Scorpio & Sagittarius 2021: Can't Let Go of Freedom

While Sagittarius can be lazy, Scorpios and Sagittarius work if both are mature and accepting of the other's sensitivities and freedom. Sagittarius is mutable and adaptable to others' needs; they embody & express freedom in ways unique to the individual. Sagittarius are loyal to those they love and open to those they trust. They can't help but trust easily and give with open hearts. Sagittarius is compassionate, and the way they deal with people is magnetic for Scorpio.

Space & Freedom

As a mutable sign Sagittarius, gravitate to and draws in socialites whether they like to admit it or not. They have an antisocial impression of themselves, but if that were true, then one can't help but wonder how they have access to all the latest news, gossip, tea, and information. Sagittarius's need for new experiences and ideas draws them to areas where they constantly engage in something new. A bored Sagittarius is a dangerous Sagittarius. It's healthier for them to be productive and busy, or they may start to explore some of those curiosities that they know aren't good for them. In a relationship with Scorpio, this could be an issue.

Scorpios aren't boring by any means, but they are focused. No matter how long it takes to reach a goal their determination, and patience will get them there. Scorpios tend to sacrifice what isn't contributing towards a dream, and they expect a love interest to understand this. Sagittarius may understand and bide their time doing something productive or doing something social like a party or clubbing. Scorpio could have an issue with this, and Sagittarius will have a problem with the fact Scorpio is impeding on their freedom, especially when they can't make time for each other. One of the areas Scorpio and Sagittarius could focus on, if they are thinking about adding more depth to a relationship, is space and freedom.


Sagittarius are fun and engaging, witty and adventurous, but one thing they hide sort of well is their sensitivity. It's easy to miss, especially with the light-hearted aura they give off. Still, after the walls come down, the opinionated Sagittarius reveals themselves, allowing themselves to become vulnerable and hurt by some of Scorpio's comments. Sagittarius have a reputation for honesty, but if they think it'll hurt the feelings of those they care about, they have no problem hiding the truth with a white lie. This can be infuriating for Scorpio because they feel that they are the one person they can be critical of openly and without fear. Scorpio is open and honest with Sagittarius; most of the time, they love it. Every once in a while, they aren't in the mood for it and distance themselves from Scorpio out of nowhere, but not too far, just far enough for Scorpio to notice.

You mad?

Then come the games. When Sagittarius is mad, they give their attention away in plain sight of Scorpio, to spite. They will flaunt their presence by upping their sex appeal but offering Scorpio none. Sagittarius can cut you off and ghost you forever, but they will make sure they play with your emotions first if they liked you. However, Scorpio is the wrong one to do this with because Scorpio is aware of Sagittarius's insecurities and may choose to play with them if they are really in the vindictive spirit. Another area of focus for Scorpio and Sagittarius should be reconciliation. Stubbornness is expressed from both signs in different ways and can drive them away from one another if they aren't willing to compromise.

An Idle Mind is the Devils Playground

Sagittarius need fun and excitement, or they can find themselves doing things they may later regret. Networking could be a healthy outlet for Sagittarius's social needs, but it would behoove Sagittarius to be mindful of both their limits & Scorpios. Sharing their love interest with the world is already fickle territory, and Sagittarius's need to feel a sense of freedom can be difficult for Scorpio. Remember, Sagittarius is spiteful, and they tend to choose those times when boredom, stagnation, and constant arguing have reached a peak to make a move. Keeping a Sagittarius stimulated mentally is essential in the long run when dealing with Sagittarius. Dominance, wisdom, and intellect-in-action stimulate Sagittarius. Confidence, forward-thinking, and thoughtfulness will take one a long way in avoiding conflict with Sagittarius.