Scorpio & Aquarius: A Passionate Rebellion

Do they mix?

The sun moves into the coldest time in winter as it travels through Aquarius. Ironically, Aquarius is probably one of the colder types of people when they're in a mood unleashing a sarcastic tongue that rivals Scorpio. Maybe that's part of Aquarius's appeal? The way they weave words together in their unique, quirky way can be quite charming. Their intelligence and innovative approach to projects and people are undoubtedly eye-catching. However, when comparing Aquarius and Scorpio for compatibility, these two could be harmonious, but ultimately these two aren't compatible. Water and Air don't mix, both are stubborn and cheeky, and each values attention and space differently.

Aquarius Technicalities

When it comes to love, Aquarius is very loyal and is always in a state of love. Even if their single someone they keep in their pocket for stints of romance or adventure, technically, it's harmless fun. Aquarius can live in a very "technical "world. Many mistake Aquarius for a water sign because of the glyph that symbolizes the Water Bearer. The symbol of the Water Bearer depicts a man pouring water from a jug into a larger body of water. The jar represents knowledge being shared, which is being poured in a larger body of water representing the greatest possible number of people. Sharing information is an air sign trait, and Aquarius is just as friendly as Gemini's and Libras, if not worse, but I speak subjectively.

Loyalty & Trust

To Scorpio, loyalty is synonymous with trust, and they keenly observe the actions of a prospect in various situations to determine if the person is worthy of friendship. True friendship from a Scorpio is difficult to obtain, they've been burned in the past, and the pain from each betrayal is etched in their hearts for life. Dramatic? Get used to it, life is poetry, and what is small to you may not be trivial to them. Scorpio's sensitivity is their greatest strength, as well as their greatest weakness. Sensitivity leads to vulnerability, and this is but one of many pathways to depression and isolation for Scorpio. Scorpio, of course, is represented by the Scorpion and is known for its quick venomous stinger and secretive nature.

The Annoyances

Like everything in life, dealing with an Aquarius requires work. Their arrogance with knowledge can come across as know-it-all-ish, which quickly becomes irritating for Scorpio, especially when while getting interrupted during an explanation of a concept or idea. Scorpio also gets irritated by having to share Aquarius with all of Aquarius's many friends. When Aquarius finally wants Scorpio to themselves, Scorpio wants to be alone to do whatever it is they wish to do, either it's out of revenge or bad timing. Scorpio doesn't mind eccentricity, as a matter of fact, it fascinates Scorpio, but the erratic emotions do not. Aquarius comes off as temperamental psycos who's sharp, witty tongue become like daggers to Scorpios heart, and they're thrown when least expected. You're crazy if you think Scorpio forgets little jabs like these, Scorpio will remember when the time is right and retaliate with a "remember when you...." speech. Doesn't this all sound like a headache you'd rather avoid?

The Long Haul

Unfortunately for Scorpio and Aquarius alike, they are hopeless romantics and sincere lovers, convincing these two to split up will only spur them on to hang on to each other tighter. Scorpio needs to become more adventurous and initiating if Scorpio hopes to grow into a harmonious peace with Aquarius. Scorpio is also going to have to get into the habit of having their facts straight. Aquarius respects an intelligent mind and is dispelled by a weak one. Aquarius needs to become attentive to Scorpio's emotional needs, this will require them to become more selfish with the attention they give others and selfless with the care they give Scorpio. As friendly as Aquarius are, they at least have a criterion of qualities they look for in others before they align with them. Otherwise, Aquarius are independent, losing themselves into whatever activity or project has their interest, and they need a partner who is comfortable with this. Scorpio's jealousy may be a dealbreaker with Aquarius. In the beginning, Aquarius may find it cute however the fact that Aquarius finds it cute will set Scorpio off because of the apparent games. Scorpios love games but not when it comes to matters of the heart.

Anything is Possible

Finally, these two grow well together, and they will not be the same person they were when they came into the relationship. Aquarius will teach Scorpio how to come out of their shell and open up to others more. If the power is in the people, the path to power is through networking with those of like mind. You can't do that passively, you have to get active. Scorpio will activate Aquarius's passion for whatever ideals they genuinely align with, Scorpio will keep Aquarius's wandering mind focused, and together when they've built up an understanding of how the other ticks, will conquer the world.

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