Few seem to notice the build-up until they are literally teeming with emotion. By then, it is too late to talk Scorpio out of any rash decisions. It is best to catch Scorpio as soon as you notice a hint of irritation or shift in mood. Scorpio responds well to attention, it is a simple action that shows you care. When you do something that they don't like, you may get a subtle warning that the action wasn't appreciated; after that, if it is repeated, this is a clear sign to them that you don't really give a shit how your actions affect them. Scorpio isn't one to play games with their emotions. If you don't take them seriously, they will not take you seriously. Personally, I have gotten to the point where if you repeat suspect behavior 3 times, I'm done with you, and I will dispose of you either by ignoring you or showing an extreme lack of interest. However, you might be dealing with a Scorpio who will completely spazz on you verbally until you feel exactly how they felt.


Here are 3 simple ways to avoid pissing off a Scorpio:

  • Be understanding and patient.

Scorpio responses better with others who are firm but patient with their emotions, if you are one to bicker and go back and forth, it's inevitable that you will hit a nerve. Once this happens, Scorpio will pull all your insecurities from that secret vault in their mind and air them out like dirty laundry. It's your own fault. Don't dish out what you can't take yourself.


  • Don't be a hypocrite

If you say you are going to do something...do it. There is nothing worse than a liar who pretends they don't lie. (Gemini are notorious for this). Scorpios tend to have an excellent memory, especially if that memory is connected to their emotions. So trying to amend a statement weeks after it left your lips will only place you at odds with your Scorpio friend or lover. Be honest, even if it is embarrassing to do so, it's okay if you forgot what you said. It is better to admit you forgot than trying to alter your word. It doesn't sit well with Scorpio, and your character will forever be tarnished in there eyes. If you are trying to win a Scorpios heart and you prove yourself to be a hypocrite, do not be surprised when you notice Scorpio weening themselves off of you. You probably deserve it.


  • Acknowledge when you're wrong

Scorpios are stubborn; it is true. Scorpios will never apologize for treating you the way you deserve to be treated. Scorpios seem to live by the golden rule that we all learned in elementary school. "Treat others the way you want to be treated" Very few question the actions that cause Scorpio to react in their traditional snappish way. If you were to explore the root, you might find that Scorpio always responds to what they perceive to be negativity in an extreme fashion. All of this negativity can be avoided by merely apologizing and admitting you were wrong. This may catch your Scorpio by surprise because few are capable of self-reflection. Try it. Even if it's an apology for something minor, you will find that Scorpio begins to calm down and open up about their personal triggers. Make sure to pay attention and do your best not to repeat the actions.

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