Aquarius & Scorpio: The Rebellious Mind Meets a Passionate Spirit (2021)

Aquarius belongs to the air sign family along with Gemini and Libra. They are apart of the fixed sign family along with Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus. Scorpios and air signs tend to conflict as they have a hard time getting along for an extended period, usually due to contradictions Scorpios notice. There's hope for Aquarius and Scorpio energies, though, as they relate thru their fixed nature.


Understanding AquariusThe Basics

Understanding Aquarius begins with recognizing they are mental signs, not water signs like some think. They are also known as the water bearers, representing the bringer of gifts they pour freely for all. Aquarius comes with an insatiable curiosity which, like Gemini and Libra, can be taken the wrong way, even if one's guard is up. These three air signs are driven by intelligence and can't help but explore, investigate or play with the mental world around them. Aquarius likes to play when they're bored, but for the most part, they are locked in on things they find exciting and working hard to understand it. You have to be an exceptional person for them to want to divert that attention elsewhere. It wouldn't seem like Scorpios and Aquarius would mix, but often Aquarius find themselves involved with Scorpio on a romantic level after some time spent as good friends.

Scorpio and Aquarius share an urge to investigate and analyze the world around them and spend hours debating different angles of a topic. Others see a stubbornness in Aquarius, which Scorpio sees as conviction, and this is one of the sexy ways (to Scorpio at least) in which they express their originality. Aquarius originality comes from them challenging the world around them, including but not limited to dogmatic ideas and principles that the typical person lives by. Not one to speak out of ignorance, Aquarius investigates the systems that they were born into to promote it more meaningfully; however, if they discover that things aren't adding up, they are quick to rebel, informing all who are willing to listen on their way out the door. Aquarius people are group-oriented.

However, they need to do their own thing to contribute best to the group. Too many personalities can create too many distractions, and Aquarius like working within their independence to produce creative results that contribute to the whole. It is common for Aquarius to become too focused on their interests and exude an emotional coldness, forgetting about their loved ones. They have someone by their side who knows how to manage their time wisely could benefit Aquarius in the long run.


Understanding AquariusThe Needs

The needs of Aquarius can color and be colored in many ways depending on the planet and house it modifies. When thinking of the needs of Aquarius energy concerning Scorpios, keep in mind the following:

  • New ways of being and doing

    • Scorpios and Aquarius experience stagnation when both get comfortable and are slow to try new things. Aquarius will be okay with doing trying new things alone or alone but with a group, but this could spark Scorpio's jealousy if done without consideration. This is one reason why Aquarius and fire signs mesh well because fire signs like Aries motivate through action and enthusiasm, throwing caution in the wind. Scorpio is trying to mitigate as many risks as possible while Aquarius is overthinking everything they both do. This thinking mode causes them to procrastinate, and little gets done when it comes to their grand plans.

  • Group activities

    • Scorpio prefers a small group of people, and Aquarius likes a small community of people. The main issue here will be freedom and jealousy. Can Scorpio allow Aquarius to roam free and mingle with different minds? Can Scorpio get out of their own comfort zone to join them? Can Aquarius balance an adventurous social life with the needs of their romantic partner? The answers to these questions bear fruit for a balance between Scorpio and Aquarius energy.

  • Express Ideals

    • Scorpio will encourage and promote the expression of one's true self, helping to strengthen their confidence, and Aquarius will revel in the support. Aquarius needs to make sure this encouragement is reciprocated, or they risk losing the special attention Scorpio is choosing to give. Being with a Scorpio is a "get-what you-give x10" relationship; you don't have to put in a lot, but you will get more than you paid for back tenfold, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Understanding Aquarius: Spiritually

Understanding Aquarius takes a keen eye, and Scorpio catches on quickly to Aquarius's lower vibrational antics. When acting in low vibrations, an intelligent Aquarius will use their intelligence to promote self and serve their purpose rather than the group. People on the other side of intelligence can see this as manipulative, a word commonly associated with Scorpio.

People who observe and analyze tend to develop a perspective that can feel/peer into multiple perspectives simultaneously through empathy and intuition (for Scorpio) or rational thought and causality for Aquarius. Intuition is hard to explain to people who live primarily in the exoteric world. Still, when warnings or advice isn't heeded, Scorpio and Aquarius become frustrated and can begin keeping information to themselves, using it to manipulate the world around them to benefit themselves instead of the whole. Looking at it this way, it becomes clear that developing wisdom is a crucial component to Aquarius (and Scorpios) personal and spiritual development are driven by a need to develop understanding.

With all this knowledge, the world truly becomes the ego's playground, destroying consciously or unconsciously for self-gain. Aquarius may be the type to use what they know to free others mentally (socially, economically, etc.) or dictate others (strict, pushy, etc.). Developing their intuition through wisdom will be the key to fueling their spirituality, and this is one of the ways their attraction to Scorpio strengthens, not only in the moment but over the times.


Understanding Aquarius: Developing Wisdom to Spread Knowledge

When looking deeper into challenges that plague the Aquarian spirit, we find both lower and higher aspects of Aquarian thought have to do with discerning how best to use information acquired. Rabbit hole after Rabbit hole eventually leads Aquarius to many pieces of the truth in which they must decide how best to piece them together and then what to do with this newfound knowledge and truth. Expanding without discrimination or reflection creates a particular deficiency in one's sense of proportions, meaning an inflated ego.

Learning to let go of outer desires that enslave the mind and aligning the heart and mind to work together with spirit to give freely and openly is the nature of the water-bearer. Information is power. If anyone can recognize the power, it's Scorpio; the stubborn nature of these to aren't without merit, for it is this determined spirit that brings them success in the areas of their focus. The difference in thinking between them is what helps to spark a mutual attraction.

It will be up to Scorpio to use the wisdom gained from reflection/healing from past emotional traumas, hardship, heartaches, and pain to help aid Aquarius in developing emotional intelligence. In turn, Aquarius can help Scorpio learn to let go by teaching detachment which is the emotional coldness experienced when an Aquarius decided to buckle down and focus.


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