Scorpio & Gemini: A Scorpio's Perspective

Ahh yes, Scorpio and Gemini, the article I have been dreading. Many articles are floating around about the compatibility between Scorpio and Gemini. By now, it is common knowledge that Gemini and Scorpio do not mesh well. What is not so commonly understood is the reason behind their magnetic attraction in the first place. All over the world, thousands of Scorpios are in friendships, relationships, or situationships with a Gemini. However, ask a Scorpio about a Gemini, and one may get a wide range of responses, and the majority of them may not be pleasant. However, before we explore Gemini and Scorpio's relationship, we need to understand how these two zodiac signs operate alone.

What is a Gemini?

    Gemini is an air sign. The air element represents communication and connectivity and is naturally curious and analytical, always processing information. Gemini is also a mutable sign. Mutable signs are trendy and ever-changing and easily influenced by a person's vibe. What does one get when mixing a mutable sign with an air sign? A Gemini, the communicative, trendy, curious, fickle, and sensitive individual. What makes Gemini alluring is their easy-going demeanor, they are naturally friendly and always have something to chat about. For Scorpios, the more one speaks, the more information is gathered, analyzed, and used to piece together one's personality. Part of the allure between mutable and fixed signs is that mutable signs are chatty while fixed signs are a little more inclined to listen, (Leo is less inclined to listen out of all the fixed signs). Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intelligence, cleverness, and craftiness. So now that we have a rough picture of Gemini, next, we will quickly explore Scorpio.

What is a Scorpio? 

    Scorpio is a fixed water sign. The element of water represents the depth of emotions and sensitivity, which develops and sharpens intuition. Water signs are known to be moody, and Scorpio is no exception. What affects Scorpios mood is the quality of people around them, and the high expectations they have of themselves. It only takes one person to bring a Scorpio out of a funk. Someone who can shut up and listen intently (or at least act like it) will win a Scorpios friendship with ease. Scorpio expects everyone to have common sense when it comes to respecting, and they also expect others to treat them the way they would want to be treated. Scorpio is often disappointed by others due to the sometimes unrealistic expectations they place on others. When Scorpio is disappointed, they become cold and slightly distant until the respect is earned. Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto. Mars being the influencing the energy to create and destroy. Pluto represents transformation and rebirth. With this mind, it is no wonder why Scorpios are so quick to cut off a failing relationship. Scorpios love profoundly and look for meaning in everything, and this is our first clue on the dissent among Gemini and Scorpio. Now that we have a brief snapshot of both Gemini and Scorpio let us look at how these two energies interact with each other.

Do Scorpio & Gemini mix?

    Air and water do not mix well. However, air can be dissolved into water. Gemini and Scorpio's romantic relationship is contingent on who falls for who first. If a Gemini wants a Scorpio, a Gemini will get them with their charm and attentive nature. If Scorpio falls for Gemini first, we are in for a ride. Gemini loves to be chased, and Scorpio does not like to chase. Scorpio does not take matters of the heart as a game. When they find attraction in someone, they become consumed and possibly obsessed until the object of their desire is in their possession. Be careful Scorpio; if Gemini gets an inkling of this attraction, they will enjoy toying with Scorpio's emotions, regardless of if these feelings are mutual or not.

Another common gripe about Geminis is that they are not that known for being consistent with anything. Scorpio quickly finds that a lot of Geminis words are either fickle or somewhat exaggerated. How can Scorpio depend on someone who does not keep their word? Gemini's free-spirited nature can also become a problem. Gemini loves to mingle, and because they are so "friendly," it is often mistaken as flirtation by others, especially Scorpio, who will become jealous. Gemini is sensitive but not in the same way as Scorpio. Not saying that Gemini tends to victimize themselves, but if they are feeling like they are losing an argument or the constructive criticism is too harsh, expect those crocodile tears to flow.

How can we make this work?

To make this work, Gemini would need to make sure Scorpio is getting the attention that they need from them. Scorpio requires affection and individual attention. They do not expect someone to be clingy; however, since Gemini is the social type, they need to make sure that Scorpio, at least, feels that they are the most important thing to them. Gemini is also going to have to work on consistency; Scorpios do not like to catch others being hypocrites. If Scorpio continues to catch Gemini in hypocrisy, this will aid in driving a wedge between them. Do Geminis know that they are lying when they lie? Scorpio, who remembers everything, finds it frustrating how easy Gemini will double down on a lie. Be completely honest with Scorpio, and you will never have to experience the coldness of a disappointed Scorpio.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Scorpio and Gemini are not the best matches. Yes, the initial chemistry is fantastic, the sex: adventurous and wild, but in the long run, the love is prone to dissolve with each disagreement. Gemini, feeling constrained by Scorpios jealous and possessiveness, could seek short-lived freedom in another outside of the relationship. Scorpio, feeling a lack of attention and unappreciated, may do the same. Of course, no Gemini and Scorpio are the same, and the compatibility of the two is dependent upon the other placements in the natal chart, particularly the Moon and Venus placements. If you are a Scorpio with a Gemini or vice verse, I wish you good luck, your emotions, patience, and character will be tested, but the sex and undying love that you earn in return will be well worth the struggle.



I’m a scorpio female and I have to say this thing is quite accurate. I’ve known a Gemini man for 5 years and we’ve been on and off. Its basically a situationship and neither of us are trying to date the other. Everytime I convince myself he’s too toxic and I need to leave, I somehow always end up back to him. He just has the magnetizing energy that I love to be around and no one understands me sexually like he does. I’ve also never enjoyed flirting or sexual banter with anyone else. Gemini’s & Scorpio: Match made in (Heaven) Hell <3

teddy truthstein

I’m a scorp and every time I meet a Gemini female I simply know I own her. It’s as if I’m stuck on a log going down the rapids and a steep waterfall is coming up. But then, there she is ! Suddenly, I just instinctively know what to do. I have her laughing, bubbling like champagne and riveting her eyes to mine like a welder( and you know about us scorpio eyes). Suddenly the log has shifted to a safe place on the river bank and we’re laying side by side engaged in an intense personal conversation; one that I’m so surprised that she has no reservations about engaging in. Any woman who is so inclined to interact with me this way, finds me irresistibly magnetic and makes me feel so comfortable talking to her can only mean only one thing; She’s a Gemini — and it’s so every single time. Oh and by the way, I never go farther than flirtation with these wonderful Geminis. After all, I’m married to one for 38 (thirty eight ) years!!


I’m a Scorpio female who has a ‘situationship’ with a Gemini male who’s also my workmate. He has a girlfriend and he recently broke up with her and now he’s making me the one who caused their breakup. I like flirting with him but I don’t think we can have a serious relationship because I find him immature. When we’re at work we always banter but it appears like we’re so close and flirting to others.


Dated 2 geminies girls. it was always a road to hell. At first everything seemed like a perfect match after very very short period of time things got really crazy and both parties ended up dissapointed or hurt.

Ramona Ellis

I’m with a scorpio male I’m a gemini female we’ve been together four months and are getting married March 20th we’ve had our struggles and are trying to get past them we also but heads but I love him he is my everything.

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