Swimming with Pisces: A Scorpio Perspective

Once I caught myself spilling all the details for a vision of my life. At first, when I caught myself, I kicked myself for being so open. Once I accepted that the damage was done, I made a note to be more cautious around people, it's far too easy to open up when you're comfortable. That's the nature of Pisces though, they easily relate to our dreams and visions, naturally emphasizing with our passions. Scorpios are fond of their protectiveness over those they love and triple it tenfold in response. When Scorpio meets Pisces, Scorpio meets someone who connects with their depth. This may be the ideal match for many, while others could find it challenging. To discover how these two signs best blend, we must first explore how these two signs operate.

March is known for its changeable and unreliable weather. Late-winter flowers bloom through temperamental weather. Pisces symbolizes endings, it is the last sign of the zodiac, and it ends winter and welcomes spring. Pisces is also a mutable sign represented by two fish. The two fish swimming around each other in opposite directions connected by a single cord represent duality between active creativity and passive imagination. One fish wants to create the visions they dream up, while the other fish is just content with dreaming, succumbing to laziness. Fish are tender, and their skin is exposed protected only by scales. Pisces is the only water sign symbolized by a creature without an exoskeleton symboling their vulnerability.

Pisces, naturally attuned to the invisible strings that connect us, relates to Scorpio's passion; in fact, it seduces them. Pisces convinces Scorpio to turn pain into passion and then passion into fuel to drive them towards the stars. Pisces sees through Scorpio's apparent lust for power and instead sees the fear of failure. Pisces is naturally supportive, and the individual attention that's given to Scorpio isn't lost when Pisces runs amok with their friends, A Pisces in love makes sure every experience together is unique. A Pisces could easily get lost in Scorpios allure quickly becomes accustomed to the power and the mind of Scorpio and possibly dependent on it. Depending on the other influences in Scorpios natal chart, this could be either be toxic or much welcomed, it just depends on where Scorpio is emotionally and spiritually.

Pisces also represent imprisonment and spiritual enlightenment. A slave to their imagination mixed with their immense capacity for sentiment, often lead them into relations with negative, irresponsible people, in hopes to transform them. Once they reach a certain level of enlightenment, they begin to apply a more practical approach to their hunt for the perfect lover. Scorpios feed Pisces spiritual journey with knowledge and wisdom, and Pisces reciprocates this with creative ways to integrate these truths into society. That means getting Scorpio out of their shell and tempering Scorpios sometimes grungy perspective on humanity by reminding them that beauty is in the connections we form, weeds can easily be taken out.