Scorpio & Aries: How Water Becomes Steam

Aries + Scorpio = Steamy

Steam is commonly formed by boiling or evaporating water; this is similar to when Scorpio and Aries connect. An intense connection between two passionate individuals that quickly reaches it's peak and evaporates. But that's the generalized pessimistic view of Aries and Scorpio together. The truth is that Aries and Scorpio are two sides of the same coin. Mars rules both signs, being Scorpio's co-ruler, and they both reflect the qualities of the planet in different ways. Aries tend to lead from the front, physically and it's through their actions that they garner great respect or instill fear. They handle attention well and have no problem getting the attention they need or want from others.

Scorpio prefers to lead from behind the scenes, though often finding themselves in the front of the pack due to lack of or inadequate leadership. Scorpios recognize the influence others hold by observing and analyzing the world around them. They appear quiet and calculating when contemplating, which creates an air of mysteriousness for the casual onlooker. Scorpio's needs differ from Aries in ways that create conflict quickly, and because Scorpio tends to hold on to things, that conflict can drag on forever. Despite these differences, many Scorpios quickly find themselves passionately entangled with Aries and vice versa. The key to making any relationship last is understanding the partner. Depending on the chemistry, temperament, maturity levels, and various other factors, this can be either a problematic or seamless union. The purpose of this post is to explore the general needs of Aries with Scorpio to help your relationship last longer a little longer. However, if I were to break down every aspect of how Aries thinks and feels, I might as well write a book. So instead, I will focus on the emotional needs of Aries and how Scorpio can meet them. Make note that you can also apply this information to people with Aries Moons.

Emotional Needs of Aries

Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac, and they are known for being the first to take charge and forge toward a goal, most of the time without proper contemplation or planning. Leadership is an innate trait of most Aries, and most don't realize this. Those who do might realize early and quickly grow arrogant in their authority, leading to actions usually followed by a string of bad luck. To Scorpio, leadership is the power to influence people directly through respect or fear. When it's time to buckle down and focus on a goal, Aries can be brash when a team member lets them down, but it's this brashness or assertiveness that commands their fellow peers' respect. Scorpio, commonly plagued with thoughts of the past, is attracted by Aries's natural fearlessness and can be taken aback by Aries' brashness or passion. Identifying their needs and fulfilling them in healthy ways is an essential step for Aries in developing their inner confidence and managing their fiery temperament. Aries consciously or subconsciously look for the following when trying to fulfill their emotional needs:

  1. Success
  2. Self-Expression: Personal Freedom: Dominance
  3. Immediate Results
  4. Recognition
  5. Independence
  6. Appreciation

Kind of shallow, right? Just kidding... but on a serious note, these are some of the traits that Aries respond to when they see them in others. On a spiritual level, these are qualities they wish to embody in themselves; however, people tend to look or project these needs outside of themselves when living life from the physical. For Aries, this means they would need to look beneath the surface for qualities like success in others instead of taking them at face value. They can be leaders with no sense of direction, and Aries need to define their meaning of success or risk getting lost in others' dreams and ambitions, always feeling like a shell of themselves.

Slow Down: Let's Take It Slow

Aries are attracted to appearances and love a well put together person that radiates some of the qualities mentioned earlier (success, independence, and dominance), however because of their ability to obtain their immediate desires so quickly, they fall victim to false perceptions that others may project. Scorpio being naturally intuitive fills this nativity with contemplation. They offer different perspectives, that can allow for a more fluid accomplishment of a goal. Since Aries have a tendency to become excited and start things without thinking it through, they get bored easily and toss it. Scorpio can help Aries avoid beginning things too rashly, however, Aries is just as stubborn as Scorpio when it comes to listening to advice.

Trouble Communicating

The problem usually lies with how the information is being presented and not what is being said, and this goes for both signs. For Aries, information needs to be given logically and calmly, despite Aries temperament at the moment. Easier said than done for most Scorpio who also has a difficult time containing their passion, especially when frustrated by dealing with a stubborn hard head. However, they can get through to each other, Scorpio can thicken their skin a little and understand that Aries say what they feel just like Scorpio, and Aries can learn to exercise patience with Scorpio. Just like Aries, Scorpio does not want to be dominated by anyone outside of themselves. The only real string attached to the love they give is loyalty, and this easily is perceived as possessiveness to Aries, who needs to be free to express themselves at all times—being domesticated, for example, needs to feel like it was their choice.

Scorpio's Attention to Detail

Aries loves attention, especially when it's personalized and tailored especially for them. Scorpio, who is observant, knows exactly what Aries wants to hear by paying attention to the little things they wear or how much attention they give to their physical appearance (hair, nails, etc). These two signs communicate through body language and intuition, needing little words to understand each other. 

A Scorpio's Confidence

Scorpio needs to be confident and secure in themselves for this to work long term because Aries needs to feel free to be themselves. Scorpio cannot take every interaction Aries has with another as a threat to the bond they share. As powerful as Aries can be, Aries can be naive, do not assume Aries knows where to draw the line. Foot your foot down and discuss it. Patience doesn't mean allowing others to step over you. Aries respects Scorpio's silent authority and confidence, and even more a person who knows who they will be returning to at night. Scorpio's confidence and self-control inspires the same in Aries

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