2020 Scorpio & Libra: Tipping The Scale Toward Romance

Libra season is among us, just in time for cuffing season, and as the summer romance and flings die down, the long term romances begin to pick up. Libra energy promotes harmony, equality, justice, beauty, and romance, among other things. This is the time of year where Scorpios experience life in ways that cause them to open up a little more. Scorpio is a natural magnetic and alluring presence; however, they aren't the most approachable. How ironic is it that the easiest sign to confine in is also the least approachable? There is a lesson in their somewhere. Libras are born a socialite, Either they seek out the party, or the party comes to them. Scorpio doesn't mind the Libra that attracts the excitement and sociability, but the Libra that is continually seeking it out will have friction with Scorpio. While Libra and Scorpio are turbulent matches, Scorpios and Libras can live in harmony in the end. Still, it will be challenging because Libras can be impractical, Libras can be indecisive, and Libras can be Judgmental.

Do what I say not what I do

Libras come off hypocritical quickly by way of impracticality or talking about action while never engaging in it. Libras have a reputation for being lazy. Likely due to their tendency to get lost in the things that catch their eye and hold their attention. They are quick to start something new and slow to finish, a common theme among other cardinal signs such as Cancer and Aries. If it's one thing, Scorpio cannot stand, it's a hypocrite, and making a Scorpio believe you are a particular type of person when you portray yourself as the opposite is huge, and I mean HUGE, turn off for Scorpio. For example, don't say you are the type of person who doesn't run their mouth, and when Scorpio tells you a secret, the first thing you do is run and tell your Gemini buddy. When Libra is ready and open with Scorpio, Scorpio can help Libra plan out an action plan for their ideas and even help Libra stay focused. This will take a lot of internal compromise and patience on the Scorpios part, but temperament is a challenging aspect of Scorpio that needs to be worked upon anyway. Working on it with a partner may make the experience worthwhile.

Make up you mind!

Indecisiveness is a massive turn-off for feminine energy. Scorpio being a feminine energetic sign, has little patience for it, especially because indecisiveness and a sense of unworthiness is something Scorpio deal with on a regular. The patient Scorpio draws confidence by reassuring their insecure Libra that they are just as beautiful/handsome and smart as we (Scorpios) think they are. Libra's will listen to those they love and intellectually respect. Sometimes calling out their hypocrisy spur them into action. Their fear of the public, viewing them as lazy will override their fear of making the WRONG decision, which is the root cause of Libra's indecisiveness. If Scorpio hasn't secured Libras help first, then chasing them may turn out to be another headache. Libra's indecisiveness will have Scorpio pulling out their hair, trying to figure out if the situationship is going anywhere. The second Libra sees Scorpio falling back and diverting their attention to someone more responsive they get jealous.

Only God & Libras can judge

Libras have a reputation for being judgmental as hell. Libras have an open-mind and are great listeners; however, when chatting (or gossiping) with a sign like Sagittarius, they tend to be cold toward a group or idea they don't understand and can be stubborn about seeing themselves do it.

Though there are many great traits about Libra as well, I believe it's essential to focus on the characteristics that could cause the most friction between two people in a relationship, to prepare for them. People-pleasing, soft-soaping (to manipulate with flattery), and attention-seeking are enough deal-breakers to cause Scorpio to run for the hills.


Astrology is much deeper than just sun signs, in this blog I touched on Scorpio and Libra energy and how the two DON'T mix in hopes the reader will recognize some of these qualities within themselves and seek to change them.


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