Scorpio & Pisces: Swimming w/ Pisces 2021

Pisces are the flexible water signs which seem to get along with and understand everyone around them. However, after knowing a Pisces, it is easy to see through the front, at least for Scorpio it is. Is it really the person they like or the feeling they get from being around them? Cancer and Pisces are more open with people than Scorpio because water signs cater to emotional well-being. Scorpio is cautious of others because they understand how others can affect their energy and vice versa; Cancer also learns this caution quickly. Pisces, on the other hand, not so much. Waters signs struggle between finding a balance between how much of themselves they give to others and how much they give themselves. A water signs instinct is to serve and heal; Pisces tend to go for the most damaged and toxic beings they can find. Unlike Scorpio, Pisces enjoys attention and can be weakened with clever flattery, which a narcissistic manipulator can easily exploit. An emotionally vulnerable Pisces can become more and more dependent on others for strength, as the benefits of being loneliness becomes less appealing.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune these days (back in the day it was Jupiter) and is the 12th and last zodiac in the cycle. After journeying through all the 11 other signs of the zodiac, the spirit finally learns to live up to one's ideals and accomplish things that make them proud. They learn to break through the limitations that cause them inactivity, such as excessive daydreaming and other forms of escapism, and become visionaries that inspire. Like all water signs, Pisces' spiritual battle is with themselves, and this is projected from their subconscious out into the outer world. Ignoring what is right in front of them, they easily slip into vices that help them escape what they see and feel. Anything can be a drug to Pisces, even their own internal world, but it is not the drug but the dependency, which is a threat to Pisces and can be a source of their stagnation. Spiritually, Pisces is frequently challenged to exercise courage to develop social boundaries and the independence of others. Pisces gift of empathy can be their downfall as excessiveness can cause one to be dependent on that person's love to the detriment of self. Spending all of one's time on another while leaving none for oneself is an example of an unhealthy form of dependency.

Scorpio & Pisces

You can't really blame them though, Pisces is strong in intuition, and this is due to their sensitivity, the very thing Scorpio loves about them. They have an innate ability to put themselves in another's shoes, and in doing so, they can feel others' needs and cater to them. However, Pisces tend to do this without thought or filter, and they give their energy away to users who drain them selfishly. Sensitivity allows them to be easily hurt by the loss of people and possessions they hold dear to them; they take this pain and bury it deep into their depths. However, in the end, those problems only manifest themselves in the world around them, usually as triggers for their depression or anger. That is why developing discipline and structure will be another skill that Pisces will need to manifest their visions and strength. However, Pisces tend to easily get lost in the fun of living an idea that they never actualize for others to enjoy.

When it comes to romance, The needs of Pisces complement what Scorpio has to offer, which makes them appear compatible. Neither one of these passive-aggressive signs is a fan of confrontation, so many of their problems may linger and fester. If spiritual growth is a concern, then avoiding uncomfortable situations does them a disservice.

Pisces need the following: 

  • Romanticism

Scorpio's attention to detail, creativity, and patience compliments Pisces's imagination and need for security. Pisces knows and is exceptionally receptive to romance, and in this world where little exists these days, it is extra flattering to receive actions that speak over just words. Scorpio has to be careful not to become manipulative because Pisces can be easy to possess once understood. Their nature is to heal and perceive others' internal needs, and they respond to them instinctively, yet the filter does not come included that is what they must develop for themselves.

Pisces has to be wary of becoming too dependent and comfortable on Scorpio (or anyone) to handle everything. When it is time to step up and take action for one's desires, it would be wise not to miss an opportunity because Scorpio is watching and cannot help but remind someone of what "they" said to prevent them from falling into hypocrisy. Scorpio will remember Pisces dreams that they expressed once upon a time and do their best to help them make it come true. If Pisces drops the ball when this happens because they were procrastinating, socializing, or dwelling in self-pity, Scorpio may become disenchanted by Pisces allure.

  • Spiritual growth

The sound pieces (those who are not heavily involved in drugs or other tabooish vices) tend to find their escape in love. Meaning they become dependent on the ones who make them feel alive and vibrant, and they become their source for whatever they need instead of the feeling coming from within. A significant theme in Pisces life will involve situations where they are forced to develop emotional independence and allow the source of positive feeling, motivation, and confidence to come from within rather than without. Scorpio can be like a mirror, reflecting that back which one would rather ignore. Except Scorpio's mirror makes it easier to interpret since Scorpio is quite blunt in their truth. If Pisces can handle it, they can use Scorpio's perspective as a tool to detach love and service while saving some love for themselves. They both will need to develop detachment in their own ways, and they will need the space to do so.

  • Seclusion

Escapism and isolation differ where one runs from an issue while the other stands to reflect and heal through silence. Seclusion can be healthy for both Scorpio and Pisces as they both need times to reflect, purge, and rejuvenate themselves through mediation, contemplation, and reflection. Scorpio does this well, and seclusion can quickly become a form of escape for them, which is why Pisces balances this tendency with its social nature. Pisces problem is too much social can lead to dependency. So here we see where both Scorpio and Pisces can balance one another if they are willing to compromise and sacrifice for the sake of a healthy, fruitful, and eternal love.

  • Be of service

Pisces' ability to empathize and perceive others' needs serves them well when transmuted into action. They give themselves to others but not to themselves, and so, what they give to others can be shallow. The deeper Pisces can be with themselves. The more meaningful their service will be when they aim to heal others, either through listening or giving them what they need to feel at peace. Pisces need to trust their intuition, but this is hard for them to do with all the noise and opinions o others floating around their head (another reason while seclusion can be healthy for Pisces.

Scorpio's are attracted to Pisces Receptiveness and sensitivity. It is usually through conversation, where a Scorpio allows themselves to fall into Pisces' depths and become open to them. The gift of perceiving Scorpio's needs and listening humbly and wisely wraps Scorpio around their finger. Scorpio has a thing for patience, being temperamental and extreme, and someone who can instinctively heal that with calming love is someone worth possessing...

I mean loving deeply.